What to wear on a first date?

I always want to make sure that the first date is not the last. A woman is afraid to scare away a man with clothes and behavior, seem to be clamped or, conversely, affordable. But young people who do not pursue brands and are not representatives of the elite want to see in front of them the person they invited for a date, and not a top model or a beautiful princess . Repeat this thought to yourself several times: he has already chosen you once. You just have to not spoil the situation, taking into account the recommendations for compiling the image.

What etiquette tells the girls about their first date

You are feminine, romantic and positive, but "without distortions and exaggeration." Not your option? Then remember how you appeared before the young man on the day when he invited you on a date . Repeat this kit (repeat not in the sense of wearing the same things!), But add a bit of festivity.

What should be avoided almost always is sexual provocation . If you got a gold ticket, you are confident in your perfect appearance, but you know for sure that the gentleman has an incredibly wide choice, then allow yourself a little eroticism (a little!). You still have different tasks than the average sweet girl who met an ordinary but pleasant young man.

What - can, what - not?


  • be recognizable (he liked you the way he saw you before making a date. Therefore, do not leave this course or radically change your appearance);
  • be understood from a gender point of view (a man should see a woman in you, because skirts and dresses are preferable to trousers and shorts);
  • to be dressed in practical and wrinkled fabrics (you don’t want to wear a “chewed” dress or crumpled skirts?);
  • to be dressed according to age (a suit consisting of a skirt below the knee and a jacket is an “age” set; before age 55, do not go on it for the first dates).

It is impossible:

  • wearing sexually aggressive outfits (for some men, the challenge is not only a mini and deep neckline, but also translucent fabrics);
  • make a bow from sports things alone (exceptions are possible, but are related to the lifestyle of the young man and the place of date);
  • make an image of things of a complex cut (be clear, closer to your young man);
  • lose a sense of proportion (do not hang yourself with jewelry, avoid the combination of “open top + open bottom”, and if you like shine, let it be only on shoes or only on one element of the image);
  • wear what you do not know how to wear;
  • to put on unverified shoes (she may rub or her sole may be poorly sewn, and after half an hour walk she is destined to break);
  • choose heels “going to heaven” (exception: you are a professional in wearing high heels, and it will not be difficult for you to stay in them for several hours).

It is often difficult for women to strike a balance between modesty and sincerity of outfits . One rule says: emphasize your gender characteristics . The second insists: don't look accessible or overly erotic . In fact, both recommendations get along well with each other, you just have to move away from emphasizing the buttocks and chest, and instead focus on the waist . Having highlighted the difference between the hips and the chest, you safely and subtly remind your gentleman that in front of him is a beautiful girl.

It so happened that many modern girls are much more likely to resort to jeans and trousers than to clothes that have a hem. In this case, you need to build on whether you can even walk in dresses and sundresses . If not, then arranging “teachings” on a first date is not a good idea.

Choose the image correctly

Most importantly, remember that an image is not a mask . Do not hide yourself real behind a gloss, but also do not slide down to a dismissive or protesting level : they say, "get used to seeing me unpresentable, you will fall in love with such a blossom."

Clothing for a first date with a guy

Template option: a feminine image that includes a skirt (just above the knee, knee-deep or slightly lower) or a dress (not a mini, without a psychedelic or animal print). The solution is proven, successful, but only in the absence of the following context:

  • you go to places where skirts and dresses are not worn or will be uncomfortable in them;
  • You do not know how to wear such clothes;
  • you feel insecure, constrained in such wardrobe items.

In the latter cases, we take jeans or trousers . They do not need to be combined with strict or office jackets, they should not have scuffs or cuts. Firstly, some men compare girls in torn jeans with sausage. Secondly, are you sure that the hero of your novel will understand that you are wearing fashionable pants, and not a worn thing? Thirdly, do you want to suit presentable people? Start looking like them outwardly. And their wardrobe is unlikely to include only jeans with scuffs, an abundance of metal decor or torn holes.

What to wear from shoes?

Ideally, you should dwell on something with a small heel. This is practical and consistent with the task of showing a man that you are a woman. At the same time, this approach to compiling the image will allow you to take a walk along the street or park after the cafe, and not run to the pharmacy for the patch or go home in dreams to make a foot bath.

