What to wear with a burgundy bag?

A bag of a noble color of Bordeaux will decorate the wardrobe of any inveterate fashionista. Moderately catchy and stylish thing can be the highlight of a personal collection of hand luggage. Especially - if you figure out what to wear it with.

Do not be afraid of non-standard colors of the chosen handbag! The fashion for exclusively black, brown and white models has passed safely.

In what image is a burgundy bag appropriate?

Being one of the options for fashionable red, this deep color will allow you to be stylish and feminine, sophisticated and bright. At the same time, a shade of luxury will be present in any image. Sets in casual and street chic styles are especially advantageous: shades of Marsala will add catchiness to them .

The option of a sheath dress is good for all occasions. It can be:

  • beige colors;
  • deep black;
  • dark cherry;
  • burgundy.

In any of the options, a voluminous bag of Bordeaux colors is appropriate. Excessive “saturation” of the image is easily diluted with a scarf of a different shade . Acceptable is the option of such a bag (lacquered or suede) and in a business image: the black bottom and light top will not be so strict. Especially if you pick up a similar shade and shoes.

Closer to the youth, the image will turn out if the bag complements the ensemble of jeans and a denim shirt. In this case, more than appropriate bright decor on hand luggage: fringe or rhinestones. The image of a young tear-off is drawn by itself if a satchel-rich backpack bag goes in a set of leather pants and a leather jacket.

Classical models were the first to test wine color. This almost led to their monopoly on the right to use color, but soon there were also shoppers and backpacks in rich dark red colors. Feel free to use!

Color matching

Having acquired a thing of such luxurious tones, you can not be afraid to remain without attention. The main thing is to get into the color scheme of the whole ensemble ! Here are the most beneficial combinations:

  • with black: the duo is stylishly strict and elegantly laconic. It's time to remember a little black dress!
  • with beige: a moderate light tone will help to look bright burgundy;
  • with gray;
  • with blue;
  • with all varieties of brown;
  • with emerald: ideal for courageous ladies who love to fall into the focus of universal attention;
  • with peach;
  • with the color of sand;
  • with pale pink.

Finally, there is always the opportunity supported by designers to pick up an ensemble in a single tone.

Choosing a "monochrome" color scheme, you need to combine clothes and a bag so that the tones are slightly different. Otherwise, the image will merge into a uniform spot.

In this case, it is better to refuse deliberately bright ("acidic") colors: turquoise-lettuce and raspberry-orange things will require another accessory .

Burgundy bag in winter

Being all-weather, a burgundy handbag is also suitable for winter. We put on a beige (gray) coat and any suitable shade of boots. Gloves, a warm voluminous scarf, a neat hat - the image of winter cherry is ready!

It is worth taking a closer look at the fur coat and sheepskin coat of similar colors. Dark or, conversely, light boots and hats will add the finishing touch.

Summer looks

In the summer you want to wear things lighter? And great! A light lace dress and sundress, a light trouser suit, short shorts and tops - all this is suitable for a company with a burgundy bag!

The smallest detail for color matching is enough : a thin strap or a massive bracelet, wine-red flowers on a hat or glasses in a burgundy rim, light sandals - it is not at all necessary to make a rich burgundy all summer outfit. And in the evening, you can also afford deeper shades - in the rays of the setting sun, dark red is appropriate.

Spring and autumn: what to wear with a Marsala-colored bag?

For off-season coats and jackets are invented. Light colored raincoats are gorgeous in springtime. Autumn dampness is not terrible in a leather jacket. It can also be burgundy or brown: in the middle of the leaf fall it will look great!

Take a look at the models of coats and short coats: black and dark cherry, brown and gray are suitable. We complement with a hat, gloves, scarf, scarf - similar or contrasting colors.

In the fall, you can pick up the only accessory of a similar shade to the burgundy version of the bag - a huge umbrella, and that will be enough!

Shoe set accents

It is a burgundy bag that makes it possible to follow the rule learned by many, but now unfashionable, regarding the uniform color of shoes and hand luggage . Feel free to enhance the luxury of the look with burgundy shoes (great if it's classic boats!) Or boots.

However, this does not prohibit shoes that are still ideally combined with wine shades of beige and black, gray and brown. Well, if there are burgundy accessories - a scarf or hat, gloves or stole. Garnet jewelry - no competition!

Burgundy bag in evening dress

The elegance and nobility of burgundy opens him a wide path into the world of evening fashion. This also applies to handbags.

It is impossible to miscalculate by picking up an ensemble of a long black dress (for example, a year) and a burgundy clutch (an elegant envelope is also suitable). Good options are also in white or beige, if the materials look rich (silk, brocade).

A guipure cocktail dress in tandem with a small varnish clutch of bright burgundy tone will help to become the queen of the evening. The young lady will look tender and romantic in a light lace dress with a small burgundy handbag.

Everyday bows

The following ensembles are possible as everyday ones:

  • sand-colored trousers + light blouse with a dark red print + classic burgundy bag model + patent leather loafer shoes;
  • light knit sweater dress + gray skinny jeans + shoulder bag + black lace-up boots;
  • a beige turtleneck + blue deliberately worn jeans + a black jacket + mahogany shades + burgundy bag;
  • dark red midi dress + black cashmere cardigan + dark brown ankle boots + small burgundy handbag on a thin long strap.