What to wear with a knitted dress?

With the onset of cold weather, warm things become more relevant than ever. The top lines of fashionable charts of recent years in winter are occupied by a knitted dress. There are a lot of similar products, let's see what things are selected for each of them.

Trendy combinations with a knitted dress

Tight short dresses with colorful ornaments remained in the past. Now more restrained colors, unusual patterns, large knitting, volume silhouettes and details, combinations of different textures, free cut are in fashion. Stylists also emphasize models with fully open shoulders or with no sleeves .


This length in clothing can only be worn by girls with slim legs. A loose or grasped silhouette strap hides all the flaws of the upper part of the figure, and there is a great opportunity to demonstrate your merits. For mini-length clothes, you need to buy dense tights in tone, and a classic or straight coat and over the knee boots will complete the fashionable bow.

Looks great white knit dress with white fur, a dark blue short sheepskin coat, light brown over the knee boots and a bag bag matching the tone of shoes.


A stylish look is created with a knitted maxi length dress. Fans of a sporty style or military will prefer a classic dress of a straight cut, which with sneakers or rough boots forms a harmonious ensemble.

A gray, black, white or burgundy monophonic model, not overloaded with patterns and complemented with jewelry made of gold, silver, metal imitation, will look fresh on a girl above average height. You can emphasize the waist with a wide belt. Outerwear of a shortened type is selected for a similar length: jacket, down jacket, fur coat, parka .

Important! Long models can be chosen only by tall, slender girls. Any other type of figure will look too voluminous.

Both for study and for a walk in the company of friends, you can wear an orange floor-length dress with a geometric pattern, complementing the bow with black desserts, a suede wide belt, and a short gray fur coat made of faux fur. A dark gray bag and scarf will look very organic with this ensemble.


A voluminous, convenient and comfortable dress in neutral or pastel colors suits many women. Do not wear such a style only to short ladies with large breasts . The oversized shoulders must be in place, otherwise the image will seem squat and unnecessarily complete. A coat or a fur coat is selected with a straight cut, tight pantyhose, boots, and boots are attached to it.

A pair of gray over-the-knee boots fits perfectly in a cropped dark gray dress with a gold narrow strap and a long blue coat. The outfit is complemented by a knitted dark gray headband.


This is a turtleneck dress. From other models, it has a significant difference: a high collar, usually bent in the neck. A turtleneck fits the entire upper part of the figure, often hips too, but not necessarily. This is the basic model with which it is easy to build an image, combining it with other clothes, shoes, accessories and getting different bows as a result .

The turtleneck can be of different lengths, and the collar can be short or long. The color for her is most often chosen calm, pastel or classic white, black. They wear such a dress with tight tights, leggings, leggings. If the tights are transparent, and shoes are chosen as shoes, then you can supplement them with high leggings or golfs above the knee . Jackets, coats, trench coats, fur coats, jackets - choose outerwear based on the length of the turtleneck.

A short coffee-colored dress with milk and a high neck looks great in an ensemble with a white demi-season coat with a turn-down collar, beige suede over the knee boots and a black leather bag with a bag. Of the jewelry, only gold chain earrings that resonate with the rings of yellow metal on the handle of the bag.


It is believed that a dress of this length will decorate any figure. However, you should be careful in choosing a style: for a perfect physique, anyone is suitable, but lush beauties should give preference to models with free hips .

The ensemble of clothes of classic colors in combination with a purple accent looks bright. A white midi-length dress is combined with a black fitted coat, belt, tight tights, lace-up boots of the same color. A purple velvet clutch completes the look.


A trapezoidal style, expanding downward, will hide the lush hips, the presence of a tummy, the extra waist and emphasize the beautiful legs, simultaneously making them slimmer and longer . The most interesting variant of the A-silhouette clothing does not fall below the knee, but lengthening is possible and just below it. A similar thing is worn with a classic coat, long trench coat, fur coat. From shoes, pay attention to long boots, laced low and high boots.

