What to wear with blue jeans?

Light blue jeans - your dream? What images can be created on the basis of this outfit? What to combine to be stylish and fashionable? We will answer these and other questions below.

A combination of colors with blue jeans in winter and summer

Modern designers recommend wearing such pants at any time of the year. It is important to choose the right color scheme.

The best choice in winter colds is dense denim of white-blue or gray-blue shades. These trousers will create an excellent ensemble with a voluminous sweater, sweatshirt, “hoodie”, a short sweatshirt, and a gentle turtleneck.

In winter, “soft” tones that “are friends” with blue look great:

  • mint;
  • olive;
  • lavender;
  • sand;
  • creamy;
  • beige.

For an elegant lady, a fashionable bow is perfect: a pastel-colored turtleneck turtleneck + fitted coat / fur vest + leather belt + small handbag.

Successful combinations with a coat:

Always in fashion a classic combination with a white or black top.

A win-win summer option : all kinds of brightly colored tops, loose-fitting T-shirts, crop tops, chiffon blouses, short t-shirts, color prints and lettering.

You can wear things with rich saturated tones. Feel free to buy the "top":

  • blue;
  • turquoise;
  • Violet;
  • aquamarine;
  • mustard;
  • brown;
  • Dark red.

On hot days, don’t hesitate to put on “skinny” jeans in combination with a sleeveless shirt. A stylish addition will be a watch with a large dial, a vintage brooch, a narrow strap or an unusual shaped pendant.

Successful combinations

Democratic blue jeans are very popular among girls. Many designers attribute them to classic models. They are easily combined with various types of clothes and accessories . It is important to choose the right style.

Summer options

They are based on contrasts and close tones . Gentle romance to the image gives a connection with similar shades. Stylish elegance - rich contrasting blouse or shoes close in color. The perfect option is a T-shirt or blouse in white.

Do not be afraid to go too far, and feel free to wear classic jeans or ripped jeans with t-shirts from plain fabric or trimmed with print.

Attractive light blouse complete with graceful shoes or high-heeled sandals guarantees an attractive appeal at the time of a meeting with a loved one.

With a free dress code, it would be quite appropriate to come to the office in tight jeans and a strict blouse of neutral tones, reinforcing the ensemble with classic “boats”.

When it's cool

Unlike summer models, the fabric should be more dense. Choose a cozy knitted sweater, turtleneck, flannel shirt or cardigan for these jeans. The winter version of trousers goes well with bright “hoodies”.

When dressing for the season, try combining sky- blue jeans with a coat of neutral tones . The best option is gray, blue, beige. Although it is quite acceptable and color. As for the length, it depends on your height and the chosen shoes.

The girl will be given a unique style by boots or ankle boots, especially if you tuck in narrow pants. You can also experiment with sneakers of different heights, wearing a traditional leather jacket.

What goes to ripped jeans?

This is the lot of courageous and confident beauties. Overloading the “top” with decor or draping should not be avoided. An ordinary T-shirt is best. Elegant blouse or top in white colors will give a unique personality to the image. A perfect complement to the ensemble is a matching jacket.

Advice! To look stylish and neat - tuck a "torn" model a little.

These jeans are suitable for a variety of shoes, ranging from sandals with flat soles to thin “stiletto heels”.


To look good, you must consider the following rules :

  • narrow "bottom" / free "top";
  • in order not to be "baggy", the latitude of the legs is compensated by the emphasis on the waist;
  • The sporty fit of the trousers goes well with tight-fitting tops and loose t-shirts.

Important! It is better to choose dark-blue jeans for stylish “little ones”, which make the figure slimmer, while thin women of fashion will add some roundness to jeans in lighter colors.

Among the best kits include:

  • white-blue trousers + light top + bright yellow stylish shoes;
  • blue shoes + blouse of sunny shades;
  • pale blue jeans + a coral fabric blouse + matching sandals + a fashionable yellow jacket.

When are they appropriate?

Blue jeans are quite versatile and suitable for different situations. The main thing is to make the right choice.

Comfort is important for daily wear, so the "top" should not hamper movement, and shoes are chosen according to the principle of convenience. An excellent choice is a free-cut blouse + original “slip-ons”.

A fashionable outfit is quite relevant in the office: blue trousers + blouse- “classic” + formal shoes.

At a party or in a festive atmosphere, flowing, airy pants of a free cut will become a real decoration. Creating a chic ensemble, choose a discreet "top".

Putting on “classic” jeans, boldly combine them with silk and chiffon items with a deep neckline and bright decor.

The final touch is a high heel and a fashionable clutch bag.

Shoes under blue jeans

Suitable shoes largely determine the completeness of the image. In this regard, the individuality of female forms, growth, and style should be taken into account.

A universal option - the classic "boat". They look great with a casual bow, be there at least “ragged boyfriends” and a simple T-shirt, and with a strict “skinny” outfit with a white shirt.

It is important that a high heel visually lengthens the figure, making it slimmer.

In the summer, laconic sandals with a stilettos will be a great replacement for shoes.

Advice! It is better to choose plain shoes without excessive accessories.

On cold winter days, thick, steady wedges will be a great addition.

Tall girls with an impeccable figure are well suited for shoes with flat soles.

Fir-tree style involves the use of fashionable brogues, loafers, ballet shoes, and derby.

For walks in the city and in nature, it is better to get comfortable moccasins, sneakers, "slip-ons", sneakers, sleeper or espadrilles.

Bright, bold natures should not be neglected by the original pattern.

A little rude Chelsea, Wellington, and brown readings will warm your feet in the cold and will be a great addition to light blue jeans and a voluminous warm sweater.

Blue jeans are a trendy, versatile outfit. They serve as an indispensable foundation for a variety of images and look great on a female figure. The main thing is to choose the right look and style.