What to wear mom for graduation in kindergarten?

Already very little time is left before such a momentous moment - the graduation holiday in kindergarten by our own child. You have long decided on gifts, songs, treats. But often for mom, as for any woman, another question remains unresolved - what to wear in the kindergarten?

What can you put on and what is absolutely impossible?

Let's start from the fact that the graduation in kindergarten will take place in the daytime, and the kindergarten itself will be the venue for it. As far as we know, in kindergartens graduation holidays most often take place this way. The option with restaurants and other bells and whistles in most cases is left for the school.

Therefore, mother’s best not to wear an evening dress and a concert dress “on the floor”. The stunning neckline and mini are also not an option. This is a children's holiday, and the woman has a very definite role - the parent . Therefore, you need to look relatively strict, elegant and dignified at the same time. Complicated? Actually not really. The main thing is to maintain balance .

I will never forget how, on the graduation party of my elder group, one mother came dressed up more beautifully than her own daughter - in a fluffy long dress and some inconceivable lace cape, and the second parent did not bother at all - dressed in sweatshirts and a short vest. Both mothers looked nearby just stunning. You don’t even know who was “more appropriate”.

Advice! Before choosing an outfit, carefully find out what style your “colleagues” in celebration will prefer.

What styles in clothes are preferable?

Probably a summer pantsuit is a good option. It is better to choose something light, simple cut. Smart, but not elaborate. And you can wear a summer dress - a straight line, a trapeze, a case - of your choice. Floral print is welcome.

But lace is best left for another celebration . Pay attention to the length of the skirt or dress. And it’s not even that the holiday is for children. Most likely, parents will have to sit in the impromptu auditorium on children's benches! They are lower than ordinary chairs, and everyone will have cameras, telephones, and video cameras. Further explain?

Yes, and mothers at this event, the main task is to ensure that the graduate or graduate correctly told the poem put in place, danced the waltz well and capture it all on the appropriate medium . Dressing in a certain way is necessary, first of all, for a common photo. So mother's outfit should be appropriate and comfortable at the same time .

Many mothers would prefer a capri, a blouse, and something like a jacket on top (it was cool). Such a casual looks much more appropriate than the “outfits” of some of the parents described above.

Advice! Always keep in mind two options for the weather - hot and not very. In June, when graduations take place, the weather can be completely unpredictable.

Shoes, accessories, parts

Like clothes, shoes should be comfortable. Choosing the height of the heel, calculate your strength correctly. Are you sure that the restless parent committee, along with the tutors, did not come up with any sort of bagging competition for the parents of graduates? And one more “fi” to high heels, especially if you prefer a dress - remember about that very low children's bench on which it is necessary to sit.

Do not forget that this graduation, by and large, is just a children's party . Bright accessories, like jewelry, will not be entirely appropriate. But do not wear sundresses with bare shoulders - for such a celebration, the outfit should be more restrained.

Should mom and daughter dress the same?

This choice should be treated with caution. Even if you really want both you and your daughter. Family-look will surely attract attention. But this is an outfit for a family celebration . Graduation daughter is her holiday. Only she should be in the spotlight. Well, and with a dozen more boys and girls from her group, but not my mother! Better leave this outfit for your joint exit - it will be more appropriate.