What to wear with leggings

For the first time, leggings began to be used back in the 1980s in sports. They helped protect athletes' legs from straining the tendon .

And only from the beginning of the 1990s they received an honorable place in the women's wardrobe as a unique accessory for creating fashionable images.

What are leggings?

Leg warmers are long insulated knitted stockings . Most often, their length is not higher than the knee. Today, fashion designers create different models of leggings. There are winter and summer options. You can find both thin and dense products of various colors.

Previously, the product was used only in sports. Leg warmers were worn by football players and gymnasts to protect their legs from stretching. Sports models are made of dense elastic fabric. Now leggings are worn by both adults and children. They put on holidays, parties, for going to the cinema, cafe, school, university.

Leg warmers are worn under a different style of clothing . They can be worn under a classic skirt or sports shorts. Such an accessory fits perfectly with most bows. The main thing is to be able to correctly combine the elements of the wardrobe.

How to wear leggings?

Knitted or fabric stockings - this is a universal thing in the wardrobe. She is able to make your look spectacular and unusual. In addition, such a product perfectly heats the legs almost to the thigh, which allows you not to freeze in cool weather.

In the cold season, most often they wear knitted patterns or from dense fabric. In the summer, preference is given to subtle options. You can wear them on bare feet, tights, leggings or pants. There are several types of products that look great on any legs.

Knit leggings

Today, these models are most in demand. Both girls and older women fell in love with them. To decorate such a variant of the product with long thin legs, giving them lightness and airiness. Knitting with an elastic band allows the product to stretch and not be deformed. There are monophonic options and models with a pattern or pattern.

Knitted products are made from natural materials, can be either hand or machine knitted. Usually they are slightly above the knee in length. Such models go well with a miniskirt or shorts. This look needs low shoes, ankle boots or oxfords.

Important! To look harmonious, the top should be light and fitted. Turtlenecks, sweaters or shirts are great.

Knitwear is worn in cold, rainy weather. It is combined with any shoe with a low speed or with a small heel.

Be sure to wear thin tights under the knitted product. Best if they are flesh or gray. Shades of leggings can be found the most diverse. There are also options with drawings and large (small) viscous.

Black leggings

If knitted leggings are not to your liking, but you want to look stylish. It is worth taking a look at black models. There are restrained, black and fabric products.

They look concisely with a classic look. They can be worn under a school uniform or on a graduation dress. The model is made of thin elastic material (cotton, acrylic, etc.), extending the female legs.

Stylish black models will complement the school uniform. They can be worn both in warm and cool weather under shoes, ballet shoes, boots. Today there are children's and adult models for all ages. Therefore, each fashionista will find her own version.

Black tight stockings look good with a loose tunic sweater or large knit cardigan. They can also be safely worn under jeans or fabric shorts, a miniskirt, a dress, a sundress. Black color is unique, it fits any color scheme in clothes and shoes.

Thin leggings

If you plan to wear leggings not only in the cold season, but also in the warm season, then you should opt for thin elastic models of different colors. They fit your legs tight and look beautiful under different styles of clothing.

Thin models are usually worn under sundresses, school uniforms or skirts. Shoe on them can be long boots, ballet shoes, shoes, ankle boots. Shoe color is chosen individually. The main thing is that all parts of the image look harmonious.

Important! Despite the fact that the leggings look good on all types of legs. Thin models are best worn only on slender legs. Otherwise, there is a risk of looking absurd, as the thing will only emphasize the flaws.


Any leggings can be supplemented with a variety of accessories. This will help complement the look. Volumetric knitted scarves or thin satin shawls are suitable for classic models. Long gloves or beads, pendants on the neck will decorate the bow. In sunny weather, you can wear glasses and a beautiful hat.

In autumn, the product is worn under raincoats, jackets or cardigans. If you wear a sweater dress, the image is easily complemented by a wide / thin belt (depending on the type of clothing). In addition, this wardrobe item goes well with a small backpack or a large bag. It is desirable that the bag was leather or patent. The item is often decorated with a brooch, beads or plain ribbon.

What shoes and clothes to choose with leggings?

Various clothes and shoes are suitable for knitted or thin elongated stockings . The nuance is that you need to be able to correctly combine all the details of the wardrobe to get a stylish bow. What are leggings combined with?

With dresses and skirts

Solid models are worn under skirts and dresses. Looks nice skirts, sun or flared. Clothes with lace and plain thin or knitted leggings look stylish. Under the usual fabric skirt fit products with a pattern. With him, a light sweater or blouse with a jumper is suitable.

If you do not like skirts or wear them cold in winter. An alternative would be shorts. Short, tight, or loose classic shorts. They look beautiful with a shirt, vest and coat. Thin tights are worn under shorts, and only then leg warmers.

Important! There should be a distance of at least 10 cm between the bottom and the leggings. Only this way the image will look harmonious and appropriate.

With pants and jeans

Also, leggings will look with tight jeans or loose trousers . Shoes or boots are worn on the feet.

Stockings of any color are suitable for jeans clothes, while monophonic models are best for trousers. Creating such a bow, it should be borne in mind that leggings with shoes or pants should be the same tone.

With leggings (leggings) and tights

If you do not like trousers or jeans, then pay attention to leggings or tights. Black classic options fit any shade of tights and leggings. You can wear pantyhose with leggings under a dress, skirt or shorts. Such a bow will be relevant in cool weather. Knitted volumetric models look good with leggings.

Almost any shoes are suitable for leggings. Depending on the style, they look good with sneakers, ankle boots, shoes, and boots.

A few rules:

  • if the shoes cover the calves, then the stockings should be 12-13 cm longer;
  • with shoes with solid soles, it is better to lower the leggings just below the ankle;
  • On boots or shoes with heels often pull the stocking to the middle of the heel.

Important! Leg warmers are not worn with over the knee boots, as they are not visible because of them. Give preference to low boots, shoes, boots.

Fashion leggings 2018-2019

Modern models differ from their predecessors in material, a variety of stylish solutions. Today you can find a variety of models of all shades of the color palette. Length and material, drawing is also selected.

There are children's and adult models. Solid and color models fit any look. There are fishnet patterns knitted with a pattern. These are the most relevant models (photo).

You can supplement the product with accessories (ribbon, brooch, beads).

Fashion allows women of fashion to translate their fantasies into reality and create stylish images. Despite the fact that some consider leggings a specific detail of the image. They can be combined with different styles of clothing and worn at any time of the year.