A gray dress with braids looks great with a white down jacket, gray tights, brown short uggs, a gray voluminous scarf and a toe cap. On the side is a brown handbag on a long strap.

Empire style

If the girl has a slender figure, but her hips are full, the style with a high waist will help out. This model will allow you to hide the flaw under the expanding cut. It is better to combine such a romantic style with brutal things: a military coat or other overcoat, male cut, rough boots such as deserts, a voluminous scarf.

A short sleeve raspberry dress and a beige bottom blouse are combined with a long gray straight coat, gray thick flat ankle boots and a dark gray backpack.

With a collar collar

Such a gate can be in a model of any length. It not only warms in the cold, performing the function of a scarf, but is also an interesting detail that can be laid out in different ways, changing the emphasis of the image. Sometimes the collar is removable, in which case it is used as a snood. For a short dress with a collar, a coat, a down jacket, a medium-length fur coat and boots, over the knee boots, high boots are best suited.

A light beige dress with a yoke up looks great with black suede over the knee boots and a straight-cut coffee cashmere coat. A small black bag on a chain completes the look.

Without sleeves

Fashion designers offer sleeveless models year after year. It is recommended to wear such a dress with the following things from your wardrobe:

  • in the cold, under the bottom of a knitted dress, put on a turtleneck or blouse that is suitable in color;
  • the second option will be a large knit sweater, which is worn up, turning the dress into a skirt;
  • Another fashionable bow will create its combination with a jacket or cardigan.

As outerwear, you can choose a jacket, raincoat, coat with boots, boots, sneakers.

A beige sleeveless midi dress with a gray denim jacket and white low top sneakers with gray accents looks interesting. Gold rings and sunglasses made of yellow metal with dark glasses complement the image.

What accessories are combined with?

Selection of accessories is a very important stage in creating a bow. Sometimes they form the image. When choosing a hat, a scarf, gloves for him, remember that they must be in harmony not only with each other, but also with the color of the dress . Indeed, it is not necessary to take off the hat in the room, and visiting the exhibition, you can stay in it, and the scarf will take on the function of the stole.

Knitted patterns look great with straps. For a short dress, a thin belt is selected and worn without tightening at the waist. A wide belt is also suitable, but only if you complement the outfit with leggings or skinny jeans. In combination with trousers it is better to refuse a belt. This should also be done if underlining the waist highlights the flaws of the figure. The length of the midi and maxi is “friendly” with a wide varnished belt, which is selected by the color of the clothes or in contrast to it.

Very interesting models with short sleeves, complemented by leg warmers. Options can be long and shortened, knitted into noodles, pigtails or lace.

A large pattern, voluminous “braids”, a huge collar, contrasting details, a combination of two or more textures in the model can exclude the presence of jewelry and additions, because they themselves are the accent of outfit . The overloaded image looks uninteresting, too bright and threatens to lose the reputation of a fashionista.

Important! A win-win option for using jewelry in this case is to accentuate either your wrists with an interesting bracelet or a massive ring on your finger.

Shoes for a knitted dress

The selection of a pair of shoes depends on the length of the model:

  • for mini we select high boots, over the knee boots, high boots, ugg boots, boots, ankle boots, sneakers. The main thing is that clothes and shoes are combined in style, while there are no restrictions on the presence or absence of heels . Treads should either open part of the leg, or be covered with the length of the dress completely. In the first case, dense tights are required, matching the color of the dress or matching the boots, but leggings or skinny jeans are also suitable;
  • Midi clothes below the knee but above the ankle look organically with boots, ankle boots, low boots, any other, necessarily low options for shoes with or without heels for the season . If boots are worn, then the edge of the garment can overlap their height only a few centimeters, not higher;
  • maxi looks great with boots, ankle boots, deserts, chelsea, oxfords, sneakers. The dress on the floor does not fit with high boots, it is better to choose shortened models of shoes. Stylists recommend limiting the height of the heel to a few centimeters, urging you not to wear stilettos with a dress on the floor . However, a knitted product of maximum length with an open slit with a zipper goes well with black high-heeled ankle boots.