What to wear on christening?

The spiritual birth of a person is associated with baptism. This rite is considered one of the most important in the life of every believer. How to dress in a church to look appropriate? Here are some suggestions.

Recommendations for the appearance of the baptism of the child

Baptism among Christians is considered a holiday. Therefore, going to the temple, pick up for yourself a modest, but elegant and elegant ensemble.

Choosing a formal outfit

When choosing clothes for christening, pay attention to natural fabrics in light neutral tones: white, blue, delicate pink, peach, cream, apricot. A discreet print is allowed.

An ideal option is a closed elegant dress below the knees in white, complemented by a stylish jacket or jacket. The head must be covered with a silk scarf .

A woman in a fashionable dress up to the floor will look very advantageous .

For this occasion, a blouse with a long sleeve of a simple cut to match the skirt or a little lighter is also suitable.

Important! It is better to immediately abandon the deep neckline and tight-fitting models.

Preference is given to gentle, feminine images, in accordance with the event.

Church dress code for women

The best option is fashionable this season “maxi” or midi . The strict business style of a knee-length pencil skirt fits perfectly in this regard.

Important! No trousers, shorts and jeans. An indispensable condition is closed shoulders . It is easy to complete by choosing a long sleeve or “three quarters”.

In the summer heat of the godmother, you can wear a sleeveless model, throwing a thin scarf over your shoulders.

This option is good for guests, while the godmother, taking the baby in her arms, can involuntarily throw off the cloak and open her bare shoulders, which is unacceptable.

A prerequisite for women at the entrance to the temple is a covered head . A skillfully tied handkerchief will decorate your look and give a unique charm. An excellent choice for baptism - shawls are white and light beige tones.

Cream, peach, light blue, lavender or “ivory” or “smoky rose” hats are perfect .


Strict canons are absent here. When buying shoes, rely on common sense and a sense of comfort . First of all, keep in mind that you have to stand for a long time.

Therefore, a high heel and a platform should be immediately put aside. But feel free to wear comfortable shoes with flat soles.

An excellent choice - closed ankle boots, light or “in tone” along .


Bright makeup is not welcomed by the church, so don't go overboard. Try to do without paints at all. Although light gentle makeup on baptism is quite appropriate . A thin layer of powder, a little blush, a clear contour of the eyebrows and slightly tinted eyelashes will only improve the mysterious female beauty.

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It is recommended to abandon lipstick and lip gloss, because by sticking to a cross or icon, you can leave traces, which is impolite to other visitors to the temple.

It is also best to use a light, barely noticeable aroma of perfume, so as not to embarrass the congregation with a heavy train.

Clothing to the godfather

A man should opt for simple clothing with a comfortable cut. A good option: light-colored trousers + a slightly lighter shirt + shoes made of light material from closed models .

Reminder: crosses for godparents and baby

  1. Godparents themselves must be baptized under Christian law . If they did not pass this ceremony in advance, then they are obliged to do this before the baby’s baptism, while for the mother and father of the child this is not necessary.
  2. A cross with a crucifix is ​​an integral attribute of every baptized person attending a church . And the godfather and mother must wear it. And not as a simple decoration for show, but directly on the body.
  3. This pectoral symbol of faith for the baby can be picked up in advance or purchased on the day of the sacrament of baptism. The main thing is that he be consecrated.
  4. Priests do not recommend removing the cross after baptism .
  5. A small cross is suitable for a child . The optimal length of the lace is a little less than the circumference of the head so that the baby could not remove it himself.

The baby’s baptismal rite is a bright holiday for the whole family. Dress modestly but tastefully to look stylish and beautiful. Then nothing can spoil your mood, and this joyful day will be remembered for a lifetime by you and your loved ones.