What to wear to look feminine in jeans

Jeans are inseparable from modern women! They are convenient in a variety of situations. But the thought does not disappear: will the lady lose her femininity? Let’s say right away: no, it won’t lose! But only if he selects the right combination for them. How to do it? We tell!

Which top will help to remain feminine

Traditional classic jeans can very well be combined with a top with a flowing or flying cut. Those who want to create spectacular and contrasting bows can, without hesitation, mix pants with the most feminine things from their wardrobe.

An airy blouse or a light and stylish cardigan can make even the owner of ripped jeans charming.

As a romantic top for denim pants, several models are also ideal:

  • lace blouses;

  • shiny tops;

  • silk or satin bra tops;

  • T-shirts with romantic prints;

  • Elegant knitted cardigans.

Reference! Such fashionable details are acceptable and even welcomed: lace, sequins, rhinestones, ruffles, flounces and frills.

Are evening outfits and jeans compatible

Some girls love denim pants so much that even going to the theater or vernissage, they do not want to part with them. Let's not blame them for this!

Important! Combining jeans with elegant blouses or dresses, as well as the right accessories and shoes, you can create an elegant evening outfit.

For a romantic evening, a fun party or a date, textile and knitted blouses with beads, rhinestones or embroidery are wonderfully suitable .

Jeans in the office? Why not!

Women even at work want to look beautiful, fresh and charming. To achieve this goal, stylish and comfortable clothes, including the same denim pants, will help.

If the dress code conditions at work are not excessively strict, such trousers can be easily combined with an office style.

Important! In the office you have to choose the simplest jeans that do not have catchy decor, decorative holes and scuffs.

Restrained models can be easily combined with fairly strict things, for example, with a jacket and a hard bag . Help emphasize the style of expensive accessories, watches and glasses .

What shoes are suitable for a feminine look

Shoes also cannot be ignored.

  • The sharp contrasts of the image are balanced by the usual classic pumps with a high stiletto heel . A perfect complement to the existing ensemble will serve as a clutch bag or messenger bag.

  • Shoes with heels or wedges are a great addition to an evening or weekend outfit. It is worth emphasizing the style with bright and fashionable decorations.

  • If you have a long walk around the city or a hiking trip out of town - you should take care of comfortable shoes. Romantic and feminine outfit goes well with light sneakers or sneakers, textile slippers "in flower" or "polka dots" .
  • One of the most comfortable and popular types of shoes is ballet shoes . A diverse lineup and a wide range of colors make it possible to select them for almost any wardrobe. In combination with jeans, ballet flats are able to give the image of their owner a charm, romance and lightness. The exceptional convenience of this shoe does not cause any discomfort when walking.

Are you convinced that jeans can also look attractive and feminine? Now you know what to wear with jeans to convince others!