What to wear with a brown skirt?

Surely in the wardrobe of every woman there are things that they like on their own, but are worn extremely rarely or not worn at all. And most young ladies will have a brown skirt among these things. The reasons for the "resignation" of such a restrained and aristocratic detail of the toilet may be different, but mainly - the inability to combine it with other clothes. How can I fix this? Let's try to answer this question below.

What colors of clothing goes with a brown skirt?

With the participation of this piece of clothing, you can create a lot of winning ensembles in which every woman can feel completely different in accordance with her mood: confident and free, romantic and feminine, sophisticated and sophisticated.

In order for the images to be harmonious, you need to remember some rules for color compatibility:

  • a combination with red will give brightness and juiciness; just do not choose flashy red so as not to “kill” the nobility of brown ;
  • green in all manifestations of natural shades (for example, turquoise or emerald) will add freshness and light;
  • blue will bring romance and airiness to the image;
  • a brown skirt with a black top looks very restrained;
  • combination with white gives, on the one hand, modesty, and on the other - emphasized efficiency;
  • brown with shades of brown - the most win-win and aristocratic combination.

We combine a skirt of different materials

Fashion shows of some fashion houses almost never do without a brown skirt, usually suede. But this is not a limitation, but rather an incentive to experiment with one of the most stylish things in the wardrobe, long and undeservedly abandoned in the far corner of the wardrobe.

It doesn’t matter what material your skirt is made of: it can be tweed, chiffon, taffeta or tulle - the main thing is that you like it and be size .

Important! The most popular colors of clothes in brown are shades of cognac, chocolate, copper, ocher, bronze and cinnamon.

From suede

Such a skirt of soft suede with thin blouses with a rounded wide neckline, fur vests and jackets goes well. This ensemble in the style of boho, where the solo by the skirt, will successfully complement cowboy boots, a neckerchief and a soft hat.


Striped black and white or plain dark blue blouse, blue pullover, denim shirt, beige light blouse or slim sleeveless sweater are the best companions for a brown leather skirt. Add high-heeled shoes to match the top - and you're ready to go.

From tulle

A tutu or tutu skirt is a magnificent multi-layer model. There is an opinion that only girls can afford to wear it, however, adult ladies look in such clothes very seductively.

The most interesting styles in the color of milk chocolate, coffee with milk and beige. They create a romantic bow in combination with tight-fitting corsets and tops and classic shoes, and can look unusual and bold in combination with motorcycle jackets, t-shirts and long boots.

The main thing is to determine the correct length : young ladies can use any length from mini to maxi, but older women should not wear such a skirt shorter than midi so as not to look like a teenager.

From velveteen

It is believed that velveteen gives a few extra years even to very young people. This is partly true, but a correctly chosen model and color of the skirt in combination with the “necessary” things may well correct the situation. A combination of pink and blue top is most preferred for brown velveteen. When choosing an ensemble, the quality of the fabric and the style of the main part of the clothing should be taken into account.

Keep in mind that it is better to wear mini and midi models with a contrasting top, but a long velvet skirt looks great in monochrome .

Important! It is better for girls with curvaceous forms to choose a skirt from micro-velveteen, it will help to hide a few extra pounds.

Into the cage

Skirts in a cage for several seasons do not leave the catwalks. This garment is so comfortable and versatile that it seems that everything has been said about it. However, it is worth recalling some rules that you must adhere to, dressing up in such a skirt:

  • the cell visually gives volume, so the top should be as tight as possible;
  • you can not combine the cage with other prints such as peas, stripes or flowers;
  • a skirt in a cage “does not like” thin heels, so when choosing shoes, give preference to heels of more stable models.

A beige-brown cage is one of the classic color options presented in the styles of skirts. Color variations in combinations are the same as for other models.

Important! Donuts should choose a diagonal cell to “remove” a couple of kilograms and “stretch” the figure.

Ensembles with various models

Each style of the skirt creates its own style, so it is important to combine them with "your" top.

With pencil skirt

A classic thing of any women's wardrobe. Softer and more feminine than black, it creates the same soft and feminine images in the office dress code.

