What to wear with a leather skirt?

Every woman’s wardrobe must have leather goods: handbags, slippers, gloves, boots, and possibly a jacket or coat. However, not every woman decides to buy leather things as casual clothes like skirts or trousers: the specificity of this material, the seeming poverty of color solutions and options for styles frightens.

Today, all these prejudices can be pushed into the past: in fashion shows there are many models, both independent and in combination with other materials, with perforation, embroidery, zippers and buckles. And the color scheme is so wide that it warms the heart of even the most capricious fashionistas.

Leather clothes: the rules of creating an image

Leather trousers, skirts and cardigans are surprisingly versatile and can be combined with almost any clothing:

  • shirts of white, black and cream colors;
  • tops, turtlenecks, long sleeves;
  • knitted sweaters;
  • blouses and tops made of light fabrics and lace.

But, like any clothes, leather things require compliance with certain rules in order to create a harmonious image. Below we will try to figure out where, when and with what to wear leather skirts.

Combine clothes

Every modern woman should have a leather skirt in her wardrobe. Their colors and models (mini, midi, maxi, flared, pleated, godet ...) allow you to choose your lady of almost any age and complexion. With this piece of clothing you can create interesting stylish images for any occasion.

With pencil skirt

Suitable for any figure, a leather pencil skirt complete with lightweight blouses in the classic colors of white, black or beige will create a strict and elegant bow for the office.

In addition to the classic black and brown, today on sale are models of green, beige, powdery pink, burgundy, blue and even red and yellow shades. Complementing such an outfit with matching high-heeled pumps, you will surely attract more than a dozen admiring men's looks.

For meeting friends or shopping, you can wear a kit with a T-shirt, plain or with a not too bright print. Classic lace-up shoes or ankle boots will complete your look.

You can create a kit with sweaters tucked in full or partially under the belt, tight-fitting tops. In cool weather, the ensemble will complete a stylish jacket, denim jacket or a leather jacket.

Important! For large girls, stylists recommend choosing a model without a belt with a fit on the hips.

With flared skirt

No less popular among fashionistas is the flare model. She emphasizes the waist, and the length can vary from mini to maxi . And chubby girls do not have to deny themselves fashionable clothes - such a model fits perfectly on any figure. Compatibility is also universal:

  • with tops (if the figure allows, you can put on a cropped top);
  • classic shirts and blouses:
  • turtlenecks;
  • knitted sweaters.

Choose your length and color, complement with shoes or ankle boots with heels and boldly go out - success is guaranteed.

With mini

Leather mini - an option for the young and the bold. It combines with the same items of clothing as previous models, but here you can show a little more freedom: fashionable prints such as peas, stripes or small flowers are acceptable .

The images can be supplemented with shoes, sandals or ankle boots with heels, but not very high, and varnished loafers can also be worn.

Important! In order not to look vulgar, the top should be as closed as possible.

With a long leather skirt

A long leather skirt is the trend of the season. This applies not only to flared, but also to pleated, pleated, wraparound models.

The folds can be both wide and narrow, but the most interesting is that such skirts are not only on the belt, but also on the elastic. A very convenient find for fashion designers: even after a hearty dinner you will feel completely free in such clothes .

A long pleated skirt made of leather looks amazingly romantic.

A unique solution for such a material is a model with a smell. As a rule, such models are made of leather not completely, but with the addition of inserts from textiles. Of the decorative details, you can often see zippers or buckles.

They combine with the same clothes as other models, and unchanged heels complete the image.

With a-line skirt

Very concise and stylish. Allows any variation with shirts, blouses, sweaters and turtlenecks. But in shoes, some liberties are possible .

If a long trapeze still requires a traditional approach, then, for example, over the knee short skirt, trapeze boots, especially suede, can be perfectly combined, and if you complement the ensemble with a denim jacket or a leather jacket, you get a stylish look.

With unusual models

Fashion designers have always been able to amaze, and leather skirts literally provoke designers to new fashionable "tricks" with their conciseness, which lies in the material itself. These include, for example, fringe, which has traditionally been considered ethnicity.

But it turns out that in such clothes it is quite appropriate, and the country style in this case "goes into the shadows", leaving femininity and elegance in sight. If you wear such a skirt with a classic light blouse or turtleneck and complement with shoes or ankle boots, the sophisticated chic of your look will be appreciated by everyone around you.

A perforated leather skirt looks very original, and not just beautiful. Leather is an ideal material for such an operation, as it holds its shape well, does not stretch and does not spill . Perforation in the form of lace looks especially impressive: it visually facilitates the material, while adding romance to the whole image.

