What to wear at school?

For a long time, there has been no strict uniform uniform for schoolchildren. Students can express themselves through their appearance, if this is not prohibited by the charter of a particular institution . But it is worth remembering that you still need to do this carefully and tastefully.

What is the best way to dress a girl in school?

The beautiful half of humanity, as a child, begins to pay a lot of attention to its beauty. Therefore, this issue is of particular importance to her.

In fact, you can look bright even in the usual “black bottom, white top” or in any monochrome image. Play with classic elegant shades (black, beige, gray, chocolate, dark blue, etc.), a variety of styles, length and, of course, accessories.

Important! With those things that are in the basic wardrobe of a schoolgirl, you can create unique and stylish images every day.


This is not always a snow-white strict thing. Today's assortment allows you to choose any fabric, color and additional details, such as a collar, sleeves of various lengths and shapes, ties, etc.

It definitely won’t be boring!


To create a business style, it is better to look at the length just above the knee (5-6 cm) . The most common style is a sun skirt - it is comfortable, beautiful and suitable for a girl of any age.

Also, high school students often stop on a pencil skirt, which is especially attractive in tandem with high-heeled shoes.

Dresses and sundresses

These elements will probably never lose their relevance, because they look very feminine and interesting. With a sarafan, you can combine any blouse, blouse, T-shirt or turtleneck. The main thing is for things to resonate with each other and be in the same style (or in suitable colors).

Tip. It is better to choose a modest dress for school, for example, a black case.


Such a detail can turn every look into an official and elegant one. A jacket can be worn even with a beautiful T-shirt, mixing styles a bit - this technique will help to look informal and appropriate at the same time.


The only requirement is not to overdo it! Exclude bright and massive earrings, bracelets, beads.

Enough watches on a thin strap and a neat plain handbag (or a cute backpack). And if you really want to stand out, then look at the colorful tights and interesting butterflies .

What to wear a full girl in school?

Some beauties during puberty begin to be very shy of their forms . Especially if the body looks much more feminine than that of classmates. In such cases, in order not to be embarrassed every minute at lessons and breaks, but to feel confident and comfortable, you can resort to small female tricks. Among these are blouses and dresses with a V-neck, which visually reduce the chest .

Skirts with a smell or visible vertical lightning are also perfect — they visually stretch the silhouette. Well, of course, you should avoid too tight things.


Shoes for girls are always one of the most favorite topics. However, schoolgirls need to pay attention primarily not to the elegance and attractiveness of the couple, but to convenience and relevance .

Important! It is not recommended to wear shoes and sandals on the platform or too high stilettos at school. It is better to purchase comfortable soft shoes, oxfords, ballet shoes or boats with a stable small heel.

Hairstyle, makeup and manicure.

Do not transfer the entire home stock of cosmetics! For a harmonious look, just a couple of neat touches will be enough. For example, in makeup, it can be black mascara and moisturizing lipstick (better than usual hygienic) .

Instead of “war paint” it is better to pay attention to skin care, because a clean healthy complexion is almost a business card for any girl, especially at such a tender age.

Tip. Above the hairstyle, too, especially do not need to conjure. Just take care of the cleanliness of your hair, gently style it or braid it in beautiful braids. You can also collect a high tail or a flirty bunch.

Manicure should be done as calm as possible. It is not even necessary to varnish the nails, it will be enough for ordinary tidy and clean hands. But if such a desire is still present, then use colorless or pastel beige and pink shades.

How to dress a guy in school?

Boys, of course, find a suitable bow for study is much easier than girls. However, here there are pitfalls.

Without a doubt, your favorite bright T-shirts and T-shirts with colorful prints will have to be postponed for meetings with friends and summer walks. Stylish narrow trousers of gray or dark blue color will fit in the school dress code with a shirt or turtleneck. A good addition would be a jacket .

Important! Festive black and white suits are more suitable for festive events.

If sporty is preferable, dark blue jeans with a strict sweater, jacket or even a vest can replace the classic pants .

How can I decorate an image if there is a form?

Even in cases where the internal rules of the school require you to dress in a specific color scheme or even sew the same clothes, you can find an interesting way out.

Tip. The highlight of your appearance will have to be small bright details: colored buttons, elegant collars, original butterflies and ties, small brooches, hair clips or colored hair bands. By the way, for example, even in this case, a blouse can be chosen not cream but cream, beige, blue or pale pink.

What should never be worn in school?

There is a whole list of things that are excluded in an educational institution . Agree, it is extremely inappropriate to see a tenth grader who comes to class in a transparent blouse, through which a bra is visible, with a deep neckline or in an ultra mini-skirt.

The same ridiculous image is drawn if you imagine an eighth grader in an exam in a tracksuit. And from the screaming acid and neon flowers, behind the sitting classmates in the middle of the day, eyes and head can get sick. It is also worth abandoning ripped jeans, huge bright prints (including images of your favorite movie heroes and cartoon characters), rich decoration with rhinestones, low-waist trousers and leggings.

Make a choice only in favor of the appropriate wardrobe, which will not bring discomfort to you or others.

Actually, getting ready for school is not such a difficult task as it seems at first. It is enough to just find your own style, not going beyond the bounds of decency, and pick up the appropriate things in the store that are necessarily suitable in size.