However, since brown, according to psychologists, is associated with reliability and responsibility, every business lady in the arsenal should have an ensemble of a brown pencil skirt and a snow-white blouse. Such a lady can do anything. In cool weather, you can complement the suit with a black fitted jacket.


Professional designers have a formula by which they calculate the ideal length of a midi: multiply growth by a factor of 0.4-0.55. So, if your height is 170 cm, then the length of the midi will be 80–90 cm. Of course, before going to the store you can count your parameters and take a centimeter with you, but most likely, such a shopping will cost more than one hundred nerve cells. It is better to trust your taste and some tips from stylists.

A medium-length skirt focuses on calves, so for all its versatility, it has a couple of limitations that should be considered when buying:

  • if you have full calves, it is better to refuse such clothes;
  • your legs should be perfectly flat.

Midi length can be in any model. The most spectacular are brown pencil skirts, the sun and a tutu. An pleated skirt of this length looks interesting.

They are easily combined with fitted jackets of different lengths. In classical ensembles look great with white and black. In the casual style, any color combinations are possible, even stripes and floral prints.

With buttons in front

  1. The most popular companion of such a skirt is a denim jacket. Easy and practical style, suitable for active student life, and for walks, and for shopping.
  2. The classic combination of brown and white is also appropriate here.
  3. A t-shirt with a long sleeve in black and white horizontal stripes is perfect for a casual look. Modern and cool.
  4. The ensemble of a skirt with buttons and a dark blue top, for example, a cropped top, or a loose sweater, looks good and comfortably worn.
  5. You can replace dark blue with black: a turtleneck, knitted sweaters with a deep triangular neckline or under the throat.

Important! To ensure that the combination of brown and black does not look gloomy, add a third contrasting color to the suit.

To the floor

A universal skirt for all occasions. It has a lot of advantages and almost no flaws.

Firstly, this length allows you to hide something that is not intended for prying eyes, for example, imperfect legs, extra pounds and some imbalances in the parameters.

Secondly, long skirts are much warmer than mini skirts, which is relevant for our climate.

And thirdly, these skirts are easy to combine, creating spectacular and romantic images for everyday wear, and for a ceremonial outfit. For a day's walk, pick up a light blouse of pink, white or beige, and in cold weather you can complement the ensemble with a denim shirt, a thin sweater or a free jumper, which, by the way, can emphasize the weightlessness of a chiffon skirt.


A model that suits women with any figure and any age. Volumetric hips can easily hide under many folds, and she will give appetizing volumes to slim girls exactly where it is necessary, provided that the length is correctly selected. Looks very nice in combination with a tight top: sweater, jacket, openwork blouse or classic top.

Which shoes fit?

Depending on the length of the skirt and the height of the ladies, you can experiment with shoes. The classic version is shoes or ankle boots with thick high heels . Tall girls can afford to wear ballet shoes; ladies with lower shoes should prefer wedges or platform shoes. Traditionally boots are suitable for the mini, and high boots are suitable for the skirt-sun to the knee.

As for the color of the shoes, all the combination rules apply here: blue green, milk and all shades from red to wood bark are ideal for brown skirts.

In addition to the look, choose nude tights, they are versatile and support the overall warm tone of clothing. Dark and black tights can only be worn with shoes of the same color. For bold youth, colored tights are also acceptable, only for a harmonious combination you need to add another thing of the same color to the ensemble.

Brown Skirt Accessories

Gold jewelry will be the best choice, just do not need to choose massive ones with an abundance of stones, classic earrings, chains and a pair of thin rings will be enough. This stylish minimalism will emphasize your grace and impeccable taste.

The bag should be chosen depending on the overall style of the image : if you are going to a party or a reception, take an elegant clutch; if you have planned a free exit, for example, gatherings with girlfriends, it is quite acceptable to grab a handbag more volume.

Neckerchiefs, scarves and hats are in good harmony with a brown skirt, since with their help you can significantly refresh the image, making it light and intriguing.