What to wear with a skirt on the floor

A long skirt on the floor is a great purchase for any woman’s wardrobe. It is universal and suitable for different occasions. In addition, such a thing will fit perfectly into the image of a girl with any type of figure. She will be able to effectively emphasize all the available advantages of the silhouette and hide small flaws to make the selected bow even more attractive and feminine.

Features of combining a skirt to the floor with other clothes

The best option in the store is selected based on three main criteria:

  • cut;
  • material;
  • color solutions.

When choosing the upper part of the set, it is very important to understand which fabric the product is sewn from and which style represents. Since the skirt on the floor is a self-sufficient and quite bright thing in the wardrobe, the selection of the top should be carried out with extreme caution. There is a high probability of overdoing it with accessories or colors.

Important! Maxi-length involves creating volume in the lower body, highlighting the hips and legs of a woman. That is why it is better to abandon the voluminous things in the upper part.

What top to wear with a skirt on the floor

Designers work tirelessly to create the most unusual and original images with maxi-length products. They allow women to feel confident and attractive. As kits for a long product, they are best suited:

  • a shortened crop top model (a kind of “hello” from the 90s of the last century, which has become a real trend of our time);
  • a tight-fitting top (a win-win option, it can be tucked under the waistband of a skirt or decorated with a wide belt);
  • wide T-shirt (a great solution to give the “zest” to the image you can tie a T-shirt with a knot on the stomach or tuck it under a wide belt);
  • shirt or blouse (a good option for combination with a maxi-product, light chiffon, denim models or office-style items are suitable);
  • turtleneck, sweater or pullover (ideal for the cold season);
  • a shortened bolero or a classic jacket (they can be thrown on top if it has become cool outside);
  • long cardigan (a stylish solution, it can be combined with a fitted top, creating a multi-layer image).

The flight of fancy for combining things is almost unlimited. Stylists recommend choosing things of neutral shades, leaving all the attention to a long skirt.

We select the outerwear for a skirt on the floor

As outerwear in summer, you can use denim short jackets. Dark blue or blue jeans look great with skirts on the floor and never go out of style. This image is perfect for walking or spending time in the company of friends and family.

Fur vests or short fur coats will be a wonderful option for the winter period when it is frosty outside. Such outerwear will reliably protect from the cold in winter and will effectively complement the image with a long skirt.

Warm jackets and trench coats also look good with maxi length of the lower part of the wardrobe. With them, you can create business or everyday images. Prefer calm shades to make your chosen bow look attractive and feminine.

What to choose accessories for a skirt on the floor

A long skirt is self-sufficient in the image and attracts increased attention of others. That is why it is better to choose accessories that are not too bright, only emphasizing beauty and femininity:

  • large gold chain with a pendant;
  • bright jewelry;
  • thin silver bracelet and small earrings;
  • a small, barely noticeable clutch bag;
  • a small silk scarf around the neck.

All these accessories can be matched to the long bottom of the wardrobe, further emphasizing the femininity of the chosen urban look. Do not overload the set too much, it should be light and airy.

Important! Stylists recommend using a minimum of large parts, since the skirt itself is already creating volume. So that the image is not overloaded, you need to focus on a harmonious combination.

How to wear a floor skirt in winter

In winter, a long skirt will be an excellent protection against the cold. To make the chosen bow look spectacular and feminine, it is better to choose a beautiful short fur coat made of natural or artificial fur, to prefer a thin short down jacket with a hood or a leather jacket. Elongated models of fur vests, which are considered a trend for the past several seasons, look very original with a long skirt.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Such clothing allows you to use all the stylistic tricks that will help you look chic in any situation. It is worth trying yourself in design and making the most unusual combinations to understand which items from a fashionable wardrobe fit in the best way.