What to wear at the wedding of the groom's mom?

Parents of the newlyweds at the wedding are given a lot of attention. They are thanked for raising children, they are given the right to be the first to make a parting word, and they photograph a lot. To look worthy at such a moment is an urgent need. Read about what to wear to the groom’s mother to emphasize the significance of the event in her son’s life and his role in what is happening.

What colors to choose?

Expressive, but not flashy. It is necessary to be noticeable, but to avoid color confusion and oversaturation . It is also a good idea to turn to the classical rule of ensembles, according to which no more than 3 shades should be presented in one outfit . When determining specific tones, start from the color type of appearance.

Color types and recommendations:

  1. "Spring" and "summer." Pastel shades are welcome, as they harmonize with blond hair, eyes and skin. “Summer” can be turned to cooler, “spring” - to warmer decisions.
  2. “Winter› and “autumn”. It requires depth and color saturation. Allow yourself undiluted, clear colors. For example, deciding on a blue palette, stop at sapphire or ultramarine.

Important! Women of the winter color type look great in black-and-white clothing. However, such a wedding ensemble is not recommended. And for the sake of establishing relations within the family, it is worthwhile to give the bride the opportunity to be the only woman dressed in white at evening.

A very popular and safe option are burgundy, blue and beige. Useful notes on the use of clothing in these tones:

  • dull blue and red strokes can add age;
  • excessively deep and rich burgundy - provocation, sexual aggression (do you need it at the wedding of your own son?);
  • you can soothe or supplement the wine with black (or you can enhance its passionate expression, so be careful);
  • to shade the wine colors according to the forces of gray, beige and steel (they should be present in small quantities, play the role of a frame, but not the main chord);
  • the union of white and blue is young.

In addition to burgundy and azure, there are other colors worthy of your status. For example, emerald . This decision is primarily for women of the autumn color type and mothers who want to look majestic. This color looks great on long dresses, gives them luxury. It blends in especially well with velvet.

Important! When composing an ensemble for the groom’s mother, use the “color wheel” (a special device to determine the correct combination of colors and shades. It can be used in three ways. First: to take colors from sectors located one after another. Second: to take colors that are opposite each other Third: take three colors equidistant from each other (you will get an isosceles triangle).

Style and style of outfit for mom and groom

First, check with the newlyweds for details of the event. This will avoid a number of awkwardness:

  • the future mother-in-law is dressed in an outfit similar to the costumes of the bridesmaids;
  • the outfit of the mother of the groom is similar in color and texture to the decoration of the restaurant;
  • Mom costume does not match the theme of the wedding.

The last point is very important. Now in major cities almost no ordinary weddings are played. The event either has a pronounced reference to something (for example, a literary work or historical era), or hints at a connection with something recognizable and interesting to the newlyweds. And the mothers of the newlyweds in such cases have to comply with the wishes of the children, to adapt to them.

It is also worth clarifying exactly where the unofficial part will take place . Today, it does not seem strange to decide to invite guests to change clothes after a solemn registration in order to arrange a walk or a photo shoot in some place far from the city, breathing the beauty untouched by civilization.

If we are talking about a traditional wedding, then you should choose clothes, shoes and accessories in which you will look respectable, but at the same time festive . You need to worry about convenience. Driving in a car and the need for active participation in what is happening require a comfortable cut or the ability to be in beautiful, but uncomfortable clothes for a long time. Choose one of the proposed options taking into account your life experience and physical condition. Please note that the fabric of the holiday dress should not wrinkle much, otherwise the mood will be spoiled by the time of arrival at the registration.

Do not forget about the figure . The “triangle” requires trapezoidal outfits, the “inverted triangle” looks good in fluffy skirts, for the “circle” there is nothing better than the Empire style, and the “rectangle” will need to use the accessories and cut to mark the waist line (belts and belts will come to the rescue). Fat women will be given extra charm by a V-neckline, asymmetry, hanging jewelry.

What clothes to prefer?

