What to wear a black dress with?

For many years, a black dress has been loved by the entire female half of humanity. Since the days of the great Coco, who came up with the basic model, thousands of other styles have been designed, from ultra-short to super-long, tight-fitting, loose, with and without sleeves, with ruffles, frills, smell, drapery, silk, wool, guipure, knitwear.

What to combine the styles of black dresses?

Such a dress, depending on the style and length, goes well with a jacket, cardigan, jeans, vest, very different outerwear and shoes. Let's consider some possible options.


Over the years, this length does not go out of style. Fit, shoes, accessories change, but the length of the model, revealing slender legs, makes men's hearts beat more often. In such a dress, the girl instantly becomes the center of attention and attracts admiring glances.

And even putting on an ultra-short model, you can look stylish and dignified, you just need to correctly place accents with the help of shoes and accessories.

Any fashionable woman will like a black fitted miniskirt combined with the same suede over the knee boots, a gray open cardigan and a gray knitted hat with a pompom, as well as a dark leather shoulder bag.


Very profitable length. It allows you to choose a style that hides all the flaws and demonstrates advantages . The length of the midi models ends between the middle of the calf and the ankle. A straight cut will visually lengthen the figure by a couple of centimeters, and a flared will show it in the most favorable light.

Take the look of a black midi length dress, dark gray bomber jacket, and leather ankle boots. So you can go to school and on a date.

To the floor

The mesmerizing sight is a female figure dressed in the longest black dress. The fabric gently hugs the figure and flows downward, gaining freedom with a high side cut or an expanding hemline .

Usually such a dress is worn for an evening out, but we offer it to create a casual look. A long silk model with an O-neck is complemented by a gray open cardigan, black leather wedge ankle boots, a long silver chain with a pendant.

Little black

Classic is never boring. Minimalism in cut is compensated by the ability to use this dress and accessories to beat this dress every time in a different way .

The embodiment of the style is its combination with high-heeled shoes and several strands of pearl beads. But a fresher look will be made by the same model with an olive military parka and rough boots with thick soles.


Sheath dress looks flawless and elegant. In a model that smoothly flows around a female figure, you can create an evening, everyday, business image. A black satin sheath dress with a red coat, black suede over the knee boots, the same color with a satin clutch and a gold bracelet on the wrist looks harmonious.

Without sleeves

Sleeveless dress - elegant, casual, summer, winter - is strongly recommended in recent years by stylists. You can warm yourself by attracting other clothes for this:

  • cardigan;
  • turtleneck;
  • T-shirt with a long or short sleeve;
  • longsleeve;
  • sweatshirt;
  • Hood
  • sweater;
  • sweater.

The topic is open, you can try and offer your own options. They wear "insulation", putting both under the dress and on top of it . A monochrome look is made up of a sleeveless wraparound model, leather belt, leather jacket, leggings, and suede gladiators with heels. Of the accessories - a black leather bag and a necklace made from a combination of silver and gold metals.

With sleeves

They can be short, long, flashlight, bell, wings, extended or narrow, differing in texture from the main fabric of the dress. The most current sleeve length is three quarters . Go to the cinema or in the cafe in a black wool maxi dress with long sleeves, a short sheepskin coat of the same color and white low top sneakers.


The leather model looks very stylish. It is necessary to choose a style very carefully, since the material exposes flaws of the figure . But in a variety of cuts, you can choose exactly what is suitable and will adorn the owner.

Irresistibly looks a girl in a black leather dress with a detachable flared skirt and silver ankle boots. And if in the hands of a stylish leather clutch and green glasses complete the outfit, then success is guaranteed.


The trend of the season is a black guipure dress. Often it is covered without lining, but these are catwalk and glamorous-party options. Probably, such a fashion for an evening bow is not far off, but for now we are selecting less shocking models with cute pictures on transparent fabric.

The black hooded jacket with gold buttons and beige leather high-heeled sandals will make a great combination with a medium-sized transparent guipure dress.


