What to wear with a long pencil skirt?

Fashion is changeable. There are things that do not linger on the covers of glossy magazines, store shelves and fashion shows for a long time, but there are things that even after decades will not lose their relevance and remain with us.

One of such things is a pencil skirt - a symbol of feminine attractiveness and sexuality, which for more than half a century has occupied an honorable place in the women's wardrobe.

What is a pencil skirt?

A distinctive quality of a pencil skirt is that it fits tightly to the hips, has a straight shape, smoothly narrowed at the bottom . In 1926, when the famous trendsetter Coco Chanel proposed a length below the knee for a pencil skirt, considering it very feminine and attractive.

Later, her rival Elsa Schiaparelli created catwalk collections with a narrow pencil skirt below the knee, which reflected the fashion trends of the 30s. This trend continued and the military period of the 40s, a period of acute shortage, including tissue deficiency. Women enjoyed wearing narrow skirts to the knees and below. The cult fashion house Christian Dior, having released his collection based on a pencil skirt, forever secured her the status of a classic (photo). Then others decided to dress women in these beautiful models.

Who should use a pencil skirt?

The stereotype that a pencil skirt is suitable only for slender girls with an excellent figure is contrived and has nothing to do with reality. In fact, girls with any type of figure can wear models of a similar plan, it is simply important to choose the right fit.

Girls and women with the type of figure “apple” (voluminous waist and abdomen) are well suited for a narrower model of dark color made of thick fabric. Necessarily with a high waist to create a “tightening” effect for problem areas of the abdomen and waist. Also, small nuances can be hidden with a tunic or cardigan. Unacceptable is the presence of bright prints on the skirt and large animalistic coloring.

On girls with a pear-shaped body shape (narrow shoulders, wide hips), a straight cut model of muted pastel or dark tones (beige, olive, blue) will look good. The length of the skirt should be up to the knee so as not to weight the hips. The low waist can be visually adjusted with a wide belt.

Owners of the “inverted triangle” type (broad shoulders, narrow hips) often have unexpressed buttocks and long slender legs. You can add volume first and emphasize the latter with a tight-fitting peplum pencil skirt. It is also advantageous to emphasize the figure of the skirt in white and metallic colors, bright prints, a horizontal strip and volumetric printing will not interfere.

Slender “rectangles” (shoulders and hips at the same level, waist and buttocks are weakly expressed) can be worn without a belt, narrow cut, to the knee and lower. The fabric can be either dense or light. The floral ornament or inserts on the sides of the skirt will help to express and “round” the line of the hips.

Girls with a figure of eight (shoulders and hips roughly equivalent in width, a narrow waist) will suit any style of skirt. After all, this is a universal type of figure, the proportions of which women eventually try to achieve when creating images.

What attracts a pencil skirt with a high waist?

The high-waisted model emphasizes the feminine smooth curves of slender girls and acts as a “corset” that hides the flaws of the figures from the dummies, visually stretches the silhouette and slim. Depending on the occasion and season, a pencil skirt can be combined with light blouses, tops and cardigans.

A great option in the cold season is the combination of such a skirt with warm golf, a shortened sweater or sweatshirt. For an office bow, the combination of a black or gray skirt with a white blouse will be ideal, and for a romantic occasion, the option of a bright pencil skirt with a bat jacket or an exquisite body is suitable.

What goes with a pencil skirt?

This is an absolutely universal thing, with which you can get many sets. This is a kind of “knot” through which various stylistic trends of the women's wardrobe pass.

When building a business style or a strict dress code, you can use the classic version - a solid model in black, gray or dark blue with a white or beige blouse. Skirts with a combined color (black / milky, gray / white) and a fitted silk blouse are also acceptable.

You can create a romantic mood with a bright neon or aquamarine skirt with a plain white bodysuit, a guipure skirt in combination with a plain top, and golf in combination with a great jacket. The main rule - the brighter and richer the fabric of the skirt, the more restrained and concise the top should be.

Casual style or urban style can also combine this product. For example, a leather pencil skirt can be combined with a light sweater, a denim shirt, trenchcoats with prints, sweatshirts and bright jumpers. An interesting combination is a leather skirt, a fitted T-shirt and slip-ons.

Fashionable looks

A pencil skirt is a basic element of a wardrobe, it is convenient and practical, and besides, with its help you can create many fashionable and stylish images. It can be sewn from any fabric: costume, with sequins, denim, guipure, velvet, quilted materials, satin, as well as combined materials.

A denim model is perfect for every day. It can be of laconic design or decorated with pockets, prints, embroidery, zipper. Various shirts and blouses of any color, plaid shirts, tops and jackets are easily combined with it. To the "jeans" fit and hairpin, and simple shoes in the form of ballet shoes or even a sneaker.

The knitted model perfectly emphasizes the bends of the figure. In the cold season, it can be combined with knitted tunics, sweaters, as well as with a leather jacket or bomber jacket. Short boots with high heels will effectively complement the image.

Satin skirts look best on the background of matte things. A light short top is ideal. Perfectly combined with such skirts and blouses with guipure accents.

Shiny models with sequins, eco-leather of golden and silver shades of metallic tint, brocade, beads - a bright and bold option not only for the evening promenade. By combining a shiny skirt with a T-shirt, shirt or pullover, you can achieve stylish casual look.

Evening looks

A festive evening look will undoubtedly become unforgettable if you skillfully combine a guipure or velvet pencil skirt with a magnificent plain top or chiffon blouse .

The plain red skirt itself is already a bright element, which can be complemented by an elegant black transparent blouse or guipure top. With the help of correctly selected accessories for the occasion, the image will be complemented and completed.


Almost no bow can do without the right accessories.

Depending on the time of the year, situation and age, a woman can combine with a pencil skirt both voluminous metal jewelry (bracelets, earrings), and sophisticated jewelry, pearls.

In the cold season, shawls, scarves, clamps will be an excellent solution. Narrow or wide leather belts, chain belts, metal or combined belts will highlight the waist line and give the image of effect.