What to wear in a club guy?

Do you want to escape from everyday activities and have a good time with friends in the club? How to dress a man to look stylish and fashionable? What images are most attractive to girls? We will talk about this and much more below.

Face control: how to dress a guy in a club stylishly

Club stylists appeared in our country not so long ago. But many entertainment venues have already developed their inherent dress codes. To become "your", you must overcome the tight face control of compliance with the declared level.

Choosing the right clothes is easy if you preview the pictures of guests on the site in advance . You didn’t find anything special there? Feel free to wear the standard kit. It usually includes a two-piece or three-piece suit. But often you can limit yourself to trousers and a jacket or trousers and a vest.

A presentable look in cool weather for a guy is guaranteed by a warm cardigan or soft pullover.

A win-win option - quality jeans in blue, you can slightly worn. A shirt of any color and pattern is perfect for them. The main thing is that it corresponds to your type.


The best choice is an elegant smart casual. In the wardrobe , every mod certainly has such a stylish jacket . If you choose the right model, then the male figure will simply shine with new colors. Yes, and girls most often prefer handsome men in jackets.

Important! Just keep in mind that the office option is not for the club . A comfortable blazer made of striped, checkered or plain fabric will look great here. An inimitably stylish negligence will give a slightly twisted sleeve.

All kinds of T-shirts and shirts are in perfect harmony with the vest, a highlight is a color tie or a neckerchief.

The spectacular ensemble is a set of vest and jacket, which looks almost perfect in combination with chinos or jeans.

Its conciseness helps to look slimmer even for those who are a bit overweight.

“Classic” trousers are best worn with shirts in the same style or with colored t-shirts trimmed with print.

Stylish fashionistas should pay particular attention to elegant neckerchiefs and thin youth ties .

Color selection

The fashion trend of the season is neutral colors. Most popular are white, gray, black, blue, tobacco shades and khaki.

Pants are worn depending on the season: in hot summer weather - in light colors, in winter cold or in the cool off-season - darker.

Bright costumes look spectacular.

What to wear with a jacket at a nightclub?

Feel free to combine a jacket, shirt and jeans . It is very convenient to wear this bow when you are going to go to the club immediately after the end of the working day. You can add carelessness by unbuttoning a couple of top buttons.

An elegant classic is always in fashion: a jacket + shirt + chinos.

And what could be simpler and more fashionable than a jacket with a t-shirt? It is better to choose a fitted and plain color. You can pick up an interesting print, but not huge huge inscriptions. A calm combination of shades, coupled with branded jeans, will give harmony to the image. A great addition will be derby shoes or monks.

Instead of jeans, chinos complete with brogues, oxfords or loafers are also quite suitable.

A great option - a fashionable and very practical knitted "Swede".

Shoes are an important element of a suit.

It all depends on the selected ensemble, but sports shoes will have to be abandoned . Fashionable “classic” does not tolerate other shoes except black shoes, and a stylish casual assumes a harmony of color, regardless of the type of product. Here are some good options:

  • jeans + shirt + classic shoes with lacing or oxfords, brogues, monks, loafers;
  • black jacket and jeans + suede chelsea in dark brown;
  • a jacket of dark gray tones + white chinos + suede black loafers with tassels;
  • a white jacket + black jeans + monks from brown leather with a pair of straps;
  • black jacket + black jeans + chelsea in black leather;
  • a jacket from dark gray wool + skinny ripped jeans + black leather derby;
  • jacket of dark tones + jeans of blue (blue) color + brogues from dark leather;

  • a jacket of dark blue color with a horizontal strip + jeans of dark blue tones + brogues from dark red leather;
  • jacket of dark blue color + blue jeans + deserts of light brown suede;
  • jacket in dark purple fabric + black chinos + black leather loafers with tassels.

Club accessories

An impeccably stylish, finished masculine image cannot be created without an additional “highlight” .

It could be:

  • elegant handkerchief “peeking” from a pocket on a jacket;
  • emphasizing the impeccability of the taste of the suspenders;
  • status watches of a famous brand;
  • natural laconic bracelet;
  • jewelry chain;
  • suitable glasses.

Useful Tips

To look perfect, you need to follow a few rules:

  1. The haircut is neat, the skin is well-groomed.
  2. Hands are clean, nails are trimmed.
  3. Perfume is light with a pleasant fresh aroma.

Every man wants to look beautiful and stylish. When going to a club, follow the advice of stylists and do not forget about individual features. Be calm and smile! After all, nothing paints a person so much as a good mood. And then the most beautiful girls will definitely pay attention to you.