What to wear for the mother of the bride for her daughter's wedding?

Usually, while preparing for the wedding, all attention is focused on the images of the newlyweds. But the mother of the bride will also be at the epicenter of events. Consider which outfits should pay attention to the future mother-in-law.

What is better for the mother of the bride: an evening dress or a pantsuit?

Stylists agreed that most often for the holiday mothers choose trouser suits and dresses. The choice between them can be very difficult and depends on the wishes of the woman and the characteristics of the figure. If you follow the traditions, then the evening dress is more appropriate. This thing can be selected for each lady, regardless of age and build.

Slender and fit women should not refuse a trouser suit. On the contrary, he emphasizes the grace of the figure and will allow you to receive many compliments. In addition, it is convenient, practical and versatile.

Important! Many women, suffering from varicose veins, prefer to hide defects accumulated with age.

If a wedding ceremony is planned, then it is better to refuse trousers. According to church customs, such clothes are not accepted, and a woman may simply not be allowed into the temple.

What models are suitable for a daughter’s wedding?

Modern wedding fashion is loyal to the dresses of mothers of grooms and brides. The main thing is to choose the right style and color. To determine the choice of model, it is better to try on several different options . It is better to refuse from deep neckline, “mini” and dresses with cuts.

Maxi Evening Dress

A long evening dress in combination with high-heeled shoes will look stylish and impressive . Depending on the figure, you can expose your shoulders or part of your back. However, a woman should always remember about comfort, so it is important to weigh your strength by choosing this image.

Elegant sheath dress

Sheath dress will hide all the flaws of the figure and emphasize its merits . It is necessary to pick up beautiful shoes for him, at least with a small heel.

Greek style summer dress

A dress in the Greek style is a good choice for the summer . Long sundresses made of lightweight materials look good on all women in the summer. It is no coincidence that they are preferred as a dress for bridesmaids . Thanks to the Greek dress, you can create a delicate and elegant look.

Elegant dresses for overweight ladies

Full women should not worry about the outfit. After all, for them, too, there is a huge selection of dresses. The main thing is to know some nuances:

  • Lush women should abandon voluminous draperies, frills and folds that will visually make the figure even larger.
  • Preference should be given to light airy tissues that hide all imperfections.
  • Plain fabrics are a priority .
  • Emphasize your advantages : magnificent breasts or slender legs.

Attention! Be sure to use corrective and tightening underwear, since the obvious fat folds look completely aesthetically pleasing.

Color selection

It is recommended to choose plain clothes with minimal decor.

Important! It is worth abandoning dull black, brown and gray colors. Beige, despite its neutrality, does not apply to festive shades at all. In white, it's easy to get lost next to the bride.

A dark blue color will become a win-win and classic option. Too bright shades and prints will look vulgar.

In 2019, Ice cream shades are considered fashionable: lavender, pistachio, raspberry, lemon and lime. These colors will add youth and freshness.

If the celebration is planned in a specific color scheme, then you have to adapt to it. It is also important that the shade is suitable for the type of woman's skin .

Reference! You should not choose a popular little black dress in the Chanel style. For many superstitious guests, this will be a sign of disapproval of their daughter's choice.

Shoes & Accessories

Shoes should be comfortable in the first place, as they will have to spend most of the day on their feet . Most dresses look much more elegant when combined with a heel - even a small one . For the evening you can cook a spare pair on a hairpin. Shoes should be pre-worn so that at the crucial moment not to spoil the mood of the hostess.

Do not ignore accessories. They must be appropriate for the event, age and image . The more decor on clothes, the more modest jewelry should be.

Matte beads and pearl necklaces look perfect . Be sure to bring a small handbag with you. Indeed, it will be very difficult to do without a cosmetic bag, a phone and other little things. A hat can originally decorate an outfit.

Recommendations for choosing dresses for mom of the bride

Parents of the bride and groom are constantly in the spotlight of guests and the photographer . Therefore, they simply must look dignified.

There are several recommendations that it is advisable to consider the mother of the bride:

  • Do not attract too much attention, as the main characters are still young. The outfit must be discreet and restrained.
  • As a rule, at this time women are already over forty or more. To be young and try to merge with the bridesmaids is not worth it.
  • Two mothers are usually present at the celebration , and it is better if their images overlap . Do not try to overshadow the "rival".
  • The clothes should be as comfortable as possible, since there is a long event ahead with dances and surprises.
  • Take warm clothes with you: sweater, bolero, shawl or jacket.

Important! Be sure to coordinate your choice with your daughter and, if possible, with other guests.

The choice of a wedding dress for the mother of the bride should be taken seriously. After all, this is one of the main and crucial days in the life of her daughter. It will be very disappointing if the holiday is overshadowed by its ridiculous appearance.