More recently, a detail appeared on a leather skirt that could not have been imagined on it 10 years ago - it is lace. Hem decorated with ribbon lace, lace details as decorations on the canvas of the skirt as a result smooth out the “roughness” of the source material, giving the image lightness and romance.

How to combine different colors of a skirt?

There are some nuances that should be considered when buying a skirt of classic or non-traditional colors, since not only the style, but also the color may depend on those clothing combinations that create your style.


A black leather skirt is an indispensable item for any woman’s basic wardrobe. In the classic version it is combined with white, beige or black. For an extraordinary look, try wearing a knitted sweater of an unusual color, for example, mustard. The combination with the vest will look bold and fresh, the main thing is that the strips match the color with the color of the skirt.


It can compete with black as a base. Dark color hides the flaws of the figure, and the color line of the top can be supplemented with a blouse or pullover in blue.

Important! If you want to surprise others with an unusual bow, try wearing a denim shirt with a brown skirt.


It goes well with white, black and beige top . We also allow the top with decor or knitted clothes, which in combination with the warm color of the skirt will create a very cozy and soft look. Great for cool days. From jewelry it is better to wear discreet gold earrings, an elegant bracelet and chain.

Important! If a dark top is chosen for the ensemble, the shoes should be of the same tone.


Like others, it can be worn with black, white, beige and additionally gray; the vest with stripes to the color of the main part of the ensemble will also look original in this way. And it’s better to leave the decorations at home, let your skirt lead the main party.

Important! In order not to look vulgar, the skirt should be sewn from high-quality matte leather. The slightest gloss is able to spoil the whole impression of the image.


An interesting color is effectively combined with a monochromatic bow, for example, white or black, where the whole emphasis is transferred to the only bright detail - your skirt. However, no one canceled the classic combinations: a beige blouse will soften the contrast of bright blue.

Such clothes with a beige knitted sweater and low-heeled ankle boots from soft suede in tone to the top will look interesting - an excellent option for walking around the city. In this case, large jewelry in the color of a skirt is quite acceptable, which will slightly “blur” the contrast, making the image more harmonious.


Shades of green are rare for leather skirts, but all the more interesting are the images that they create. In general, all the rules described above apply here. You can add only a few touches:

  • emerald shade goes well with a dark blue top - very important for brunettes;
  • shoes can be in tone both at the top and bottom;
  • large jewelry should be excluded: classic gold earrings or medium-sized professional jewelry to match the skirt are enough to get out.

Taboo for a leather skirt

There are several taboos to keep in mind:

  1. do not wear a voluminous top with a leather skirt (blouses, shirts and sweaters with a free cut are perfectly acceptable);
  2. it does not combine with the top, overloaded with decorative details and prints;
  3. the amount of jewelry should be minimized, and large ones should be abandoned altogether.

Accessories that fit

Try to pick up bags and clutches of a geometric shape of a small size, so that they are support for your image, and do not draw attention to yourself.

For the same reason, discard cheap jewelry, even if it suits your costume perfectly in color. A genuine leather skirt is an expensive thing and involves expensive things next to you. Classic gold jewelry and professional jewelry to match the main details of the image - everything you can afford.

What shoes to choose?

Ideal for a leather skirt, a high heel on shoes, sandals or ankle boots. A mini trapeze looks great with suede over the knee boots. If your next exit from the home involves a sporty style, you can choose lightweight sneakers or even sneakers.

Top 5 stylish looks with a leather skirt

  1. For cool cloudy days, girls can choose an asymmetric pleated mini skirt and a knitted sweater, some volume of which is balanced by the length of the main part of the costume. Suede over the knee boots are just as appropriate here. A small leather handbag and hat will complete the look.
  2. A flared midi with a matching top in tone. A zipper on the top emphasizes harmony and, drawing an imaginary vertical line along the figure, in an ensemble with a skirt focuses attention on the slender legs. Lightness is given to the whole image by lace-up ankle boots, and it is this lightness that allows the presence of a more voluminous handbag.
  3. A very successful experiment in combining a leather pencil skirt with a checkered top. Try wearing a checkered shirt instead of a T-shirt, a great solution for casual wear. Just be careful in choosing colors.
  4. Model year goes for absolutely all women, the main thing is not to miss with its length. The image is presented in a classic blue and white palette, and for “smoothing” the contrast as an addition - a gray handbag with a metallic effect.
  5. A white blouse of a free cut in combination with a skirt with the smell of an unusual powdery pink color is a stylish feminine image. Open sandals match the tone of the top. An interesting detail is a rectangular beige fur handbag.