What to wear with a velvet skirt?

Invented more than two thousand years ago, velvet remained the clothing of the nobility until the twentieth century. He has not lost his luxury with the acquisition of a more democratic status. Feeling like a crowned lady is simple - dress up in a velvet skirt.

Moody velvet: what can be combined with?

Fashion trends of recent years are more tolerant of the compatibility of things and fabrics: it was unthinkable to present a velor skirt complete with a t-shirt, but now it is quite acceptable. Nevertheless, velvet fabric is specific, which determines some difficulties with the selection of “partners” .

A thing sewn from dense material looks rather bulky, which dictates special requirements to the top. So, it is not recommended to choose clothes for him from fabrics of the same texture.

Green light - flowing fabrics of blouses and blouses. These are:

  • silk;
  • viscose;
  • elastane.

An image created in combination with them on the basis of a velvet skirt can be everyday and solemn. The choice of color is also important: all shades of blue and dark colors are appropriate on weekdays (although it may be useful on holidays), orange-red and green colors are great in weekend dresses. A maxi and silk blouse will make a truly luxurious duo.

Knitwear is perfect for a velvet skirt, like a cotton jacket. In order not to look like “work like a holiday”, you can wear a denim shirt or a plain t-shirt with a shallow neckline underneath.

Tip: The classic black bottom and white top will never let you down. Any style of skirt is possible, and both a shirt and a turtleneck will come off as a top.

Not afraid to look too feminine you can wear a blouse with ruffles and ruffles; pink color combined with lace will help to look vintage. A spectacularly fashionable combination of a blue skirt and a black sweater.

A combination of velvet with satin (appropriate for celebrations) will be special . And young hooligans will look quite organically in the middle of the urban jungle in a mini made of noble material, in a sports T-shirt, a short jacket and a bandana. Leg warmers and a backpack complement the image of a runaway princess.

Which shoes fit?

The splendor of velvet can be emphasized with shoes:

  • luxurious;
  • modest;
  • deliberately rude.

In any case, you don’t need to go too far from the classics, and excess accessories and too catchy finishes will not work for a duet with exquisite fabric .

Advice! Experiments with velor shoes may turn out to be successful. Especially black.

If you want to look elegant, you should choose classic boats or sandals - with or without heels, depending on the style of the skirt and the general appearance of the selected ensemble . Shoes with a rounded toe are good, and the straps around the lower leg add a sexy look. Shoes or moccasins will help create a more relaxed look. Young and courageous can sometimes afford sneakers as shoes for a short skirt.

When choosing shoes in the cold, it’s best to choose one of two: classic high suede boots or trim ankle boots.

Velvet Skirt Accessories

The luxury of velvet looks rich in itself, and therefore requires a careful selection of jewelry. Excess of them will hopelessly spoil the whole picture. Lightweight products from:

  • pearls;
  • gold;
  • silver.

A necklace and a long elegant chain, a light bracelet and earring-carnations, thin rings and a bulky brooch should emphasize the brilliance of the entire ensemble. Optimal classic and retro.

Tip: Choosing accessories for a velvet outfit, it is worth looking into the dust-covered grandmother's casket. A vintage little thing may come in handy!

In addition to excess jewelry, the use of velvet as a material for a headdress, a bag and hairpins is contraindicated ; such things are good in other kits.

But leather accessories are suitable: a belt and a belt, a bag and a clutch. Patent leather is also allowed.

Combination options with various models of velvet skirts

Refinement may well be comfortable, and velvet is also comfortable to wear! On any figure, you can choose a suitable skirt set - modest or catchy. There are so many style decisions that neither age nor fidelity to a particular style is a hindrance to wearing a velvet skirt. We select options for various styles of skirts.

Long and straight

The lyrical heroine Akhmatova, wearing a narrow skirt (its length on the floor is obvious - the ladies did not wear others then), clearly did not lose: it seems easy to look slimmer in such a dress. Especially if it is dark; not forbidden and bright.

A long hem visually adds to the growth, especially in combination with high heels . The cut is appropriate - at the back or side. Most often, such models are recommended for special occasions.

Composing an ensemble based on a straight skirt, you can choose a top on straps of a similar color to the bottom - smooth or trimmed with lace. Classic black stiletto heels and a high hairstyle will complete the look.

Tip: Slightly high waist and dark color will allow you to look taller and slimmer.