A black floral dress can be both summer and warm. You should carefully select a floral print . In this case, remember the basic rules:

  • skinny girls should pay attention to small drawings;
  • expressive, large prints are recommended for corpulent ladies.

A large floral pattern will look great on a dark background of the model with a wide varnished belt at the waist. Choose black leather loafers with dark socks to complement your outfit.

With sequins

A girl in a black dress with sequins looks very mysterious. Their noble, restrained brilliance implies a sophisticated and mysterious nature. It does not need additional jewelry . Only hands and ears can be with discreet matte accessories. Pay attention to the model with sequins of medium length, decorated with a fringe along the cut line and at the seams of the sleeve. It is complemented only by boats and a turban in the color of the product.

Winter black dress

Interesting styles of dresses made of wool with a length just above the knee or midi made of woolen or mixed fabrics. In the trend, knitted dresses made of warm natural threads. The front or back surface, English gum, braid combinations make this model unique.

A special chic is a model made of loden (fine felted wool) of a straight cut with an external finish of seams. In an ensemble with rough dark boots, high woolen socks, a long blue down jacket and a voluminous gray scarf, it looks very fresh. Replacing the shoes with suede over the knee boots, a down jacket with a beige coat, we get a completely different image, but no less stylish than the previous one.

Black dress in spring and autumn

In the offseason, I want something special. It is too hot in the winter outfit, and not warm enough for the summer outfit. We will choose an option that can be easily worn for all four seasons, but in the spring it will be especially fresh and relevant.

A black jersey dress with a long-sleeved pink T-shirt, a colorful headband and white low top sneakers will allow the girl to go for a walk with friends or go shopping.

What to combine summer with?

A dress for warm weather can be monophonic, but it will look better with a floral or geometric pattern . An interesting model looks like polka dots, large or small. On cool days, it will look great with a jacket or cardigan, jeans. Choose the shoes according to the situation: classic boats or heeled sandals, as well as gladiators, sneakers, slip-on shoes, loafers.

Every day black dress with stars, complemented by a blue denim, gray sneakers, black earrings and a bag, will be loved by any girl, because this ensemble is good both day and evening.

What tights to wear with a black dress?

There are some nuances in this question that you need to know to create a perfect image:

  • bodily tights - stylists urge to abandon all shades, except matte, very thin and most appropriate to the color of the skin;
  • black - appropriate to any style. The main thing is to choose their density correctly. To light tissue - thin, to warm material - dense. This is not a rule, but merely recommendations. What to choose, the fashionista decides on her own, based on the desired image;
  • white is an interesting solution, especially for winter. The combination of a dress with tight white tights will revive the model;
  • graphite, gray - as an option, instead of black, they will look very harmonious.

Important! Sometimes it is necessary to dilute the monochrome image with some bright impregnation. Dense red, green, cherry tights are the best fit.

Outerwear for a black dress

The basic model of the wardrobe forms a stylish ensemble with different outerwear. Depending on the style and texture of the material, you can combine it with a coat, jacket, bomber jacket, trench coat, leather jacket, vest, parka, fur coat, sheepskin coat and even a down jacket.

Shoes that fit

Any shoe is combined with a black dress, it all depends on the season, the purpose of creating the image and style:

  • for everyday look - ballet shoes, shoes, sneakers, sneakers, sandals, boots, boots, ankle boots, over the knee boots;
  • for business onions - shoes with high or medium heels - boats, ankle boots, boots;
  • for evening out - boats, gladiators with high heels.

What black dress to wear at a corporate party?

Of course, the outfit should be not only fashionable, but also elegant. Colleagues will appreciate the feminine image in a black sheath dress or guipure, but always with a cover .

Arms and shoulders can be opened. Pick up stylish discreet jewelry, high-heeled shoes. Do not try to attract all the looks in your outfit . Be generous, share with other ladies, because this is not a ball.

Important! If the top of the image is decollete, then the bottom should be closed, and vice versa. If part of the chest is exposed in the dress, then the legs should be hidden by a sufficient length of the skirt. An ultramini outfit requires a closed shoulder.