What to wear for a pregnant photo shoot?

Pregnancy is a special condition of a woman, which must be captured as a keepsake. It’s worth preparing carefully for the photo shoot and drawing up several images. Next, we consider in more detail what you should pay attention to when choosing clothes for shooting in an interesting position.

Images and clothes for a photoshoot for pregnant women

Usually, during a 2-hour photo shoot, about 4-6 images can be captured. Therefore, a sufficient number of sets of clothing must be available . When preparing, pre-evaluate the atmosphere of the studio and think about which onion will suit more. It is better to choose images that are different in style in order to express your personality as much as possible.

Be sure to bring your husband and older children to the photo shoot . Great family shots can come out. Many men do not like to be photographed, but in this case you should not be upset. Take it as a fact. Remember that one woman turns out in the picture no worse than with a loved one.

Photos with children look spectacular.

Attention! 80% of the success of the photo depends on the right clothes.

Color spectrum

The priority should be shades of pale beige, pink, blue and white. From the dark, attention should be paid to blue, chocolate and black. Colors that are too bright should not be used because they leave glare on the skin. Monochrome outfits look good.

Advice! You should avoid catchy things with large prints.


Of accessories , caps and hats, scarves, glasses, knee-highs are possible . Harnesses and coarse straps add piquancy to the picture. As jewelry, both large and small earrings, pearls, pendants are suitable.

Reference! No less important component are the details that fill the frame. Balloons, soft toys and children's clothing can decorate the picture.

Successful kits

Things of one bow must be in harmony with each other . In most cases, the following options are recommended:

  • a long dress or sundress in the Greek style in combination with a wreath of flowers;
  • peignoir, lace or plain underwear and conspicuous earrings;
  • a large knit pullover or men's shirt, put on underwear, in combination with leggings;
  • simple one-color t-shirts with interesting inscriptions, crop tops, vests;
  • men's shirt - alone or in combination with dark trousers, jeans or shorts;

  • leather leggings and a sweatshirt or sweater-oversize;
  • outerwear - a fur coat, a jacket, a bomber jacket can also come in handy;
  • dress of gentle shades of medium length and spectacular earrings;
  • a long full skirt of tulle or a piece of fabric;

  • clothes for sports or dancing.

Important! If any item of clothing is not fastened, you should not refuse it. Individual sections can be draped with a cloak or select the desired angle.


Flowers in photographs always look spectacular and feminine . It is worth taking both a large bouquet and several buds.

They can decorate hair or clothes. In the photo, tulips, miniature roses and daisies, as well as seasonal plants, work well.

One of the photographers' favorite colors is peony.


Shoes for shooting must be clean. It is advisable to bring classic pumps or heeled sandals with you - you don’t have to go to them for a long time . Also suitable options on a flat sole - sneakers, loafers, slip-ons. There should not be many patterns on shoes. Unlike many outfits, shoes just take one pair. Pregnant women like to photograph barefoot or in socks.

What clothes are not suitable for a photo?

The tight-fitting clothes and very short things will not look nice . If you want to show the tummy as much as possible, then it is better to choose beautiful underwear and a dressing gown. In a studio setting, summer floral dresses and home clothes will look strange.

Clothes rental

It is not necessary that all things are new . Not every woman can afford to buy several sets for a photo shoot. In addition, in a couple of months, the size of her clothes will definitely change. You can always rent clothes from friends. Landlords usually indicate the possibility of using things for a “pregnant” photo shoot.

Popular sets for boudoir shooting, made of delicate tulle . Some things, such as shirts, are best borrowed from your husband.

Appearance and cosmetics

Ideal neutral manicure . It can be a jacket or light pink natural tones. Be sure to do a pedicure, as there may be a photo barefoot or in open shoes . Makeup is best done by a professional makeup artist.

It is better to prefer a brighter make-up, as in the photo it will turn out to be twice as lighter . However, it is important to find a middle ground. For example, red lipstick and smokey ice make the woman in the photo a little older. A beautiful hairstyle or styling is also needed.

Photo in underwear

Always a win-win option - a photo shoot in beautiful underwear.

Perfect white, black and flesh color.

Sports sets and body with bright inscriptions look spectacular.


An experienced photographer will prompt and rehearse the most successful poses with a woman. In the process of shooting, he will correct the position of the arms, legs, head, finding the most advantageous angles. It looks beautiful when a wife or husband hugs his stomach with his hands, thereby emphasizing an interesting position.

Properly selected clothes will help emphasize the beauty, tenderness and originality of a wonderful period in life. It is better to prepare several clothing options so that there is a choice in case of a change of scenery. There can be many ideas for shooting, show your imagination and let your imagination run wild.