What to wear for a studio photo shoot?

Pictures allow you to visualize your story. To make everything work out perfectly, you need to try a little at the stage of choosing a photographer, location of shooting and making sets of clothes . The nuances of choosing outfits for a photo shoot will be discussed today.

The importance of photoshoot themes for choosing an image

When compiling a wardrobe, be sure to consider the location of the photograph . So, home, family atmosphere requires more calm or at least neutral shades. In nature, things of bright colors usually look good (so you become part of a landscape filled with lush greenery, variegated buds and deep shades of trees). But black is a very risky option . Only contact him if the photographer you are planning to work with has recommended him.

Important! The subject of photography is not always determined by the place. Sometimes it is tied to a celebration or event. As an example, we can cite the New Year's shooting, a pregnant woman's photo shoot.

What to wear on a love story?

Tenderness is easy to express with white, white with blue, beige with white, caramel with milk. In the specified gamut , your soulmate should also dress up . Color and style unity will strengthen the impression of you as two parts of one whole.

Not everyone likes the idea of ​​appearing in front of the camera in things that match the color of the clothes of the gentleman. If you belong to this category of people, then take the idea of ​​compatibility as a basis . You are together, because you are in harmony with each other, which is clearly demonstrated by your outfits.

To understand what colors overlap and get along well with each other, use a ready-made color tablet (color wheel). There are three ways to work with a “tool”. It is necessary to take:

  • three colors, when connected, an equilateral triangle is formed;
  • shades from compartments adjacent to each other;
  • tones located opposite each other.

And you can not think for a long time and come to the photo shoot in paired t-shirts . The solution is not new, simple in essence and embodiment, but allows you to achieve your goal without sacrifices: to show that you and your spouse or partner are one.

Secrets of a family photo shoot

Show that you are an indivisible unit of society. Options for demonstrating family unity:

  • the female part in one color, the male in another (only works if the family has several males and several females at once);
  • parents are united by calm closely related tones, and children are dressed up in things of the same color spectrum, but a little brighter than adults;
  • all dressed up in denim, cotton or other material that is difficult to confuse.

Important! A common mistake in family photography: mom looks spectacular in the color scheme chosen for the family, and dad and children do not like such shades at all. Do not be selfish, even involuntary. When choosing a palette, consider the color type of all relatives, and not just yours . If the analysis of the types of appearance does not allow you to choose a single option for everyone, then move away from color unity. Show your cohesion with a common badge, decoration or accessory.

What clothes and shoes will be a good choice?

  1. Take non-wrinkled wardrobe items.
  2. Plain clothes will allow you to stand out against a colorful background. Therefore say “no” to large inscriptions, logos, patterns. Exception: shooting outdoors. Things of bright colors and expressive prints can “shoot” here.
  3. Beauty must go hand in hand with the possibility of activity (or its imitation).
  4. Coarse sweatshirts emphasize femininity. Light-colored wardrobe items have the same effect.

Examples of things that look good in the frame:

  • long plain skirts and dresses;
  • waving clothes;
  • lacy things;
  • hats;
  • fur products (and simply fur decor);
  • corsets
  • large jewelry (including jewelry).

How to prevent mistakes in the choice?

You need to make a wardrobe in advance . Try on each thing in front of a large mirror in which everything is visible, from shoes to the top of the head. If we are talking about a family photo shoot, then worry about the outfits for each relative. And let things unite you, color palette or prints unite you, emphasize that you are an integral unit of society.

Important! When compiling a wardrobe in advance, do not rush to take things with the expectation “I have two weeks before the shoot, I will have time to dye my hair, buy new color lenses or lose weight.” First make adjustments to your appearance, and only then proceed to the selection of outfits . Otherwise, it may turn out that clothes that look perfect on you brunette do not suit you blonde at all.

Also, many photographers recommend expectant mothers not to delay holding a thematic photo shoot . Causes:

  • shooting lasts 2-3 hours (you get tired long before the last frame, which will affect the quality of materials and your well-being);
  • a large belly severely limits the number of poses.

To avoid unnecessary problems, go to the photographer about the seventh month of pregnancy.


  1. Take your things with you. You don’t need to wear them at home and go to the studio in them.
  2. If you plan to shoot in a swimsuit or even a more candid photo shoot, then do not wear things that crash into the body before visiting the photographer. This will lead to the appearance of long fading red stripes. They will not allow you to immediately begin the process of shooting or require Photoshop.
  3. Be careful with prints if you want to look slimmer.
  4. Do not be afraid to seek the advice of a photographer . By virtue of the profession, he knows the secrets of color compatibility. He knows what outfits under what surroundings they “shoot”, and from which it is better to refrain.
  5. Sometimes it makes sense to rent things. For example, for stylized shooting for a certain era.
  6. Do not bring your entire wardrobe with you. In one photo shoot, on average, two to three sets of clothes are involved.
  7. Let the selected sets be different from each other in mood, style, image.
  8. Check the selected outfits for glare. Just put them on you and take a picture on the phone.