What to wear with a blue bag?

A bag is not only a case for the right little things. A women's handbag is also an important accessory that adorns its owner, reflects her character and life position. With the help of a charming blue clutch or minodeyer, the girl declares to the world her romance and sophistication.

But combining clothes of different styles and colors with a turquoise backpack or shopper into one image requires thoughtfulness and accuracy of all the details of the bow . Read about what to wear with a blue bag in winter, summer and in the off-season.

What style is suitable and with what colors is combined?

The blue color is considered calm and serene, the embodiment of tenderness and peace. But for accessories, this is not a very familiar color, so in this role it appears bright, shading all the details of the image. An azure handbag can be successfully combined with the entire color palette and any style of clothing.

Blue shades are perfectly combined with different colors:




in blue;






in red.

Important! When choosing a handbag for along in light, pastel colors, give preference to light blue shades, and for the look in bright colors, refer to the turquoise accessories.

Accessories and shoes that can be added to the image with a blue bag

Ornaments are selected either to match the clothes, or match the color scheme with the handbag. It is important to maintain accessories in the overall style of the image. Support a bow with a blue backpack with a sports bracelet, a turquoise fringed crossbody - jewelry with tassels in the style of boho, a classic briefcase - with simple jewelry made of precious metals. A belt or belt is also worn either in the color of clothes, or echoes the shade of a handbag.

Shoes chosen to match the accessory make a harmonious duet with it. Blue sandals with a hobo of the same color or turquoise boats with a clutch of this shade look great. But fashion took a step further and made this rule, which worked for many years, optional. Now the fashionista can well choose shoes in a contrasting color with respect to the bag . For example, a dark blue suit and boots will be complemented by a sky shopper, and gray or white sneakers selected for a white t-shirt and a gray skirt will look good with a gray-blue backpack.

Examples of blue bag outfits

Such an accessory looks interesting with clothes of different styles and is equally good for business or everyday looks, and evening dresses.

Important! If the handbag is matched to a monochrome azure image, then make a choice in favor of different shades of clothing and accessory. If, nevertheless, preference is given only to one tone, then you can revive the image with different texture of materials, interesting details, decoration.

For office

The strict style of the business image can be diluted with a delicate or bright model of a portfolio, bag, messenger. Thinking over the office bow, pay attention to the connection in the image of the following things:

  • a black trouser suit, a bright purple print neckerchief, white boats and a heavenly handbag;
  • beige skinny trousers, a gray blouse, a blue coat, silver boats and a pale cornflower blue bag;
  • a light dress with a black strap, red boats and a blue tote bag.

For everyday life

For shopping and to the movies, gatherings with friends, walks in the city, bows made up of the following combinations are recommended:

  • mint overalls with shorts and a peplum, a jacket of the same shade, brown leather clogs and a blue bag-bag;
  • a very light pink coat, a white mini-length dress, satin shoes with a bow and high heels, a pale blue bag;
  • Navy skinny jeans, a white T-shirt, a brown windbreaker, white sneakers and an azure shopper with applique leather plants.

For the celebration

Evening out involves the presence of small handbags. Combinations look very elegant:

  • an open dress of fuchsia color, large silver earrings and a bracelet with turquoise minodeur;
  • a white chiffon blouse, a long coral skirt, a golden belt with a chest of aquamarine color on a long golden chain;
  • mint midi dresses, beige heeled sandals and a crossbody hyacinth pattern.

In winter, a blue handbag is good to add to the image with a white fur coat or a short down jacket.