What to wear felt boots with?

In the modern world, felt boots are gaining their former popularity more and more, high boots take their place in the wardrobe of the most sophisticated fashionistas. You can call them a rebellion from nonexistence, thanks to the current fashion designers who in time remembered the indispensability of this type of shoe in cold weather.

But not in our boring performance, as we used to imagine them, but embroidered with various patterns, beads, rhinestones, all kinds of colors.

Sometimes they look like a real work of art. The stereotype that they are suitable only for grandmothers in the rural outback is a thing of the past.

Features of boots

Nothing is warmer than felt boots. In addition to warmth, they are distinguished by their convenience, having absolutely no heel, they can be worn by those who walk a lot, under them you can always wear a warm wool sock and frosts are certainly not scary. Based on this, it is recommended to buy felt boots a size larger.

High fur boots are always made of natural materials, which can shrink during wear, this should be taken into account when choosing the right size.

Reference! Do not wear felt boots in wet weather, rain, through the mud. These shoes are more suitable for wear in frosty and dry weather.

It is worth noting that modern designers create entire collections of felt boots with heels of various colors, which will warm you in the winter (photo). Often they have a rubber sole, which gives them only a certain elegance.

Types of boots

Each fashionista will be able to choose a model to her liking.

Valenoks (high boots) are, in various versions:

Short felt boots, comfortable for everyday wear.

In the form of boots, it gives the model a certain originality, stands out from the crowd.

With a zipper, which will allow the model to be more elegant on the leg.

Treads, a great option for business girls.

Model with embroidery, there is handmade, there is a chance to get an exclusive model.

Pima heels, they are brilliant, unlike traditional boots, in that they are much warmer.

Trendy designer, it is always an experiment with form, decor and color.

Trendy colors and decor

Boring performance boots, in gray, black, white, a long time ago. Nowadays, a bright performance is actual, shoes made in bright colors look more advantageous and become a strong emphasis in the image.

Very trendy chocolate, blue, gold, silver, red, purple, burgundy and other shades. Tops of pastel tones are relevant, if they are coated with a special solution, there is no fear that such a coloring will be impractical.

Important! Classic shades remain in fashion, and sow the day, but it is very important to supplement them with a certain decor, in the form of embroidery, rhinestones, beads, appliqu├ęs, pompons, geometric patterns. These decorated tricks will make felt boots presentable and stylish.

Russian fashionistas with gratitude to the designers choose models with designer painting, this is a squeak of the season. They are ready to wear them not only in everyday life, but also for work, parties, various events.

Attention! Felted shoes in 2018-2019 will be bright!

Good combinations with boots

Valenci can be chosen for any style and image. If you are a fan of sportswear, they can be perfectly combined with sports leggings or leggings, which are best chosen not to match the shoes, but a little darker, not wide trousers or all your favorite jeans. The combination with jeans is the trend of the season.

Lovers of dresses, felt boots very harmoniously fit into the style with a knitted warm dress. Short skirts will look great with skirts, it is better to choose a skirt just above the knee, mini or medium length.

Important! As outerwear, it is not recommended to choose long sheepskin coats, fur coats on the floor or jackets, otherwise there is a risk of turning the image into a "rustic" one. It is better to give preference to short warm jackets, you can leather on fur, down jackets, parkas, short sheepskin coats, short fur coats, fur vests.

Surprisingly, even the bride choose boots for her wedding look, in this case, a snow-white model, decorated with rhinestones, pearls or embroidery from gold or silver threads, is preferred. It will be an original combination. Dear bride, it's time to surprise.

Advice! You should not combine felt shoes with evening dresses, with light summer clothes, with thin transparent tights. They are absolutely not suitable for a business suit or dress.


For those who prefer a model of felt boots with embroidery or rhinestones, a recommendation is to choose a bag of the appropriate decor. And so boots are combined with bags, with fur inserts, this is the best option.

A knitted scarf and warm mittens are considered to be the ideal option. You can diversify the look with colored beret, fur headphones, headbands, something cute, cozy and warm.

For romantic persons, a silhouette with a colored scarf, shawl, which is better to wear over a sheepskin coat or short fur coat, as a scarf and headgear, is perfect. In this guise you will be irresistible.

Advice! As a headdress, in an ensemble with such shoes, it is recommended to choose a cap with earflaps, now there is a huge assortment of this accessory, in a modern design.

Care Tips

Valenoks must be dried, so that they do not lose their shape. Do not dry them on a warm battery; high temperatures will make the felt oak . It is enough to simply put them nearby and wait until they dry completely. Room temperature is ideal for drying.

Attention! Such shoes are not recommended to be washed or washed; when cleaning from adhering dirt, it is better to use a brush or take it to dry cleaning.

We can conclude that felt boots are very warm, comfortable and stylish shoes. It is recommended to wear it in dry, snowy weather, they are the main protector from the most severe frosts. In this shoe, the feet will not freeze, will not sweat and will never be wet. And women's shoes made of felt, made with bright designer painting, will also give mood in a gloomy winter day.