What to wear if it's hot outside

Summer is not the best time for your favorite jeans. During this period, it is better to switch to lighter and more open things in order to feel comfortable. That is why with the advent of the summer season, women are increasingly thinking about how you can replace your favorite thing in hot weather. Let's say right away: there are many options!

How to replace jeans with a ready to give up trousers

For young ladies who do not hesitate to look relaxed and attractive, short skirts, dresses, sundresses will be an excellent choice on a hot summer day. They can be worn with a free cut blouses, topics, t-shirts and other convenient wardrobe items.

Important! Summer clothes should be made of natural materials, preferably light shades. Then the image will look fresh and attractive, and the woman will feel comfortable.


You can create an elegant and feminine look with a dress made of fabric with a fashionable floral pattern.

In addition, you should pay attention to dress-shirts, spacious linen patterns in the style of boho.


Do not forget about fashionable sundresses this season. Choose simple and lightweight natural fabrics .

You can wear sundresses with t-shirts, tops or as an independent item of clothing. They always look attractive and unusual.


A decent alternative to jeans is a skirt.

  • For the summer, it is better to choose a lush model. A loose blouse will be a good addition to a skirt. Such a kit will be appropriate for everyday use, and for work if the office does not have a strict dress code.

  • A trendy short skirt is a great choice for casual looks. Such a set can be chosen for a walk in the park or a shopping trip with friends. The main thing is that the girl will be easy and comfortable on hot summer days.

  • Another option for lovers to cover their legs is a floor skirt .

  • Simple straight skirts or pleated styles are trendy this season. They can be worn daily or used to create an office bow.

What to choose for those who do not want to part with trousers

Strongly against a skirt or dress? And for you there is a replacement for jeans! A huge number of styles of trousers will help create an attractive image. And you will feel comfortable.

Advice! For the summer, it is better to choose models that do not fit tightly to the body so that it is not too hot.

The selection of trousers for the summer is impressive!


Previously, not all women dared to wear these short wide pants. But since they came back into fashion and won the catwalks, many women have supplemented their wardrobes with such an outfit.

Advice! On a hot day, choose shortened fabric options.


Simple and lightweight, these models can make the everyday look as attractive as possible. A comfortable drawstring along the waistline makes them the most comfortable in the hot summer.


Wide pants made of lightweight fabrics make the summer set feminine and free. They do not fit to the body, do not constrain movements and provide maximum comfort.

Important! Choose the model that most favorably emphasizes the advantages of the figure and hides possible flaws.

You can simply choose a straight cut trousers made of light natural fabric . They will be a great option both for going to work, and as an everyday set. Each woman will be able to create a unique image with these versatile trousers.


Of course, you can’t do without shorts in the summer. Shortened models are suitable for young people. A topic, a short T-shirt, slippers or sneakers will be a good addition.

Ladies in age also should not give up shorts. Of course, they will be more authentic, to the knee, but this will not become less convenient.

Wear a T-shirt or a short-sleeved shirt with such shorts - and a stylish look will be provided!