What to wear with a turban?

Turban is an original and stylish accessory that is starting to regain popularity after a rather long period of oblivion. These hats were at the peak of popularity at the beginning of the 20th century . During this period, the society in high esteem was a bright and expressive style of "art nouveau."

The characteristic features of which are sensual oriental bends, smooth and at the same time quite biting lines, as well as plant motifs.

For this reason, such a hat, such as a turban, fits perfectly into the fashion trends of those years.

In the East, earlier they wore completely different models of a turban (turban):

Features model turban caps

A turban is called a piece of matter, wrapped in a special way around the head. For greater comfort, a hat was even created that resembled a turban in shape .

Such a hat is easy to put on and take off. Caps of this kind can be made from a wide variety of fabrics.

A distinctive feature of a turban (turban) is considered a pronounced oriental style, giving it a unique uniqueness. Another characteristic of this headgear is the variety of options: you can wrap your head in a scarf or scarf in the form of a turban, or you can use a ready-made hat or a bandage of the corresponding shape.

Reference! This accessory appeared in the XIII century. In those days, Muslim men used turban, wrapping them around a kulokh or skullcap. Such a hat was very common on the Arabian Peninsula, in North Africa, in India and in many countries of Asia. In the modern world, turban is deservedly popular among European women.

Beautiful combinations with clothes

The combination of such a headdress with a long dress on the floor will add a touch of noble romanticism to any image. Such an outfit will be an excellent choice for attending a gala event or for dinner at a restaurant.

On a hot summer day, this kind of product can be worn with a light sundress or short dress. In combination with sandals or sandals, you get an airy and slightly flirty everyday look.

A headdress of this type in combination with a strict dress to the knees will provide a strict, but at the same time noble and feminine image. A great option for business meetings or dinner in the restaurant.

Many people also wear a turban hat in winter, you can see excellent bows in the photo, what to wear with this style of hat.

Secrets of the popularity of turban

Many representatives of the fair sex fell in love with a turban hat for several inherent advantages :

  1. Practicality. A turban hat can not only adequately complement any image, but also reliably hide from prying eyes unsuccessful styling or its absence.
  2. Universality. Such a headdress will be equally appropriate both in combination with outerwear, and with evening dresses.
  3. Variety of options . There are many summer, winter and demi-season models for every taste.

Fashion trends

From season to season, depending on the changing decisions of designers, fashion accessories are modified and a turban hat is no exception.

The characteristic features of the next season will be:

The predominance of European style (simple lines, a minimal amount of decor and the use of soft, noble fabrics).

The severity of forms (concise headgear of a small volume with a minimum number of lines).

The use of natural materials for manufacturing (cotton and knit fabrics, as well as knitwear, will be the highest priority).

Advice! As for colors, it is recommended to give preference to monophonic products having a saturated shade. Colors such as black and white are classics that will never go out of style. Bright images can be diluted with a gray hat. Invariable favorites of the last seasons are also the emerald shade and the color of burgundy (Marsala).

Today, turban (turban) is the same popular accessory as glasses, belt or handbag. Well-known designers often add turbaned images of models at their shows. The use of such a thing does not imply the need to create any unique image or special clothes.

Due to the versatility of a turban, any woman can wear such a hat, but it will look most harmonious on women with a high forehead and an oval face shape.