What to wear mom for discharge from the hospital?

Extract from the hospital is an important and touching event for each of the parents. This day begins the countdown of a new life. Changes are required and the appearance of a young mother. After all, she must always be beautiful and radiant. In connection with such a solemn event, many mothers have the question of what to wear on discharge so that it is beautiful and comfortable?

What dress should mom choose for discharge from the hospital?

Preparing for discharge, first of all, you need to take into account the personal preferences and wishes of the young mother. Also do not forget to pay attention to the features of the figure. After all, mother and baby leave the maternity ward a few days after the birth. During this time, the body still does not have time to acquire the previous forms. The tummy will still be visible.

Important! When choosing a dress for discharge from the hospital, refuse to choose models of a tight-fitting silhouette with a narrow waist.

After childbirth, the hormonal background of the mother is very variable. When choosing a dress, give preference to lightweight free models. A woman should feel comfortable and confident in clothes.

Straight-cut dresses or sheath dresses are perfect. You can choose products with a small flare and A-shaped silhouette. Such a dress will hide all the shortcomings of the figure of a woman who has just given birth.

If you want to give the image elegance and femininity, take a look at the models to the floor. They look gentle and sophisticated on the female figure. In the summer, you can wear a sundress in light or juicy shades. Give up the dark, heavy colors. This will make the image bleak. But in winter, an elegant red, blue or dark dress will do.

Hairstyle and light makeup, harmless to the baby

Mom has a lot of worries before discharge, because you need to put yourself in order. On such a day, I want to look natural and beautiful. You need to think about discharge even before delivery: when collecting the bag in the maternity ward, do not forget to put shampoo, conditioner and cosmetic bag in it. Wash your hair, style your hair nicely. You can wear a hoop or clip hair with a hairpin. A ribbon in the color of the dress will add a twist to the look.

Now you can move on to makeup. Raise your eyebrows, make daily make-up. You can make arrows or shade the shadows, make up eyelashes with mascara. Do not be afraid to use the tonal foundation, powder and blush, but everything should be in moderation.

Remember! At the discharge from the hospital, you should abandon the bright lipstick. It is better if the lips are not made up at all.

How to decorate a car to meet mom from the hospital

Usually, for an extract, a car is decorated with balloons and ribbons, pink - if they meet a girl, blue - if a boy. You can stick the inscription on the rear window or hood of the car.

But do not make the car too catchy . Everything should be gentle and beautiful. And most importantly, do not forget the bouquet for mom!

Having a baby is a special and important moment for spouses. Therefore, everyone is trying to prepare as much as possible for discharge from the hospital. For a woman to be beautiful that day, you don’t need a lot of makeup and a chic dress . It is enough to buy a light, free and elegant dress and comfortable shoes. And then a good mood and a sea of ​​emotions are guaranteed!