What to wear noodle dress with?

The noodle dress triumphantly returned to the catwalks a couple of seasons ago, however, in everyday life, women have never ignored such a universal thing in use that is comfortable to wear, convenient to combine and in which you always look great. What innovations do designers offer in the next degeneration of this garment?

Style Features

The noodle dress is most often made of knitwear, since it is this material that has unique elasticity and, thanks to its ribbed texture, allows you to create a laconic, elegant outfit that beautifully fits the figure. Regardless of the length of the dress, such clothing focuses on the roundness of female forms, visually stretches the figure and emphasizes the waist.

It is worth recalling some rules for choosing the length that will help you not to make a mistake and choose the model that is right for you:

  • the length of the mini can be afforded to young ladies with slender legs, you can wear it both for study and for a walk;
  • an intelligent length just above the knee will suit self-confident business women, it will allow you to look attractive and reserved at the same time;
  • dresses below the knee are preferred for ladies working in offices; such a length does not violate the dress code, and the restrained colors of the costume will help to look seductive, but not defiant;
  • in a dress up to the ankles, you can feel at ease both at work, in the theater, and in shopping, you only need to find the right fit and shoes.

What clothes will create a successful bow with a dress?

The minimalism of the noodle dress allows you to work with it as with a clean canvas, creating your own unique image. However, each style and each length imply a certain compatibility, neglecting which you can "write" instead of a masterpiece bad taste. Below are the options that you can take as a basis when creating a bow for any occasion.

Style "with a throat"

Strictly speaking, this style can be considered as an elongated turtleneck. Such a dress visually slender and stretches the silhouette, and a high throat will make it simply indispensable on cold days.

With cuts on the side

The cuts on the knitted dress were invented, first of all, for the convenience of walking, but the sophisticated female mind managed to turn this practical detail of the dress into a real instrument of seduction.

If the organization’s dress code is not too strict, then such a liberty is acceptable in an office suit: a medium-length dress with one cut on the side just above the knee looks quite businesslike.

To enter the theater or concert hall, you can dress up in a maxi with a cut slightly higher than in the office version: on the one hand, a long dress is traditional for such events, and on the other, the cut will allow a woman to feel more freely.

A dress with two slits on the sides looks a bit loose and even provocative, but why not put it on for a walk or shopping trip? This will be most appropriate in warm times, when the “openness” of clothes is determined by the temperature outside the window and such a detail will not seem provocative.

Bare shoulders

A feminine evening model that will look great at a gala event or in a theater. Choose the option without finishing the neckline or with a lapel, a deep neckline or more modest - in any case, your delicate image will not go unnoticed.

V neck

On the one hand, this is a classic universal model. Depending on the overall style and depth of the cutout, you can go to work and on a date in it.

On the other hand, modern couturiers in the new collections have provided the traditional neckline with unconventional details such as lace trim or lacing, thus enhancing the emphasis on the beauty of the chest. Of course, this allowed you to play the familiar thing with new colors, but if you decide to wear such a dress, think carefully about its relevance at the event where you intend to go in it.

With a collar collar

A fashionable noodle dress with a collar hanging down to the chest or freely laid around the neck is most often presented in the midi version. Going well with long boots, it is ideal for the cold season. And you can wear it anywhere, the main thing is to choose the right accessories.

With lurex

If you want to wear something elegant, but modest, try on a noodle dress with Lurex. A tight-fitting silhouette, coupled with a mysterious flicker, will create a romantic and sophisticated look. Such an outfit is suitable for any special occasions, and its style can be almost anything.

Combine different colors of noodle dress.

Color is an important detail of the image, especially for such a universal thing as a noodle dress . You can wear it anywhere, but it happens that the color scheme of the costume is limited by the regulation of the place where you plan to go.


Black dress is a classic for all time. A knitted fabric in a dress of a tight-fitting silhouette will make you even more slim, and a neutral color will make it possible to decorate the image with any accessories.


Gray color is easy to combine with any other colors, so this clothing is the perfect companion for combining with jackets, cardigans, shawls and hats. If this color seems boring to you - choose the option with lurex, it looks very impressive.


Brown is a good alternative to black. Warm and softer, it will create a cozy image, conducive to a quiet conversation. In business life, such a dress will convince your colleagues in the impeccable competence of its owner.


It can be combined with accessories of any color, but it is better to choose shoes that are dark brown.


The most suitable color for a winter outfit, especially if a solemn event is planned after a working day. It is easily combined with any accessories of various colors. This dress looks great with white leggings.


One of the most fashionable colors of the season deserves special attention, especially since, unlike many others, it goes to blondes and brunettes. It goes well with brown shoes.

Important! The blue dress "does not like" accessories "in tone", so choose contrasting additions so that they do not get lost on a bright background.

Taboo in clothes for noodles.

We have repeatedly mentioned the versatility of a noodle dress, but still there are some taboos for this dress:

  • since this garment has a tight-fitting silhouette, it is better for women who have even a small tummy or “buns” on their hips to refuse such clothes;
  • if the desire to wear such an outfit is irresistible, throw a jacket or cardigan on top;
  • tight-fitting girls with a tight figure, a tight-fitting noodle dress is contraindicated, it will make the silhouette even heavier; mini oversize may be the solution, but additions are very important here, otherwise there is a danger of looking ridiculous.

Shoes that match the dress

Dress-noodles - an all-weather item of clothing. In the summer, going to work, he can be worn with sandals, and if an informal meeting is expected, put on comfortable sneakers or clogs. The same option is suitable for students. In the rest of the year, noodles are usually supplemented with dense dark or openwork tights.

Mini to the middle of the thigh looks great with over the knee boots, but in general it can be combined with any shoes. Midi can be worn with long boots of any texture, they get along with textiles, and leather, and suede.

Important! The image will look gorgeous, where the hem of the dress slightly covers the edge of the boots.

Maxi is usually worn with boots or ankle boots, simple or with different decor, depending on which style you prefer.

What accessories can be added to the image?

If you are a student, put on noodles with sneakers or sneakers and complement the look with a small backpack over your shoulder. For business women, a bag with a pair of shoes with high heels is suitable. If you are planning an event outside the office, replace the bag with a clutch - stylish and elegant.

Regardless of the style and specific images that you create, there are several rules for combining accessories with a noodle dress:

  • large bracelets (or several worn simultaneously) or a massive watch will emphasize the fragility of the wrists;
  • with a V-neck, you can wear a short chain with a small pendant, a collar under the throat or a collar require more heavy jewelry;
  • a leather belt, thin or wide, if necessary, emphasizes the waist line.

Important! The latest collections of fashion houses focus on thin knitted belts that are tied at the waist.

And do not forget about the hat - it is in trend today, and in combination with a tight-fitting dress creates a simply unforgettable image.