What to wear with jeans for a man?

The wardrobe of a modern man is very difficult to imagine without jeans. Most people even have a few couples - for all occasions. To create a stylish and harmonious image, you need to know what it is better to wear jeans of different styles.

Men's jeans models

A huge number of models are presented on the market. This allows you to choose jeans for any figure and taste preferences. Popular following styles that can be worn by a man:

Classic straight cut . To many, this style seems outdated, but, according to stylists, classic is always in fashion. Such a model can become the main one in the wardrobe of men of all ages and professions. With the right selection, jeans should fit snugly at the waist and reach the middle of the back of the shoe .

Bootcut . A favorite model of men with wide hips. The legs are flared and their length reaches the heel.

Narrow (skinny) . The model fits the figure and makes the legs visually slimmer. These jeans are worn shortened or intentionally tucked down . This model is definitely not for notorious men.

Colors and materials

There are two classic colors - blue and black, which perfectly adapt to any style . The trend is also white, gray and blue .

Bright and confident guys can choose green, yellow, burgundy and other colors . Interesting prints are also popular. As for materials, cotton is a priority . When buying, feel the fabric - it should be velvety to the touch.

Attention! Optimum material with the addition of elastane from 2 to 5%. It stretches slightly and does not allow the product to bubble on its knees.

Decor and accessories

Image makers advise men to abandon a large number of decorative jewelry and accessories. The main thing is that a person looks according to his age .

Patches, rivets and other elements are relevant for young people. More mature males are recommended classic models with straps.

How to wear blue and black classic jeans?

Blue jeans are always relevant . They are combined with pullovers and cardigans of dark shades in combination with light blue and checkered shirts. Even with a simple white tank top, dark blue jeans will look spectacular.

A completely “denim” bow remains in the trend when a denim shirt of exactly the same shade is selected. Light blue things harmoniously look with leather and sports jackets.

Black jeans are versatile and can be worn with items of any style . You can create a vibrant bow with a contrasting white tank and white sneakers. It’s better to put on a leather jacket. A memorable look will turn out with bright pullovers and shirts. Leather jackets look great with jeans of any color.

Reference! Black jeans blend perfectly with a coat and loafers.

Ripped jeans

Torn denim turned out to be so stylish and practical that it was firmly established in the collections of world brands. The secret of their popularity is a combination of extravagance and convenience. Slots and scuffs can be of different sizes. Such jeans emphasize the originality of a person and his sense of style. The model found its place in casual style.

Looks harmonious with t-shirts, T-shirts, shirts in combination with sneakers, sneakers, sandals. In cold weather, the kit can be supplemented with a sweater, windbreaker and even a denim jacket.

Important! Using ripped jeans, you can make the perfect kit for everyday life, as well as for parties and meetings with friends.

Straight jeans

The straight cut model is the choice of business men . They are suitable for office, business meetings and negotiations. When choosing clothes, it is necessary to take into account some nuances:

  • for workdays, the choice should be stopped on dark restrained shades;
  • to give the image an official look, it is worth picking up shirts of a classic cut;
  • for a walk and solving everyday issues, a polo shirt is suitable, which will create a certain chic and emphasize masculinity. A flannel shirt will do;

  • An excellent complement to the image will be a jacket of a saturated shade. Add tie status and solidity;
  • A stylish black leather belt will add elegance to your look.

The right choice for a real man

However, knowledge of the principles of combining things in different styles is not at all enough to look perfect. It is also important to buy the right jeans model, taking into account the peculiarities of the figure. After all, clothing is able to level the imperfection of the proportions of the body.

To choose trousers, you should pay attention to three parameters:

  • waist size - clothes should fasten easily and quickly and not press on the stomach;
  • length - there should be no assemblies and accordions in the lower part of the leg;
  • volume in the hips - clothes should not be too tight.

Important nuances:

  • tall men with thin legs can afford a model with a low waist and narrowed down;

  • for crooked legs it is better to choose light shades and a flared style, but you should refuse from a vertical strip on the side;
  • people with short stature fit trousers with high waists. This will make it possible to visually lengthen the legs. The style should be classic, without unnecessary decor.

Overalls of the American working class over time has become one of the indispensable and basic elements of the wardrobe. Thanks to the variety of models, everyone can choose their own jeans. The main thing is to learn how to create full-fledged bows and complement them with relevant details.