What to wear with a plaid dress?

The cell, which came into use at the beginning of the 20th century, does not lose its relevance to this day.

Dress with a checkered print, presented in 2018 in a variety of different styles, is considered a real favorite of the season.

Therefore, such an outfit is bound to be present in the wardrobe of every modern fashionista.

Hit of the season - a check dress

The cage came to us from traditional Scottish outfits. A checkered print appeared on the catwalks thanks to the Japanese fashion designers Mori and Kenzo (photo). Today, Scottish motifs are enjoyed by young girls and women of mature age. For everyday use, it is recommended to give preference to combinations of muted shades - milk, beige, gray, green and brown.

Reference! The famous French actress Brigitte Bardot in 1959 even wore a plaid pink wedding dress.

Checkered pattern can be very different. The fabric is two-tone or multi-color. Currently, the most popular are models in a two-tone black-red or red-green cell. Preferred styles for this season are peplum, flared, year, sheath and pleated skirt.

How to wear a long check dress?

For this outfit, it is recommended to use monophonic things . This will emphasize a spectacular print and create an attractive silhouette. If the cage is black and white, you can dilute such an outfit with bright details (for example, an elegant clutch or red shoes).

Advice! In the cold season, a checkered dress on the floor goes well with a short fur coat and high heel boots.

A long plaid dress goes well with a black leather belt and model high-heeled shoes. Choosing a similar outfit, it is necessary to take into account that thin girls will suit a large pattern, and ladies with curvaceous forms are recommended to pay attention to the small one.

Midi and Mini

Creative plaid print midi dresses are well-deserved. The cell in this case may be red or Scottish. Thin leather straps and graceful boats go well with similar models.

A straight plaid dress will be a great office solution. The most attractive are strict check dresses with a white collar. A checkered dress-sundress in combination with a blouse or turtleneck is considered to be a real classic of office fashion.

The fair sex with a thin waist fit fitted dresses in a cage. A sheath dress in a diagonal cage is equally suitable for women with any type of figure. Such a product can be successfully combined with a plain jacket. Mini plaid options are a great choice for meeting friends and noisy parties.

Dress shirt

This type of checkered product with a length slightly lower than the hips can be worn with black leggings and shoes (it is better to choose high-heeled models). Harmoniously complement a similar image of a pair of bracelets. Short models can be worn with skinny jeans or shorts.

The same outfit combined with a jacket is perfect for office work. Graceful boats and a strict bag will be a good addition to a laconic business outfit.

Combinations with outerwear

A knitted cardigan or a fitted leather jacket goes well with a similar product. To create a gentle outfit, it is recommended to use a pastel shade cloak and a knitted accessory (belt or scarf).

The main condition is that all accessories should be plain. Coats are a good fit for models in a strict-style cage . Products of light and informal styles can be worn with leather jackets.

Combination of shoes with a plaid dress

It’s recommended to choose shoes along with this, given its style and color. Shortened checkered products from lightweight fabrics will look good with sandals or classic ballet shoes . At the same time, sandals can be chosen both on the heel and on the platform. Any of these options will fit perfectly into the look with a similar outfit.

A strict check product goes well with classic shoes. It is recommended that you choose middle-heeled models for this purpose. The color of the shoes is better to match the tone along with or give preference to a win-win black version.

A long checkered dress to the floor will work best with high-heeled shoes. Thanks to such shoes, the image will become even more feminine, and the figure - even more slim.

Advice! To create a spectacular evening ensemble, a checkered outfit can be supplemented with shoes in the Art Nouveau style, the color of which matches the color of the cage.


As a stylish accessory in combination with such a product, you can use laces and belts with buckles. You can choose an elegant scarf to match the colors of the main outfit .

When choosing jewelry, you should adhere to such recommendations:

  • selected products must be in harmony with the print on the dress;
  • jewelry should not be distinguished by elaborate design and an abundance of decorative elements;
  • it is necessary to take into account the material of the dress (massive items made of large elements are suitable for woolen items, a chain with a pendant or thin beads for cotton dresses, and strict and laconic jewelry for sateen and silk items).

Handbags and scarves are better to choose plain, without a pattern, so as not to spoil the image. It is better not to take a bulky bag. It is recommended to give preference to an elegant clutch or a small handbag on a thin strap.

Due to its versatility, the checkered dress has rightfully become an off-season hit. Such an outfit is perfect not only for everyday use, but also for festive events. Skillfully selected accessories for such a product will help create a vivid and memorable image.