What to wear gray ugg boots with?

In the past few years, ugg boots are very popular . An increasing number of people annually trust their legs completely consciously. After all, the advantages of this type of shoe can hardly be overestimated.

They are very comfortable, suitable for any width and height of the foot, keep heat well and protect from moisture.

Moreover, it is worthwhile to understand that ugg boots are not only the brand name, but also a certain model. What varieties of ugg are and what to wear with these boots, we’ll talk below.

Ugg differences

The history of UGG begins with Australia and New Zealand. Unstable climate and weather changes forced shoe manufacturers to puzzle. After all, the requirements were very high. In the course of lengthy tests, it was revealed that nothing protects and warms the legs like a natural sheepskin.

In the warm season, for example, in spring, they are not hot. In winter, on the contrary, the sheepskin gives a warming effect. But at the same time, the legs do not sweat, as the shoes “breathe” and maintains the natural temperature of the body.

Many worry that if you choose this model, the legs may get wet in rainy or wet weather. If you get high-quality ugg boots, then it doesn’t threaten you - it is checked by Australian surfers who prefer them. Due to the increased humidity, the heat transfer process improves, and the sheepskin itself is hygroscopic, therefore, dryness, heat and comfort are provided.

The fashion industry does not stand still and is actively developing. Now you can meet such varieties of ugg on the domestic and world markets :

  • In height. There is a lineup in which products barely reach the ankles. This is a great option for a warm spring or autumn, when there is no special need to warm. The average height, as well as ugg boots almost to the knee, is an excellent way out if you live in a cold region with frosty, long winters.
  • According to the materials. Do you think ugg boots are just suede? And no! Knitted, felted of wool similar to felt boots, textile and leather. There will be something to choose from.
  • By color. The color variety of ugg is simply amazing. From classically black, gray and white to vibrant and unusual color combinations.
  • By design. Shoes designers worked hard to pamper fashionistas and therefore there are no limits at this point. A diverse combination of materials on textiles, rhinestones, chains, pearls, beads, embroidery and ornaments, not all that can be found.

Important ! In pursuit of fashion and style, do not forget that shoes should first of all be of high quality and durable!

Advantages and relevance of gray

Gray (silver) color refers to the classic colors, as well as black or white. It is ideal for shoes, as it is not competing and will go well with other colors.

Important ! On gray, settling dust and dirt are not so visible, as for example on black, white or pink.

No matter how flashy the fashion on the world catwalks is at times, gray and its derivatives are always in price. Shades are considered noble, emphasizing the status and dignity of a person. In addition, gray uggs give a stylish appearance and shoes look much more expensive. If you want to stay in trend this fall, winter and spring - then only gray!

The best combinations by season

When choosing shoes of this model range, it is worthwhile to understand that it is ideal to combine shoes with casual style. A strict dress or business suit will significantly lose their gloss if the legs are shod in uggs.

Jeans, both skinny and boyfriend, relaxed pants of various colors and designs, and even sports-style pants will create an unrivaled look for you.

A warm knitted sweater tunic, cardigan or jacket, a down jacket in the style of a boyfriend will perfectly complement your look and make it incredibly stylish. But first things first.

In winter

In winter, I want to feel cozy and comfortable without being constrained by tight pants, dresses or jackets. Ideal combinations in casual style would be:

  • jeans + a warm sweater with a collar - a collar / knitted sweater, raglan or cardigan in ethno style;
  • trousers / leggings (including leather) or skinny jeans with a light knit sweater (acceptable prints, a small number of sequins or a combination with light textures, for example, chiffon;
  • sweatpants, tapered to the bottom + sweatshirt / sweatshirt with print or logo;
  • warm dresses of various colors, patterns and textures in combination with knitted tights. But, remember, no strict classics, otherwise you will look comical.

Attention! To experiment is not scary, but very interesting. A bold solution and various combinations of different colors, designs and textures are in fashion. Therefore - forward “draw” your own style!

Spring or fall

Spring is a time of love and therefore every girl wants to have a romantic image. Uggs will be here as never before! Feel free to wear shirts, blouses, skirts and dresses. Complement your look with a leather jacket, a light wool or knit cardigan / mid-length sweater.

Do not forget about stylish fur vests this season, which emphasize the graceful silhouette and are ideally combined with gray uggs. It remains to choose the right bag and your stunning look is ready!

In autumn, on the contrary, in anticipation of rains and colds, I want to warm up more strongly and put on literally everything that is in the closet.

Autumn wardrobe is about the same as in autumn:

  • warm scarves with a knitting of various sizes;
  • snoods;
  • stylish hats with textile or fur pompons;
  • voluminous knitted berets with lapels;
  • Original hats with glasses - and your warm, but feminine image is created.

Remember ! When designing an individual image with ugg boots, you should pay attention to what is familiar and comfortable for you. Do not wear a hat with feathers, just because at the shows of Philip Tracy (headwear designer), models walked in them. The price is natural!

Useful Tips

To choose a really high-quality model, we recommend:

  • Pay attention to the sole. It should be at least one centimeter, easy to give in to bending and not make extraneous sounds. Also, the sole should be slightly corrugated, rough or with slightly convex stiffening ribs so that it does not slip during ice.
  • The model should be soft to the touch, but it is good to keep fit.
  • The heel should be stiffer than before, so that while walking, the shoe does not bend or crease to the sides.
  • Prefer natural colors such as white, black, gray or brown. Unnatural shades, such as screaming red or blue, can lose color or be divorced after the first exit on the street.

Advice ! Before you buy shoes, we recommend that you smell the product. If the smell of glue and chemistry is too harsh and stable, it is better to refuse such a product.

UGG is a fashionable and modern shoe model, distinguished by high quality and protective functions. In such shoes, your legs will not only look stylish, but also feel comfortable throughout the day.