If a traditional wedding is planned, then immediately give up everyday and business ensembles. Also, do not wear something in which you would go to meet your beloved man. In general, things from an ordinary wardrobe with a division into three groups - at work, on a date, on a visit to a girlfriend - are not suitable. Something special is needed that emphasizes your status as the mother of the groom .


This evening you have the role of a good and successful mother, not just a woman. Therefore, refrain from the following decisions:

  • mini;
  • endless neckline (including on the back);
  • long incision on the thigh;
  • transparent fabrics (a limited size element may be present).

Important! Remember the time of year. A long dress in the off-season in unstable weather is beautiful, but one awkward movement, and a luxurious outfit will be “decorated” with a scattering of dirty splashes.

Ruffles, ruffles, sequins - in this case, not the most successful decor. There are exceptions to the rule, but are you willing to spend time searching? A good option will have to be found for a long time among models of fine knitwear. Reason: an outfit from this matter cannot hide anything . The bra strap and the smallest fat folds will be in sight. A lady with magnificent forms will be completely uncomfortable - matter is not capable of supporting the figure, but she willingly sags under the slightest pressure.


A little black dress is always appropriate, even at a wedding, no matter what psychics say. But you, in order to avoid an incorrect assessment of the color palette of the outfit, will have to supplement it with the right accessories. Allow yourself a light clutch and tone-on-tone shoes, a bright or light cloak, a snow-white bolero, a set of pearls (beads, bracelet, earrings, brooch). You don’t need to wear all the jewelry at once. Choose one or two and make a joyful, but at the same time reflecting your addiction to clothes of a certain kind of image.

Suit with skirt

Avoid the black-and-white palette and sets that can be seen in the office. Holiday notes in the costume of your choice should prevail over "officialdom."

Regarding the length of the skirt, the same recommendations apply as in the case of the dress. A short thing will not allow you to see in you the parent of an adult son. You will appear in the role of a woman, but not a mother. The long one is not suitable for everyone, but more precisely, it is very difficult to choose a good option for short, overweight women.

Important! If you refer to the length of 2 fingers above or below the knee, then avoid it in a suit of direct silhouette. A slightly narrowed hem will be able to outline the figure and will allow to avoid the feminine ageless formlessness.

Suit with pants

There is a sign that mothers of newlyweds should not wear trouser suits for the wedding. Like, this will lead to a break. Whether to succumb to this superstition - decide for yourself. For a pragmatic approach, be sure to think about the color palette and material . Natural fabrics will help to survive a hot day with dignity, but after several changes of locations on the clothes, treacherous “wrinkles” will appear. Reason: cotton, linen and similar fabrics quickly wrinkle.

Synthetics is devoid of this drawback, but it also does not have the advantages of natural materials. There is only one way out of the situation: to take a suit, which consists of both natural and artificial fibers.

Important! A jacket like a classic jacket should not be worn on a naked body. Requires a silk top or blouse. Consider a tunic option. But avoid the buttoned-down shirt of a man's cut. Excessive “officialdom” combined with a reference to the “Garcon” style is not the best solution.

What shoes to choose?

For the groom's mom, there is nothing better than classic boats . Just remember that ahead of you is an incredibly important and eventful day. Most likely, you will have to run around a lot, settling emerging issues and resolving unaccounted factors. Therefore, for the sake of your own legs, confine yourself to a small heel .

Alternative: prepare a few pairs of shoes . On the photo shoot and the official part of the wedding, be "at the parade." In the car, change your shoes into slippers (half an hour of rest will fall to the spot). In the restaurant, be in beautiful, but comfortable shoes.


If necessary, resort to a jacket, bolero, cape. Pick up a clutch bag suitable for the outfit. If you play an active role in what is happening, participate in the organization and conduct of the event and you need a big bag - do not take it alone. It’s better to take two : one small (use on the official part of the event), the second - spacious (you do not have to carry it with you, but you should keep it in a place where it will be easy to quickly get everything you need from it).

Hats at weddings are not so in demand with us, as in the same Europe or America. But a neat headdress can incredibly transform a lady : balance the figure, focus on the perfect hairstyle. Therefore, do not refuse such an accessory without trying on a couple of successful models.