What to wear on a date?

It is customary to compare the first date with an interview when applying for a job: it depends on how it goes, whether there will be a continuation. But do not think that several meetings with a man already allow a woman to relax and stop being anxious about drawing up her images. No matter how beaten it sounds, but for your loved one you always need to look good . What is this most “good” and how in pursuit of it not to lose sight of the golden mean? Answers to these questions await you below.

Date: rules for choosing an image for a meeting

The first and most important rule: you must be recognizable . If a young man drew attention to you when you were modestly dressed up or went blonde, then aggressive combat color or a sharp repainting in red could push the man away. This is especially true for the first meetings. Over time, you can afford a little more than at the very beginning of the relationship.

Another important recommendation: consider the place, time and "serial number" of the date . This will allow not only to successfully “construct” the image, but also to choose the right line of behavior. The last factor is important: a woman who looks the same way, but behaves completely differently, leaves behind a mixed and confused impression. She is doubtful, and they are useless if the relationship has not yet been built and is too fragile.

Important! Just in case, run a little ahead and predict whether you will change the location, whether you will go somewhere after the first stage of the meeting.

Another significant point is the color theme . Try to give shades that are clear and pleasing to the eye . Complex and heavy decisions will not do a good job, unless your man himself is inclined to such options. In the latter case, it will be appropriate to adopt one trait or one motive from the world familiar to a young person. Just do not get carried away and do not try to borrow everything at once - it will push away rather than allow you to establish or strengthen the connection.

Thoughts about the need to properly present ourselves and the risks associated with a failed bow sometimes make us make serious sacrifices. But you should not suffer in uncomfortable shoes or walk in beautiful, fashionable, but unusual clothes . Do not turn to something that you don’t know how to wear or what makes you very unpleasant. At least in this regard, allow yourself a little comfort.

Important! The question of convenience in a conversation on fashionable topics causes skepticism. Because most of us are easier to walk in sneakers and have already managed to adapt to the figure of jeans, and for some office ladies there is nothing dearer and nicer than a pantsuit. But in fact, the second outfit relates to the working part of the wardrobe, and the first is an option for meeting with a girlfriend in the daytime. And according to the basic rules of style, items that have a situational binding should not be worn out of place . That is, a comfortable thing and shoes should not be chosen from the entire wardrobe, but from that part of it that is equipped “for communication with men”.

Another important aspect is the understanding of one's own age . To explain this postulate, let’s take a somewhat prim suit consisting of a knee-length skirt (or lower) and a jacket. On a girl or a middle-aged woman, such an ensemble in a meeting will look too strict, businesslike. But on a charming lady, 55–65 years old, the set will look harmonious, spectacular and stylish.

At the same time , it is desirable to demonstrate and emphasize the presence of a waist at any age. The difference between the breasts and hips will allow a man to see a woman in you much faster than an immodest cutout or “mini” (sexual aggression) will do. At a psychological level, waistline is tied to female nature, because representatives of a strong half of humanity do not have it.

And be sure to try to comply with all hygiene requirements . Remember that dirty hair, crumbled mascara, excess hairs on the face or legs can nullify any efforts to select an image. There are exceptions, of course. So, very thin, short and blond hair, which is noticeable only when deliberately looking at it, is unlikely to inflict a mortal blow on your image. Especially if you are a very young and charming creature.

What is better to wear on a date?

The ensemble is preferably composed of things:

  • which you know how to wear;
  • who will not betray excitement in you (if you notice the habit of pulling the ties from excitement, then you shouldn’t have them, nor scarves, or pendants);
  • who will show the best version of you, but just you, and not some extraneous socialite or predatory person (communication will still show that you are not what you tried to appear with the help of the created image);
  • that will withstand your activity (a broken heel, a crumpled hem or trousers spread out along the back seam - and that you were preparing for a date, that you weren’t preparing, and the guy remembered not you and not your outfit as a whole, but only the thing with which the trouble happened);
  • which on an associative level will help you see a woman in you (not a colleague, not a moth, not a shopaholic, but a woman).

And now let's recall those things that, with a few exceptions, are always relevant . A white shirt of several male cuts - the first lifesaver. Universal, relevant and refreshing thing. She looks good:

  • with jeans (and it makes no difference whether you wear a flare, boyfriends or a straight cut model);
  • with a skirt (and with such a top, the skirt's decor can be quite catchy);
  • with summer trousers;
  • with shorts.

