What to wear with white men's sneakers?

Sneakers are a popular shoe that can now be worn with clothes of any style, from sports to classic. White is a universal color, ideal for everyday men's look.

A bit about combination rules

In order to look spectacular in men's white sneakers, you need to remember a few rules:

  • the color of the shoes should not repeat the shade of the clothes, but white sneakers look great with a white shirt or t-shirt;
  • flat shoes look spectacular with long straight-cut jeans; skinny look good on men with pronounced leg muscles;
  • cropped and skinny jeans are suitable for sneakers on ergonomic soles;
  • putting them on with classic trousers, an extravagant detail should be added to the image to smooth out the incompatibility effect;
  • knitted shoes look great with light jeans, shorts or sweatpants;
  • slip-ons are good with trousers that open the ankle or cropped jeans;
  • everyone, except teenagers, is advised to refuse multi-colored shoelaces.

How to combine white sneakers for men?

In the modern world, these shoes have ceased to be categorically sports and are combined with both business-style clothes and democratic casual.

With costume

White sneakers fit the suit if:

  • a cut of clothes - not strict English classics;
  • the shoes are plain and concisely simple;
  • allows the dress code of the event.

Laconic leather sneakers without unnecessary design elements will suit a men's suit of a classic cut. A casual look with white sneakers can consist of a light shirt and trousers, complemented by a dark jacket. Textile models cannot be combined with a suit; it is better to leave them for sports and everyday look .

With jeans

The combination of white shoes and jeans of any color is a win-win. You can supplement the male image with a T-shirt, jacket or coat, experiments with color and prints are permissible. It can be dark denim pants with a light shirt to create a business look.

A white low-cut T-shirt with jeans and white sneakers is extravagant on disappointed men. White shoes with light blue jeans and a gray hoodie look great as a casual option. A brown shirt and black ripped jeans look stylish with white sneakers. The top in this image can be easily replaced with a t-shirt or sweater.

With sweatpants

White shoes are a good choice to practice in the gym. It is combined with clothes for sports of any cut, material and color, both plain and printed . For a sporty style, shoes from any materials, from leather to textiles, are relevant.

An option could be a men's sports suit in black satin with sneakers. Red and blue sets are great for outdoor activities. Jersey pants with a T-shirt and sneakers are perfect for a walk. For an everyday look in the cold season, you can combine sneakers with dark sweatpants, a light t-shirt and a black sheepskin coat.

With shorts

White sneakers with shorts are standard summer outfits. An item of clothing can be any color and material. A light t-shirt or shirt is combined with a white bottom. On vacation, white clothing perfectly emphasizes the tan . Denim shorts of any color can be worn with a T-shirt or T-shirt and textile sneakers.

With this combination of clothes and shoes, socks are unacceptable!

An example of a bow: Black shorts with a beige t-shirt and light sneakers.

With chinos

Experiments with color and textiles are also possible here. A light t-shirt and white sneakers will be interesting with men's beige trousers. In cold weather, you can complement the look with a gray down jacket. An elegant combination of leather shoes with a light sweater, black chinos and a coat to match the trousers.