What to wear with a long gray skirt?

Gray is associated with facelessness in many. But in reality - this is an ideal basis for creating a stylish image. For a long time already, a long skirt has been trending and with its help you can fit into any style.

What color clothes does a long gray skirt go with?

Many people think that the gray color is too strict and is suitable exclusively for office images. But this is a big mistake, because clothes in such colors are always in fashion. Not only gray skirts are in trend, but also other items of clothing. With the right combination, the image will be bright, stylish and interesting.

Gray color has many shades. In addition to the classic tone, there is a light, mouse, steel, silver. There is also a dark lead color and anthracite. When choosing an image, you need to consider the slight differences between the shades. The dark gray tone is considered almost universal.

Important! A gray skirt is able to emphasize not only a strict image, but also feminine, in contrast to the black counterpart. The main thing is to choose the right combination.

What colors is gray combined with:

  • classic white and black tones (the top is selected depending on the event);
  • bright yellow, red, green shades (a strict pencil style can be diluted with a red shirt and the image will immediately become stylish and attractive).

What to combine with?

A long skirt will always be in trend. It can be direct or free. This item of clothing appears in the images for any event . With its help, it is possible to emphasize both a strict business style and elegant festive.

The style is selected depending on the features of the figure. So overweight girls are not recommended to wear tight models. A gray skirt can be used at any time of the year. Many options are produced from different materials, so choosing a summer and winter model is not difficult.

Important! The top should be open, the only way to dilute a fairly monotonous bottom.

What can be combined with:

  • a tight jacket of medium length that emphasizes the figure;
  • T-shirt and shirt of any color to match the shoes;
  • short jacket of any style.

With a thin cardigan

The main thing is that the cardigan is short. The long model does not go well with similar skirts. Such an ensemble is quite risky. So that the image does not look baggy, it is necessary to emphasize the waist with a belt.

The bottom should be light and airy - chiffon or cotton. Complete with a thin cardigan, the top can be supplemented with a shirt, turtleneck or sweater. If you follow simple rules, you get a stylish and bold bow.

With a blouse

The blouse can be of any style and color. You can safely experiment and choose a bright and rich top. This is the only way to emphasize individuality and create a stylish ensemble. White or black light blouse will help to fit into the office style.

With a shirt

A tank top with thin straps is considered the perfect complement to a gray long skirt. The top may be in tone down. The main thing is that the shirt is compact, not long. Ideally, it is better to choose a top. You can take a bright T-shirt of unusual colors. Yellow looks great with gray.

With a jumper

You can complement the long gray skirt with a beige jumper. This wardrobe should be made of cotton. This is ideal for an autumn ensemble when it starts to get colder. The jumper should sit freely. The main thing is to be short . It is better to fill in a tight-fitting model in a skirt and add a denim or leather jacket to the image.

With outerwear

As outerwear, you can use a fur vest. It can be made with both artificial and natural material. Under the vest you can wear a turtleneck, sweater, blouse. So it is possible to create a stylish and warm look at the same time.

Features of combination with outerwear:

  • it is better not to use sports jackets, because in order to create a harmonious tandem, you will need a lot of design skill or an impeccable sense of taste;
  • outerwear should be shortened (coat, fur coat, jacket) and emphasize the waist, which will help to stretch the silhouette;
  • a down jacket is better to choose not voluminous, short and with a belt at the waist.

To create a street style, you need to take a fur jacket and a denim shirt. In the cold season, a stylish ensemble is emphasized by a fur leather jacket or a warm denim jacket. It is difficult to combine a harmonious look with medium-length outerwear. For short girls up to 165 cm tall, it is better to completely abandon such combinations. Flared outerwear should be combined with similar long styles of skirts.

Top 5 fashionable ensembles with a long gray skirt

The gray skirt is versatile. With its help, you can create an image at any time of the year and for any event. Designers often use this piece of clothing to make a simple, but at the same time stylish bow .

The best fashion ensembles:

  1. gray knit skirt of a straight cut with a seductive cut, a white short top and fashion accessories (scarf, turquoise jewelry or brown shoes);
  2. black fitted sweater, pleated skirt, leather or jeans jacket;
  3. yellow tone, matching shoes, slit skirt and light black striped jacket;
  4. a long gray skirt of a straight cut, a T-shirt of a similar color, white sneakers, stylish accessories (a small handbag over the shoulder, a metal bracelet, glasses);
  5. a skirt and a gray sweatshirt with a bright and unusual print or inscription (accessories must be selected to match the color of the picture on the sweater).