What to wear with a blue jacket: male, female

The variety of colors when choosing a jacket usually scares both men and women. Doubts about whether this color comes, usually do not contribute to updating the image. It often happens that, frightened by such a choice, a change of wardrobe is delayed “for later”.

Fashion does not stand still and constantly dictates new rules. Nevertheless, blue suits have become an almost classic decision. Saturated blue gained popularity not too long ago, and dark suits almost everyone and is considered a classic. It is good for any events: business meetings, attending an exhibition or an evening with friends.

It is important to remember the need for the right combination with other items of clothing.

Jacket in the wardrobe

The history of its existence stretches from time immemorial. Initially, the jacket was considered an element of a fundamentally male wardrobe. Until the middle of the XIX century, he succumbed to constant modifications, and only representatives of the nobility and the royal court could afford it.

Now it’s hard enough to imagine a man in whose wardrobe there is no jacket. Modern fashion provides a huge selection of styles of different cuts, colors and designs. However, it is worth clarifying that there are two types of jacket in modern times:

  • Classic - worn only under trousers of the same style and as a whole is a business suit. Most often it can be found at official events.

IMPORTANT! When choosing the classic version of the jacket, it is worth considering that it imposes many restrictions on the owner. First of all, the jacket should sit well, consistent with the growth and width of men's shoulders.

  • Sports - in turn, can be worn perfectly every day, as it is an integral part of casual style. A great alternative to a business look in the office.

What to wear with a blue jacket

Blue is perhaps more suitable for experimentation. It is easily combined and suitable for both young people and older people.

A blue jacket is perfect for any occasion, if you follow some rules. For example, when you need to select an image:

  • Classical. Black or dark gray trousers, a white shirt and tie or bow tie will do.
  • Casual. Perfectly complement chinos, shorts or lightweight cotton pants. It goes well with polo.
  • Office. Dark jeans or trousers will perfectly complement the look. In choosing a shirt, you can not limit the color scheme. And if the weather is cold - it is better to choose plain golf.
  • Footwear. The ideal solution would be suede shoes, classic shoes or moccasins.
  • Pants. Striving for originality, you can choose the pants are dark green, khaki, cherry or brown.

It is easier for men to put together a harmonious image. They are perfectly decorated with a perfectly matched suit. It should be remembered that men of high stature are advised to buy a jacket with a long knuckle, while it is better to take a shorter model for lower ones.

Men's jacket in blue tones

The main material for making men's suits is most often wool and fabrics mixed with wool. Costumes made of this material are more durable and maintain a comfortable temperature: for the summer, more breathable options are used, for the winter they are warmer.

Faced with the choice of a jacket, every man understands that the variability of colors is diverse. Therefore, it is good to know which is suitable for a particular man. When choosing a jacket, it is worth considering personal preferences and some nuances, for example, in the figure. What are the drawings?

  • Thin strip. A variant with a traditional pattern goes for almost everyone. At the same time, he emphasizes harmony and remains a popular option in the business dress code. Plain shirts and textured ties match perfectly.
  • "Shark skin . " The pattern is characterized by uneven coloring of threads in the material. A jacket with such a mixture of dark and light colors can even be worn on jeans.
  • Scottish cell. The pattern consists of small horizontal and vertical stripes. It is advisable to add calm accessories if you want to complement the image.
  • Cell. The variability of this pattern is diverse: a small cell, medium or larger. An important nuance when choosing a suit in a cage is the physique that a man possesses. It is not recommended to dwell on a suit in a cage for overweight men - this pattern will give unnecessary volume.

A well-chosen combination allows you to go to any event. For example, a blue jacket is ideal for formal meetings in tandem with calm tones of trousers, for example, beige or white. A rich blue can be combined with black trousers and a snow-white shirt.

The specificity of the blue jacket is universal - it is combined with models of different trousers, and sports shoes. And you can combine it in completely different ways.

Women's jacket in blue

For women, a large number of styles and colors. When choosing a model, it is worth starting from the features of the female figure: a luxurious bust, a high waist or a short stature - all these aspects should be taken into account.

Well-chosen, this wardrobe item can help in creating different images. You can combine in absolutely different ways:

  • The combination of darker trousers and a blue jacket is an office style. A well-chosen blouse can simplify it a little, and if you need to look more everyday, you should wear a T-shirt.
  • With white trousers. It is important to remember that the color of the blouse or blouse is light: blue or white. Do not add colorful paints to the combination.
  • With beige trousers. The same care should be taken as in the previous combination. A blouse in cream or yellow shades is well suited.
  • With a gray bottom. A familiar business style, but if you add colorful accessories - it will be less formal.

ATTENTION! Despite the fact that a blue jacket is a fairly universal option when forming an image, it is better to stop at one bright shade so as not to overload the image.

Designers recommend choosing calm colors or a few tones darker than the main one. This is true for both men and women.

The right style will represent you in a winning light. The main thing is to observe some caution so as not to look too informal, unless, of course, the image that needs to be created suggests this. We hope that the information provided has helped you decide.