What to wear with a maxi skirt in winter

Many are sure that in winter it can only be warm in trousers. This myth is easy to dispel, remembering the existence of maxi skirts. They cover their legs just like trousers, and models made of high-quality natural materials can provide warmth and comfort. What are the maxi skirts, what they are sewn from and how to wear them - read on.


Wool. One of the warmest options. The fabric can be natural, mixed with synthetic fibers, or completely artificial. The level of heat storage depends on the quality.

REFERENCE skirts made of natural wool may not be very comfortable to wear: the material is very stiff, it will “prick”, cause discomfort on the skin.

Tweed . Thick fabric, a kind of wool. It has a relief texture, due to which it is considered a very interesting option. Unlike wool, it does not cause discomfort.

Bologna The material does not release heat, has moisture repellent properties. Suitable for long walks.

Fur . It is very rare. Usually manufacturers only decorate products with fur inserts. They provide heat.

Knitwear The material contains a large percentage of elastane and a very small percentage of wool. Products are more convenient, comfortable, but also less warm.

Others : cashmere, suede, velvet, velveteen. They are less dense, so they look elegant.


  1. Plisse and bell. Convenient and practical option. Expand a little, so it is able to hide possible flaws.
  2. Tight. They are suitable for owners of a slender figure, as they clearly outline the silhouette, emphasize all the features of the forms. Knitted patterns are an option for thin girls, as in addition to tight fitting, they add volume to the silhouette.
  3. With several levels. Use fabric of different or identical colors. They provide more heat. Suitable for owners of curvaceous.
  4. Asymmetric. More interesting models: have different lengths. The front is slightly shorter than the back. Coloring and prints can be different, depending on taste preferences.
  5. Pencil skirt. The classic option for going to the office, business meeting, or for a walk.

What to do with

Footwear. In winter, it is worth choosing insulated boots, ankle boots, ankle boots. Heels can be worn under a long skirt, but make sure that they do not interfere with the ice. It is best to use shoes on a flat track: they are more comfortable and safer. If the product has a neckline, you can wear high over the knee boots. It is possible to create a contrasting image: wear elegant shoes with a thick woolen skirt. The opposite option is an airy skirt with rude boots. Straight quilted models are combined with sports shoes: from knitwear, silk. But this option is only suitable for an early, warm winter.


  • Shortened and fitted options are best suited: fur coat, winter coat, sheepskin coat, poncho, fur cape. Shortened down jackets are also suitable.
  • Skirts made of chiffon or silk are perfectly combined with fur products. The fur coat should be short, made of artificial or natural fur. You can tie a scarf around your neck. This option is not suitable for long walks, but for dates and going to the cinema.
  • Knitted. Great for everyday wear, as they combine with regular parkas or down jackets. For warming, you can wear a sweatshirt or a warm sweater.

REFERENCE Shoes are preferred to wear without a heel.

  • From denim and leather. Combine with all types of outerwear: coats, jackets, colored fur coats from eco-leather. Also not a very warm option.
  • Long skirts can not be combined with sports down jackets and jackets. Products belong to different styles, so their combination almost always looks out of place.

Fashionable looks

  1. Minimalistic option. Black knitted skirt on the floor, black turtleneck, thin strap in tone. Goes well with an oversized double breasted coat. The print coat is a fashionable small black and white check.
  2. An interesting street style option. Striped long skirt, colors: beige, black silver. Top: a black turtleneck and a short fur coat with leather inserts: horizontal stripes and a decorated hem. The most remarkable detail is leather weaving and fringe on the bottom of the fur coat. Accessories: an interesting bag with besides and high-heeled ankle boots.
  3. Very modern and stylish look: pleated chiffon skirt in beige tones, a warm white sweater with a high neck, made in the style of “oversize”. Warm long fur coat with a fashionable animal print, half boots duplicate it. From accessories: a white beret and a small handbag on a chain with a light floral print.