With a small black dress it is also difficult to “miss” and fall out of the general mood, but you need to remember that a plain dark base requires “painting”. Adapt to the place and time of the day with the help of shoes, accessories and jewelry. There will not be them or there will be busting - you risk merging with the general background, getting lost or appearing as a magpie, not knowing the measure.

The list of universal things includes a plain sundress or dress just above the knee, knee-deep or lower (when choosing a length, start from age and build). The skirt should not be like the black office one in which we are accustomed to associate our colleagues.

Important! A festive fun skirt or dress on the first few dates will be more appropriate than trousers, shorts, jeans. All because of the same need to fix in the male consciousness the fact that you are a woman.

What mistakes cannot be made?

Try to refrain from the following decisions:

  • an abundance of sequins, shiny decor (exception: the wardrobe item, like its jewelry, is made in a flesh-colored shade, and the style is not defiant, restrained);
  • blind fashion following (exception: your young man is well versed in trends and brands, he wears things exclusively from the latest collections);
  • T-shirts with funny inscriptions, labels, cartoons (exception: you are going to visit a place where many go in such clothes, for example, a football match);
  • a mini-top in alliance with leggings, an ultra-short skirt or micro shorts;
  • a baggy or simply stretched sweater;
  • fishnet tights;
  • super-short dress or dress, the neckline and silhouette of which are too provocative;
  • evening festive attire (exception: you are going to an opera, to a luxurious restaurant or to another place where wearing evening attire is welcome);
  • transparent top;
  • total sports bow (exception: the image is functional, you are going to run, ride a bicycle, go for a walk or to the forest with your boyfriend).

Also, do not wear heavily creasing clothes and dresses with impractical elements . For example, with a loop. And try to refrain from “leaving for heaven” heels, if only because of habit they have not become an extension of your leg. The inconvenience and stiffness in the movements are unlikely to allow you to enjoy the evening.

Remember to look appropriate in terms of weather . For example, in the cold, thin nylon tights can be bewildering, and in the summer chiffon sundress in spring or autumn you will look funny.

Important! Be clear from a gender perspective. You do not need stiffness, aggressiveness, pretentiousness.

The importance of the theme of the event

In the list of undesirable things, as you have already seen, there are a lot of exceptions. Almost all of them are related to the topic of date. She is able to turn the whole situation upside down and force to violate the recommendations voiced above . If necessary, feel free to put on thematical T-shirts, wear trendy clothes, and allow yourself shorts or leggings. Yes, and in the bar you will be considered your own faster if you appear there in jeans and sneakers (boots), and not in shoes and a light sundress.

Important! Sometimes it is better to dress in functional, but not romantic clothes, than to become a burden for a young man. There will be nothing wrong if he feels like a knight and shares with you, for example, gloves . But if you, for example, on a campaign, and a man has neither another pair of gloves, nor a more or less worthy alternative to them, and it is really cold outside, then the long discomfort that you doomed to him is unlikely to add a couple of points or strengthen relations.

Examples of date images

  1. Coral skirt, pink and beige top, white cape or relaxed jacket, shoes with steady heels and a bag matching the tone of the skirt.
  2. An openwork lace top or jacket of white color (you can lower it from one shoulder), a blue drop-down skirt up to the floor made of light fabric (let's say a cut), brown glasses and neat sandals of the same color.
  3. A pleated skirt just below the knee (pastel color, delicate, pleasing to the eye), a light or even white shirt (tucked into a skirt), boats (a little shine can be allowed here), an envelope bag or clutch, the color of which is close to the top of the image, watches or a wrist bracelet.
  4. Total beige onion (select the exact shade to your color type). A neat, small and not long cardigan, a skirt below the knee (something voluminous, but not a pack). Pointed-toe shoes. A strap around the ankle is possible.
  5. Skirt with sequins (length below the knee, restrained cut, silhouette only slightly narrowed, color not black and not poisonous), open-plan and not very complicated design shoes that overlap in color with the main shade of sequins (but only lighter, more tender or deeper), a white shirt (or black, it all depends on the tone of the skirt), an envelope bag.

More examples of images: