What to wear a newborn in the summer?

In the summer, it is recommended to spend as much time as possible with the baby on the street. In order for the walk to bring real pleasure to mother and child, it is necessary to carefully prepare for it. Next, we consider what it is better to put on a newborn in the summer and what should be remembered so that the baby feels comfortable.

Clothing for a newborn in the summer

In stores it is easy to find a large assortment of clothes for newborns. Preference should not be given to children's fashion, but to the safety and health of the baby.

What kind of clothes is suitable for the baby to discharge from the hospital in the summer?

When choosing clothes for discharge, it is important to consider weather conditions. Also, do not forget that after the hospital most often go straight home, and go by car. If on the way you feel that you have gone too far with clothes, then some elements are best removed.

The kit for the discharge of a newborn in the summer consists of a button-body, a thin jumpsuit, a bonnet or hat, a diaper, a diaper and a blouse.

Rules for dressing the baby

Clothing for newborns must meet certain requirements. There are important points to pay attention to:

  • Always thoroughly study the composition of tissues and give preference to natural ones. They absorb moisture and allow the skin to breathe.
  • There should be no seams on the inside, so they can injure delicate skin.
  • The fasteners must be covered with protective valves.
  • The outfit should be in size with a small margin and not hamper movements.
  • Put a rain cover and insect net in the stroller.

Reference! Before you dress your baby, do not forget about the diaper.

What is needed for the first walks for a newborn?

The exit for the first walk does not require much preparation, since in time it will be short. It’s enough to carry the baby in his arms, and not take the stroller. If you need to go far from home, you should take a bag with necessary baby supplies with you. Most pediatricians recommend walking with a newborn on the tenth day after birth.

Summer clothes for babies depend on the time of day and weather

The first walk for the newborn is the whole event. First of all, clothes are selected depending on weather conditions. During the summer (especially in July), the weather can also change: heat, rain, and, possibly, cooling. Therefore, you must have several sets of clothes. Dress the child as yourself, plus one more layer. It is advisable to bring a blanket or diaper with you in case of temperature changes.

Important! Clothing of bright colors teaches the baby to distinguish colors and forms a good taste.

The basic rules of safe walking in the summer

First of all, clothing should perform a protective function . It is better to buy things from natural fabrics, such as cotton, satin or cambric. In synthetics, in hot weather, the baby's skin will sing. It is better to buy linen outfits only after 6 months, since flax is wrinkled and may not be comfortable for the baby.

Air temperature and clothing

When preparing your child for a walk, it is important to maintain a temperature balance. Depending on the air temperature, the following sets can be selected:

  • 25 degrees and above - a light jumpsuit, bonnet, diaper or envelope. The arms and legs are best left open.
  • 20-23 degrees - a vest or t-shirt is added to the legs of the socks.
  • 17-20 degrees - first a body or T-shirt, overalls with a long sleeve, a knitted suit and a knitted hat on top.
  • 14-16 degrees - a tight jumpsuit, suit or envelope is required.

Windy weather

In windy and cool weather, the child should have at least two layers of clothing . The bottom should be made of cotton, and the top, for example, of fleece. A knitted or knitted hat is put on the head.

If the street is hot and the wind, then an additional layer of clothing should be light . It can be a detachable blouse or jumpsuit. And when there is no wind and it’s hot, the baby can have an air bath, leaving it in one diaper for 20 minutes. This procedure tempers the child.

Baby clothes in the heat

Too multi-layered outfits can lead to overheating and sunstroke. As a result, the child has rashes on the body, colic, thrush in the mouth, dry mucus in the nose, and water and salt are also lost.

At the same time, direct sunlight can easily damage unprotected skin . The processes of thermoregulation in children are not fully formed. They tolerate overheating much worse than cool. Therefore, it is important to find a middle ground. At + 30 ° and above, it is better to abandon the diaper, since wearing it will lead to diaper rash.

Attention! In the heat, it is better to choose light clothing that reflects the sun's rays.

Rainy weather

During even light rain, a rain cover comes in handy. However, always leave free space so that fresh air can enter the stroller. Put on a warm suit for your child and bring a blanket with you.

How to determine that the baby is warm and comfortable?

Usually the child himself can tell what is most comfortable for him. Enough to watch him. After all, if everything suits him, then on a walk he will sleep peacefully. If he behaves uneasily, then, most likely, he is hot or cold.

You can periodically check the temperature of the child. The easiest way is to touch the neck. It should be warm, not hot or cold. But the nose, arms and legs do not always give the right information.

A kid needs to take care to adapt in this world. Great attention should be paid to the choice of clothes in the summer, as walking in the fresh air is useful and necessary.