What to wear with a green bag?

Green is fashionable, fresh and cheerful. Having completed everything you need in a green handbag, you can be sure that you won’t get lost in the crowd, which means that the day will be successful!

What season is it suitable for?

Green color reminds us of blooming spring and hot summer, but the richness of its shades leaves the opportunity to choose green things for the autumn-winter season.

Harmonizing with any of the color types, correctly selected green will fit at any time of the year, and even in winter you can "assemble" a suitable kit with it.

What shades of clothing to choose?

The combination of colors will depend on the selected shade:

  • light green: obviously the spring color is perfectly complemented by darker “related” shades, sky blue and sunny yellow. Combinations of different options of green are always harmonious among themselves. Take care of a lot of little things - from hairpins and rims to scarves and gloves ;
  • salad: the catchy colors of the bag can be in harmony with warm (pink-red-orange gamma) and cold tones (lilac-violet, dark blue colors);
  • pistachio: the same colors as for the company with salad; The color of spring foliage is also suitable. When choosing a bright green bag, you need to understand - this is not the main color, but a catchy insert in the kit ;
  • dark green: the classic noble tone is excellent as a companion to brown, terracotta, burgundy, and for brightness you can add orange;
  • sea ​​wave: in addition to shades of blue and chocolate tones, it necessarily requires gold and silver accessories.

The thing of universal black and white colors - in clothes and shoes - perfectly dilutes the contrasts.

What image will fit in?

Once in a good color, you can complement your everyday outfit and weekend ensemble with a green bag, stay within the framework of strict classics and join the ranks of the avant-garde of fashion.

Is the young lady in love going on a date? A light green bag of spring shades will emphasize its unearthly airiness. The image will be touching in any season and any weather.

Need to comply with a strict dress code? The classic dark green comfortable for carrying papers model does not violate its canons.

Need an image of a socialite? A bright envelope of a noble emerald green hue will add shine.

Green is democratic, but you should remember about age! A respectable lady with a bright green bag will look like a youthful coquette from a remote province. But the deadly green color will add to the appearance of nobility.

Styles bags for different styles of clothing

The voluminous model is suitable for the working week, especially in the winter-autumn time. It goes well with things of business and everyday styles (if it doesn’t sin with an overly catchy finish!): A trouser suit and a strict dress, a coat and a strict jacket, jeans and a modest sweater. As a material, leather is the most appropriate - natural and artificial, suede.

Volumetric textile bags are good for fans of casual, as well as ethno and boho. With a hung decor (beads and shells, feathers and bone elements are possible!), A green bag, a dress or a skirt on the floor, you can feel like a real ethnic princess. Or - just to diversify a low-key jeans-knitted set of clothes, adding brightness to it.

Suede is capricious and does not tolerate damp weather. When choosing a suede option for every day, you need to make an adjustment - for every fine day! For the bad, you need more resistant material.

Convenient on weekdays and medium-sized models, fitting into the business dress code and in any set of street clothes - a coat and jacket, fur coat and cloak. An adjustable strap will add convenience.

Young and free souls love light handbags over their shoulders - medium and small. The latter are appropriate for a ceremonial exit, it is especially good to wear one on a long chain.

Tiny clutches and envelopes are ideal for concerts, parties, banquets. They can be leather and brocade, velor and textile, in rhinestones and flowers, beads and sequins. Perfectly complement an evening dress or elegant suit!

We select shoes and accessories

Having correctly shod and having picked up details, it is possible to place accents successfully. And it is not at all necessary to choose a bag for the color of shoes and vice versa - shoes or boots can be of a similar shade with accessories or with the color of clothes . The bag has the right to deliberately knock out the entire ensemble.

Shoes can be very diverse - from louboutins to coarse shoes. If comfort is appreciated in shoes, ballet flats, sneakers and sneakers are suitable - from any of these pairs a black dress in an overtight style and with a bulky khaki bag will look. Dark brown boots with laces look spectacular with a pale green backpack bag. Dark green bags are great in tandem with burgundy ankle boots.

Also, accessories are selected, if desired, under the bag or in contrast with its color . For a discreet look, you can combine a dark green bag with a dark scarf, belt and shoes. And you can do the opposite - to bloom clothes of a neutral color with green little things.

Particularly welcome:

  • hat: it is selected according to the color of the bag and in such a duet makes a contrast to the whole ensemble or - reduces the sharpness of this contrast (being black or dark gray). If desired, a discreet hat can be revived with a green ribbon;
  • sunglasses in bright green frames - they will be enough to make a successful duet;
  • gloves.

Beads and bracelets, belts and headbands are also worth considering.

How to combine a green bag - examples

  1. for a young flowering spring: a colorful short dress + a light denim jacket + bright green sandals with high heels or ballet flats + a dark turquoise bag;
  2. to the office: a strict blouse (turtleneck) of light gray tone + a dark pencil skirt + dark classic boats + a bag of the color of a sea wave;
  3. when it gets colder: a light coat + brown boots or ankle boots + black hat + dark green trousers + bag in the color of trousers;
  4. on the occasion of the holiday: a light blouse with bright colors + a velvet skirt of muted green color + a bright green elegant handbag;
  5. to be seen: a red mini dress + dark brown over the knee boots + a short leather black jacket + an emerald bag with a long strap.