What to wear with a sequin skirt?

Sequins are again in trend, and skirts with such decor are at the peak of popularity. This is not only elegant clothes, but also an element of everyday bows, with which no fashionista will go unnoticed. Whether you choose an outfit for an evening out or just want to go shopping, put on a trendy sequin skirt and you get a stylish, fresh look.

Who can be worn and who cannot?

Fashion trends in recent years are such that things from different styles coexist in the same image. And not just side by side, but combined together, form a new, interesting, unbroken look. A brilliant skirt with scales can easily be combined with white sneakers and a gray t-shirt. The girl in this outfit looks very stylish.

A similar wardrobe item is definitely suitable for girls . Not everyone has a model figure, but this is not a reason to abandon an interesting novelty. The skirt, tailored to the shape of the figure, is suitable for different situations and makes you feel like a queen.

Important! A fabric with scales creates shine and adds a few extra centimeters to the waist and hips. Hide small “weighted” flaws of the figure with a free or elongated style.

Middle-aged ladies can also have such a skirt in their wardrobe, but before that, they should critically evaluate the wardrobe - are there any things to combine with it - and also look meticulously at yourself in the mirror. If the chosen style of clothing allows, and in the eyes of a young, perky brilliance - forward, for shopping. Choose the right style and length at which the figure will look advantageous, and your daughter's classmates will take you for her sister.

Features of creating an image with a skirt

The main rule is to monitor the balance of brilliant and bright colors . In no case can you overload the image. Therefore, balance the shiny bottom with a calm matte top. Select shoes without jewelry. Give preference to classic or basic colors - black, white, beige, nude.

This season, models with sequins of red, wine, black, green, pink, silver and gold are relevant. If a black skirt suggests and even welcomes wearing it with sports shoes, then models of red, wine-colored with white sneakers will look like a bad manners. For them it is worth choosing elegant shoes with heels.

Long styles are created for evening and solemn exits. They are incompatible with everyday clothes and put on after six in the evening . For an earlier time, this is unacceptable - they are too brilliant.

What styles of sequin skirts exist?

The most popular ones are a short skirt with a straight cut and a pencil. Both of them outline a light and seductive outline of the figure. The short ends not lower than the middle of the thigh, and the pencil goes down behind the knee, maintaining the femininity and seductiveness of the silhouette in the general style . Combinations with lace or guipure top, silk, chiffon, satin blouse or top are perfect for the last style.

Do not ignore other wonderful styles that will decorate the girl's figure and allow you to create various actual outfits:

  • bell - the skirt has a free cut and is slightly gathered on the waist with a gum belt;
  • midi - a straight cut descends to the middle of the calf;
  • maxi-skirt hides legs completely;
  • flared - the product is greatly expanded downward.

Important! The sequin fabric is self-sufficient. It does not require style complexity, so the whole cut is quite simple, sometimes even primitive.

What can you combine such a skirt with?

Now the trend is skirts made of fabric with small, medium, large sequins. Especially relevant options with the transition of the size of the scales from the smallest at the top to the huge below the product. Also very popular are things with partial brilliant decor, placed, for example, in the form of a geometric pattern.

The shiny bottom is very well balanced by a matte monochrome cardigan, a relaxed T-shirt, the most ordinary plain or checkered shirt. You can put on a jacket, a jeans, a voluminous jacket and even a down jacket on your shoulders. It is important that the sparkling thing in the image is one.

With t-shirt

The silver midi skirt with large scales is balanced by a white T-shirt with a gray inscription.

A cherry skirt with small sequins looks great with a black T-shirt with a white inscription.

A gray cotton t-shirt and graphite skirt look great.

With sweatshirt

A green midi skirt and a black sweatshirt, a black bottom and a soft pink sweatshirt with a white inscription look perfect, as well as a combination of a gold bottom with an olive top.

With a cardigan or jacket

On a gloomy day, a gray cardigan with a silver miniskirt, a pink bottom and a black jacket, as well as a bold combination of a beige hem with a partial shiny decor and a long silver cardigan, will cheer you up.

With a blouse

To stand out from the gloomy morning crowd, wear a shiny sequin mini to the white blouse with a long sleeve, a golden flared skirt to the black chiffon blouse, and pick up a brown floral blouse to the black bottom.

Top 5 looks with sequin skirt

  1. You can wear a golden mini skirt with black additions: print t-shirts, jackets, boats.
  2. Looks interesting on the bow, composed of a silver bottom style pencil, white longsleeve with black stripes and black boats with straps. Accessories - silver metal bracelet, silver watch, black bag on a chain.
  3. The emerald color of the shiny maxi-bottom is organic with a white chiffon blouse with a bow, black shoes and a small black handbag.
  4. A silver pencil skirt is harmoniously complemented by a gray elongated cashmere sweater with a V-neck and black open stiletto sandals. Casual jewelry does not require any adornments, but a medium-sized black clutch will complete the look.
  5. Monochrome outfits are very interesting, for example: a cherry bottom midi length, the same color light sweater without any decorations and inscriptions, and heeled sandals with a closed toe and straps. A small black handbag is very welcome here.