In a black tight-fitting skirt, you can shine in the full sense of the word, wearing a bright top with sequins or lurex. A loose fit is possible if you need to hide an insufficiently clearly defined waist. And a lighter tone corset will help, if necessary, add to the bust of impressiveness.

Short flared

Flared skirts of bright colors allow young beauties to look like blooming flowers, delighting everyone around. This style is possible in short and medium versions: maxi length is impossible due to the severity of the fabric.

Mature ladies, this model is not suitable . In a youth wardrobe, it can be an element of everyday or holiday clothes. It goes well with an elegant blouse, and with a chain mail sweater, and with a T-shirt, and with a turtleneck. Examples of bows:

  • flared brick mini-skirt + blouse in red peas + ballet shoes;
  • a turquoise skirt just above the knee + an airy chiffon polka dot blouse to match the skirt + shoes with a small heel;
  • short flare + leggings + sneakers + sweater + backpack (bulk bag).

With pencil skirt

The canons of business style classics have recently softened, and the image of a business lady has become more catchy. Now you can afford a velvet pencil skirt, emphasizing the figure. The length options are diverse, it is only important to remember the sense of proportion.

Universal remains a slightly narrowed model to the knee with a small incision or without. A slightly high waist is possible.

As a pair, a blouse and a turtleneck, a cardigan and a blazer are suitable. The colors are often dim, which goes well with a light shirt. Nice and chiffon blouse. Complementing the ensemble with strict shoes and a discreet bag, there is no doubt in the success of the negotiations!

For a change, you can choose a skirt of dark green color, and to it - a checkered shirt (a cell in tone with the bottom).

With a-line skirt

The ability of the trapezoid to hide the flaws of a too magnificent figure is well known. The style is also suitable for women of age who follow fashion trends.

In the office and on a visit, for a walk and in a cafe, you can wear a velvet skirt-a-line. And on top - a shirt (you can also jeans), a sweater, blazer, t-shirt ...

The usual austere colors can be diversified, for example, wearing a maroon skirt with a soft blazer, and emphasizing the richness of velvet shades with lipstick in tone and a bright scarf.

With midi

This length will never lose relevance in most existing styles. You can choose a model that allows you to look luxurious and on weekdays - in a pleated or fitted, pencil or flowing, tulip or pleated. Such a skirt will also help out in the case of a long trip that requires, however, a presentable look - complete with a leather jacket and comfortable shoes.

You can smooth out silhouette errors: for example, a pear-shaped figure and full calves perfectly mask under a midi from dark fabric of reduced density, if you slightly increase the waist line .

A blouse of flowing matter and a blazer of knitwear will come upstairs, and a T-shirt will do.

Tip: if you don’t have a very strict jacket or vest, you can not go home after work to change clothes before going to the theater or for a dinner party!

With pleated

Allowing the velvet skirt to become pleated, the designers created a new trend. It is possible of any length and in a variety of colors, there is only one ban: inappropriately the abundance of accessories and embellishments . Pleated fabric is good in itself, and a concise top will emphasize this:

  • top crop;
  • T-shirt - plain or moderate print;
  • turtleneck;
  • strict shirt;
  • silk blouse with a minimum of details.

It can be straight, with a belt or an elastic band. Shoes can be raznostilnaya suitable as sneakers and moccasins, and boats. Depending on the style of shoes, a bag is selected.

Attention: Plisse has the ability to visually plump!

With smell

Such a style is refined on its own, and the product made of velvet material looks particularly sophisticated: a feminine line of hips and waists, softly flowing fabric ... An explicitly sexy subtext will be complemented by a topic on thin straps, a blouse with a short sleeve, fitting a turtleneck.

It can be medium and on the floor. In the latter case, brocade corset will help to create a festive ensemble.

With a bell

The option is beautiful, but suitable only for a ceremonial exit. Which does not limit the choice of color and length - in any case, the set will turn out to be festive!

Mini and medium lengths are perfect for girls and teenage girls. And adult ladies in a long velvet bell skirt will acquire the majestic appearance of real queens.

A couple of nontrivial combinations:

  • red skirt to the knee + chiffon terracotta blouse + black boats;
  • mustard color skirt on the floor + lace white blouse + cream stilettos.

With skirt year

Characteristic for this style, wedges expanding from the knee will emphasize the luxurious appearance of a tall slender woman. For example, if the mustard color is to wear a knee-length skirt with a chiffon blouse in delicate beige colors and with beige shoes.

The most shortened version of bright color will emphasize the grace of the figure of a slender girl, including a small one.