What to wear with a ginger bag?

In the arsenal of every fashionista there are always several “shock” things that allow you to be in the spotlight in any situation, to feel fashionable and stylish. Among such things, a ginger bag is not just a necessary item of a woman’s wardrobe, but a fashion accessory that can create the mood of the image and give the style completeness.

When is the ginger bag appropriate in the image?

There is an opinion that only owners of red hair and green eyes can afford red bags, but it is only partially true. In the modern variety of shades of this sunny color, from orange to cognac, any woman will be able to choose a suitable accessory for herself.

It looks most harmonious in the fall, repeating the shades of fallen leaves, but such a handbag will be quite appropriate at any other time of the year:

  • in summer, when bright accessories are dictated by a sunny mood;
  • in winter, when there is not enough bright color;
  • in the spring, when you want unbearably warm.

What colors and materials are combined with?

Luxurious red color of the bag requires the same luxurious colors:

  • the classic combination with black is one of the most harmonious: a black dress, complemented by a red clutch, acquires a touch of playful charm;
  • the combination with blue looks rich and noble, so it is best to use it in festive events;
  • beige color balances the bright redness of the redhead, and as a result, soft romantic images appear on the basis of this combination;
  • gray color in all the variety of shades is perfectly combined with shades of red: try putting on gray pants of a shade of wet asphalt, a dark jacket, complement a suit with a red handbag and feel how restrained optimism and self-confidence fill you;
  • the bright yellow color of the sun is perfect for a summer look, to which a red accessory will help - such blinding splendor is simply necessary when you want to attract maximum attention : yellow shorts with a white tank top or fitted shirt with a short sleeve and a belt matching the fashionable handbag - success is guaranteed .

Important! Combinations of red color with pink, purple or raspberry are very interesting, however, when choosing such calm shades, it should be remembered that the color tone of the handbag should also be restrained.

Like other bags, red ones are made in most cases from leather, natural or artificial - this material is the most practical and easy to care for. Special leather processing allows you to create suede, varnish and embossed accessories, thereby expanding the possibilities for combining them within different styles.

Is it possible to combine with the same shade?

There is one rule in the combination of colors: a bright spot must be supported by another part of the same shade. Bag + gloves, bag + shoes (boots), bag + scarf, bag + belt - these are the usual combinations of accessories that never go out of style.

Do not forget about jewelry : bracelets, earrings, beads, pendants, watches and brooches, which can perfectly act as partners of your handbag.

What kind of clothes is better not to wear?

It is difficult to definitely say which combinations are contraindicated for a red bag: probably, if the model and shade are chosen correctly, then there are no restrictions. However, there is one caveat to keep in mind: clothing in the same color scheme as a handbag can be quite appropriate if you plan to carry the accessory in your hand .

If the model involves wearing it on the shoulder or bend of the elbow, the maximum that you can afford is clothing that is several tones different from the tone of the accessory.

Examples of sets with a red bag

  1. A light gray wraparound skirt and white long sleeve tint “highlight” with a bright red bag - perfect for an early summer morning free day.
  2. For walking around the city on a hot summer day, yellow pants and a loose blouse with a print in gray and blue will be an excellent choice. Another bright point in the image, along with trousers is an orange bag with a long shoulder strap.
  3. The combination of red and green is a classic. A simple mini dress with a ¾ sleeve in a calm green shade is complemented by a bright combination bag and matching ankle boots. The watch is completed by a watch and a soft belt tied at the waist, “diluting” the strict nobility of style.
  4. An interesting youth combination: two shades of blue - classic denim and a dark blue coat, and two shades of red - ocher boots and a coral bag. As a result, a dynamic image of a confident young urban woman is created. To soften the contrast, you can wear a white or milky colored set of a scarf and gloves.
  5. Beach option: a black light skirt on the floor and a white top. A bright accent is an orange-colored bag with metal decor elements and a massive watch of the same metal. Such accessories give the image a feminine sophistication and grace in which the apparent simplicity of clothing “dissolves”, creating a single harmonious ensemble.