What to wear red women sneakers with?

Wine-colored sneakers are an accent. Let them come to the fore in the image, do not interrupt their effect with a variety of accessories, an abundance of shiny elements or elaborate clothes. If the base seems too boring or shapeless, add the detail of the same shade as the sneakers on the legs.

Good examples of clothing for women's red sneakers

When choosing trousers, do not limit yourself in terms of length. Models of different planes will suit, starting with short denim shorts and ending with a traditional cut by sportsmen. Combine sneakers with blue boyfriends, neat classic-type crosses with gray or pastel shades of culottes, and wedge shoes with mini.

Try to wear massive sneakers with denim cropped overalls or with plain black fabric shorts to get a stylish bow.

Important! Slightly loose black shorts look good with a jacket. A burgundy turtleneck or sailor suit with red stripes will complete the look.

Recommended colors for pants and jeans:

  • the black;
  • white;
  • tone in shoes;
  • mustard;
  • green;
  • protective;
  • blue;
  • Gray;
  • blue;
  • beige and brown.

If you opt for dark jeans, pick up a blue men's shirt, an elongated tone-on-tone jacket for your pants, and a small bag over your shoulder. Beat the sharp transition from red to blue shades using jewelry and accessories: earrings, pendants, and a belt .

Important! Plain black ensembles and bows, built on a gray-black scale, look good with red women’s shoes. Also, this type of shoe is a great option if you want to dress up in accordance with the principles of girls from support groups (a combination of a bomber jacket, a flying skirt, and also T-shirts, t-shirts or sweatshirts).

You can go the other way and choose a women's sweater with a red pattern as the top. For example, a shirt in a traditional cage. In this kit, the bottom should be as simple and discreet as possible. Perfectly fit boyfriend jeans with a classic cut.

Important! Not only a Scot will “shoot”. Of the patterns with red elements, you should look at the floral, floral and geometric ornaments, but not at the animal prints. The latter will simply draw attention to themselves.

Beat catchy color shoes will turn out and with the help of accessories tone on tone . For example, a scarf. He is a kind of lifesaver, which allows you to wear almost any thing from a cream dress-trapeze to chinos khaki.

With such an addition, even a pack of a delicate shade, a traditional black pencil skirt or a plain golf dress on the floor will “shoot” on the neck. Add the first option with a T-shirt (fill up) and a bomber, the second with a wide and elongated sweater, the third with a bunny.

Important! It is not necessary to wear dresses of muffled tones, you can turn to models of saturated colors. For example, to blue or emerald. However, their cut should be simple.

Other combinations:

  • brown balloon skirt, white and brown t-shirt, burgundy sneakers with white laces;
  • wine sweatshirt, silver pleated skirt, plain tights (try the option of the same color with shoes or a skirt);
  • a knee-length tutu skirt, a jumper (to fill up), a burgundy envelope bag;
  • plain direct dress on the floor, denim or bomber jacket.

How to combine red sneakers with a white sole?

Ideal solutions:

  • a white T-shirt with a red centered pattern or inscription;
  • sailor suit;
  • cropped colorful summer dress;
  • a white skirt combined with a red and white top.

As a base, you can take a women's clothing set or jumpsuit of a very light shade (blue, mint). The correct borders of such a bow will give the outerwear of a wine shade. Moreover, the color does not have to coincide 100% with the shoes .

Top 5 looks with red sneakers

  1. Brown-burgundy or dark red sneakers, black skinny or cropped trousers, white elongated loose fit jacket (you can sweater, t-shirt, T-shirt). Jacket or coat tone in shoes. Ideally, the upper wardrobe should have a black detail: the edge, inserts, pockets .
  2. Red sneakers or sneakers with white laces or soles, shortened or narrowed white trousers (jeans can be used), a checkered shirt (preferably the presence of a red tint in the print, if necessary, complement the look with a white T-shirt or T-shirt) or a red and white sailor suit. A light beige or light gray raincoat is suitable as outerwear. The coat is also appropriate, give preference to elongated models. If you take a sailor suit, complete the bow with a jacket (dark blue with gold buttons or plain white) and a red leather bag .
  3. Sneakers or sneakers with white laces, a white or silver cropped dress (a trapeze with a high waist, or another cut that gives the bow innocence and touching), a jeans or a leather jacket (try on both options, one is perfect for the dress).
  4. Light summer dress with floral patterns (preferably the presence of red elements in the pattern), denim sleeveless jacket (do not take an elongated one), glasses. It is better to collect hair in a ponytail or braid it in a braid. The bag should be discreet, compact.
  5. Red skinny or cropped women's trousers, a silvery fitted coat or jacket. You will get a basic image, which at your discretion can be supplemented with a scarf (a deeper and darker gray color), a bag (large white, small burgundy over the shoulder, black backpack), headgear (beanie or hat).