What to wear a green dress with?

Green color is a symbol of harmony, happiness and prosperity. A girl who prefers to wear green shades on herself is usually characterized as a gentle and calm creature. In recent years, many shades of green are at the peak of popularity both when creating an interior in a house, or when combining fashionable images. Let's figure out what a green dress is best combined with.

What shades combine green and dark green?

Dress in a green shade is easy to combine with wardrobe items in other colors. You don’t need to add 4-5 contrasting colors to the image at once, just pick up things in 2-3 matching shades . In this case, your appearance will look harmonious and very stylish.

Green and light green dress can be combined with:

  • blue, purple and purple;
  • with classic shades such as black, white, brown and gray;
  • For a summer or holiday outfit, it will be great to choose golden shoes or accessories. Peach and pink elements also go well with green.

The dark green dress always looks very elegant and rich due to its deep shade. It is ideal for a formal occasion or formal attire for a business event. It is perfectly emphasized by things or accessories in black, wine, burgundy color, as well as beige, coffee or leopard inserts.

How to combine a dress?

A competent combination of wardrobe elements is the key to an image that attracts attention. To create a stylish look with a green dress, listen to our tips.

Long short

The length of midi or maxi is now at the peak of popularity. This is not to say that it can only be worn by mature ladies. Girls are also shown a fashionable midi length.

It is better to choose a long dress for a festive event either in a gentle pastel tone, or in a deep emerald or swamp shade. Avoid acid shades for a similar case . A festive long dress is combined with closed shoes or sandals with a stiletto or a neat heel in black, beige, gold or silver. Long earrings perfectly emphasize the length and beautiful curvature of the female neck, and a wide bracelet on the arm will demonstrate graceful hands.

A short casual dress above the knee is a good option for the summer. Combine it with comfortable shoes such as ballet shoes, sneakers, slip-on shoes or sandals with a small, stable heel. Instead of a handbag, you can even use a small backpack under the skin or textiles, and emphasize the waist with a thin strap.

It is better to combine a short outfit with a high heel or stilettos, clutch and holiday decorations.

To graduation party

Modern girls have a completely different vision of the perfect graduation gown: some like modest, tight-fitting options without unnecessary elements, and others like magnificent dresses with many frills, frills and other decorations.

In any case, you should never go too far with accessories : for the first case, you can use larger earrings, a necklace or jewelry on the head, and for the second it is better to limit yourself to a small handbag or clutch.


In this outfit at any holiday, you will definitely become a star. However, regardless of style, this dress is a full-fledged decoration of the image, because it has a rich fabric structure and many elements. In this case, you do not need to overload the appearance with additional volumetric accessories.

A small handbag or clutch, either in tone or in a beautiful contrasting shade, for example, beige or peach, is perfect for him. Jewelry or costume jewelry should be predominantly subtle, elegant. An exception can be made only for earrings, and choose, for example, large earrings with stones or tassel earrings.


The choice of outerwear depends on the season and the overall style of the outfit:

  • for everyday knitwear, a leather jacket, a cardigan or a jacket in a contrasting color, a trench that covers the hem;
  • for an evening look, a fur coat or a fur bolero is suitable, and for an elegant, but more strictly look - a coat or cloak.

What shoes go to a green dress?

Remember: almost any shoes will fit into the image in the event that you are comfortable in them. A heavy, tired gait spoils any ensemble, even tastefully selected. For a holiday exit or a summer walk, light shoes or sandals are suitable.

If you are afraid of experiments, then wear white, beige, brown, black, and golden shoes. For bright persons, bright contrasting shoes are suitable: coral, violet, purple or red. In the cold season, a casual green dress is combined with either over-the-knee boots, or with ankle boots in black, brown or gray.

Examples of dress accessories

The green dress goes well with gold and bronze accessories. However, this does not mean that silver is contraindicated in this way. With delicate silver jewelry, the image is delicate, girlish and sophisticated.

Large green or contrasting stones will sparkle under the spotlights at a festive party, so they will definitely not be added to a modest, strict dress. Examples in the photo.

Handbag to the dress should not be bulky : choose a convenient clutch or an option on a long shoulder strap. A light summer dress or a strict case can be decorated with a thin leather belt with a beautiful golden or silver buckle.