What to wear with a gray dress?

At first glance, the gray dress seems boring and inexpressive, and not every woman runs the risk of acquiring such a wardrobe item, being afraid to “get lost” in it. However, skillfully combining it with the necessary additions, you can create bright and stylish images.

Who can be worn and who cannot?

Gray is neutral and versatile, so this dress has long been the subject of a basic wardrobe of modern ladies . This color goes to absolutely everyone, you just need to pick up “your” shade, bringing the thing to your face - the right tone will “highlight” the skin.

There is an opinion that gray is not suitable for overweight women. Designers refute this error by presenting clothes of this color in their collections for puffy beauties. In a case or model with vertical contrasting inserts, such a woman will look quite worthy. Perhaps, it is worthwhile to exclude only a dress with a closed neck and monochrome ensembles.

What colors can be combined?

The versatility of gray provides unlimited possibilities of its compatibility with other colors. Gray looks especially advantageous with:

  • black and white;
  • pink;
  • yellow;
  • in red;
  • in blue;
  • purple.

Note that the suit in monochrome tones looks as always stylish and noble. However, this is not a dogma and does not exclude other combinations to your taste.

What clothes can be combined with?

Companions of a gray dress need to be selected depending on where you plan to put it on.

Business style

A strict gray dress can look boring if you do not put the right accents. As a rule, business style does not allow vivid details, but you can diversify office everyday life with a dress made of fabric with a goose foot, a hem or a small cage, and choose a model with a flared cut or a bell with a skirt. To complete the image, for example, beads from pearls, a belt or a neckerchief in a contrasting color will help.

In everyday life

A gray dress is also easy to combine in a casual look. The length of the mini with a tone cardigan and a thin brown strap looks expensive and stylish. You can create a free style for a walk by combining a long knit dress with sneakers or ankle boots, a jacket or a cardigan. Add a couple of accessories like a large baggy bag and several bracelets - and the image is ready.


A classic option for a business lady is a sheath dress (to the knee or a little lower). The length is selected depending on the type of figure, but stylists advise paying special attention to midi .

It is supplemented with jackets, scarves and other accessories of restrained noble shades such as burgundy or turquoise, or brighter colors, for example, red or yellow. Looks good with accessories with animal prints.

With lace

Lace is a noble and feminine material, which is good both in itself and as a decoration. Looks great gray dress with black lace hem or insert on the bodice. A simple model, complemented by a white lace collar, turns into an outfit for exit.

Sometimes whole details are made of lace - sleeves or a skirt, and a flickering dress with lace applique looks just like a royal . The color of the finishing material can be contrasting or in tone.

Important! Do not overdo it with accessories, since such dresses are quite self-sufficient and often do not require support.


This cut is suitable for clothes for any purpose:

  • the image of a business woman will help to create black pumps with a heel and a clutch bag or a small bag;
  • You can take a walk with your friends by wearing a dress with purple capri and silver ballet flats, and a variety of decorations will complete the bow, here you can not limit yourself;
  • For a party, complement the outfit with black fishnet tights and bright patent leather shoes or sandals.

Important! A cut trapezoid hides the flaws of the figure and focuses on the slender legs, visually lengthening them.

Long knit

This style fits perfectly into everyday life. Depending on what to wear, you can go anywhere in it . A sporty style is created with details such as a bulk bag and sneakers. A dress with cuts with heavy boots or sneakers would be appropriate for a walk or shopping, and if you put on sandals or shoes and grab a clutch, you can go to a restaurant.


A fabric model is good for special occasions at the workplace as a solemn version of a sheath dress. A knitted dress of this style will help to create an informal look, especially in the company with a hat and a lot of jewelry.


A universal model for any occasion and suitable for any figure. Fabric design suitable for office; complemented by interesting details, such as large pockets, a knitwear can be worn for shopping; glossy or chiffon will be appropriate at the gala evening.

Shoes for a gray dress

The choice of shoes depends on the purpose of the main part of the toilet. If you go to work, heeled boats, high boots or ankle boots are appropriate. If a party is appointed - a high hairpin, platform or wedge heel are required; Patent leather will add a special touch to the look.

In an informal setting, it is not forbidden to wear sneakers or sneakers, and in the cold, boots, boots or rough boots. Shoe color requires special attention: to create the image of a business lady or at a gala event, it must match the basic accessories in tone, but casual and sporty styles allow a contrast between them.

What accessories are suitable?

In general, for a gray dress, you need to select jewelry in deep saturated tones . Simple jewelry like leather bracelets or earrings without stones look good for everyday look. For an office bow, take medium-sized jewelry of restrained natural tones that will harmonize with your purse and shoes. You can add a scarf or neckerchief to the tone.