However, such advice is divorced from the context of the situation. If your physical features do not allow you to wear even a modest heel for several hours or a date will take place in a place where it is much more convenient to wear sneakers, boots or even slippers - feel free to choose such shoes. It is better to take care of yourself than to suffer, wishing to appear as an exquisite queen in luxurious shoes .

Accessories, parts, little things

Do you need a big bag on a date? The answer is obvious: no. Therefore, choose something compact . At a minimum, get rid of the need to carry excess cargo with you. But even without a handbag is not worth it, because you need to put somewhere a minimal set of cosmetics and a wallet.

The latter will come in handy in the event of a hasty “retreat” (you are not sure that a noble knight or a handsome prince will come to your first meeting, therefore, money for a taxi is necessary) and with the progressive look of your gentleman on matters of payment for pleasure. Who knows, maybe he won’t pay for you in a restaurant?

Refuse is not necessary not only from the bag, but also from jewelry. Just try to avoid excesses . The same applies to accessories, but from the point of view of their expressiveness. You need an emphasis, highlight some part of your image or the dignity of the figure, but not all at once.

Tips for a Girl

Dress so that the man understands. Suppose you personally like a dress of linen style, simple and possessing exclusively the features of its style direction. But put yourself in the shoes of a young man. Are you sure that he will understand what is happening and not think that you accidentally forgot to change clothes and went on a date in combination?

This rule also applies to color . It’s better to put things in complex or dark shades for later. Bet on simple and deep tones. Have you decided on a classic? Good, but not in the case of the combination of “white top, black bottom” . Such a union is already on a subconscious level assigned to officialdom, dress code, office and school life. But you are not a colleague or classmate, you are a girl.

Important! Do not inadvertently take on unnecessary roles, remain just a woman for a man. Remember that he is not looking for a secretary, not a guide to the fashion world, and not a night butterfly. Therefore, don’t put on working sets for the first date, don’t make an ensemble of insanely relevant but complex things (all in the name of “beautiful” labels is not our way) and avoid clothing items charged with sexual aggression .

It is also very important to consider the place and time of the date . Remember that evening dresses are designed for evening and night time. In the daytime and even more so in the morning, such wardrobe items look inappropriate. Consider the following points:

  • whether heeled shoes are possible or something more practical is needed, suitable for a certain kind of activity;
  • price and stylistic category of clothes (in the bar you will look appropriate in jeans and boots (sneakers), in a budget cafe - in casual outfits, in a really expensive restaurant - in a cocktail or evening dress, in a mid-level restaurant - in a pretty feminine, but not a luxurious dress);
  • type of bag (in the afternoon in a cafe or in the park, take a casual bag or a small leather backpack, in the evening it is worth switching to less capacious options - envelopes, clutches).

And be sure to consider the personality of your young man . You can spend several hours, or even days, on compiling the image, but if your chosen one is a blogger or an IT specialist, then he is quite capable of meeting you in your favorite jeans (shorts) and having managed to outlive your best days in a sweater ( t-shirt). Will you feel comfortable next to him if you transform into a girl with a perfect hairstyle, heels and a cocktail dress?

Or another option: he is an office employee, made an appointment right after work. He did not have time to change clothes, he arrived at the meeting place, and there he was waiting for a wonderful creature in a leopard dress and a jacket. And it seems that nothing terrible and criminal has happened, but only at such a moment it is easy to transfer the inconsistency and incompatibility of the outfits to the relations themselves. And now, clothes are no longer suitable, but the gentleman himself (lady).

Consider the weather . In spring and autumn, nylon tights will be appropriate, but in the cold - no.

And most importantly: do not try to expose yourself as you are not . If even reincarnation and playing a beautiful stranger succeed, then when meeting with your true self, a young person may feel disappointed or deceived. However, the song “love me for who I am” in life also does not work. Therefore, try to "darken the flaws and highlight the virtues", but do it gently, without a general retouch and mask.

Recommendations for choosing an image for a guy and a man

The rules are the same: consider the place and time of the date, as well as the personality of your girlfriend . If this is not enough for you, here are a few more valuable comments:

  1. White pants or jeans are a good option for the summer, but not for walking or visiting the park. Sit on a bench or grass - get dirty.
  2. If shoes can be polished, then they must be polished. Some girls for some reason determine the solvency of a guy and his attitude to himself by shoes.
  3. A formal dress code is allowed in two cases. First: you go from work and just do not have time to change clothes. Second: the level of the institution in which the first date takes place makes special demands on the appearance of the guests.