What to wear with a black beret

With the onset of the cold season, models in hats appeared on the catwalks. Among scarfs, collars, hoods and knitted hats, an abundance of berets of all colors and sizes stands out . Fashion for them is a truly popular phenomenon: any hat will envy the diversity of style.

Color: Raven and Dark Chocolate

Black is a universal color with which any other, especially bright, is combined. There are many shades: from warm chocolate-black and restrained Marengo to brilliant blue-black and anthracite .

When choosing a future kit, it is worth considering what it is planned to wear a beret with. Trying on is better in bright light, simulating daylight, in order to know how the thing will look on the street.

The range of textures and materials is also huge:

  • knitting: large and small, hand and machine, dense and openwork;
  • rib: rep, velveteen, diagonal;
  • thin or dense denim;
  • velvet, velor;
  • knitted fabric;
  • leather and suede;
  • natural and artificial fur;
  • felt, tweed, cashmere.

You can find a model with a pompom, lace inserts, fringe or satin trim, a youth version with a juicy print or a festive one with rhinestones.

What to look for when choosing?

Of course, the main criterion is whether the one who will wear it likes the thing.

But so that the fitting is faster and more enjoyable, it is worth getting acquainted with the principles of selecting a beret depending on the shape of the face:

  1. It is better for owners of narrow cheekbones and a high forehead to wear a classic beret, moving it slightly on the forehead - the horizontal edge will visually expand the upper part of the face.
  2. If your face is round, you should stop on a medium-sized model, moving it to the back of the head to open your forehead.
  3. Those with a wide forehead and a narrow chin are advised to shift to one side - this balances the features.
  4. If the facial features are thin, it is better to choose a smooth fabric.
  5. With large features, a knitted fabric with a pronounced relief is suitable.
  6. The richest choice is for ladies with an oval face and antique proportions: almost everything suits them.

What to wear with a beret?

Once upon a time, the beret served to complete the feminine image. He was worn with a skirt and sweater, with a business jacket.

But fashion is becoming more democratic, opening up the scope of fantasy. Let's analyze the different styles.


It takes a classic look: a skirt just below the knee, a blouse and pumps. It looks good with a long knitted cardigan.

A black headdress implies the presence in the suit of at least one other black dominant - for example, a handbag.

A good option for a lover of graphic silhouettes is a free jacket in tone with a beret and a white blouse underneath. Laconic large jewelry looks good on girls with this combination.

Important! Looks great with a classic knee-length trench coat and ankle boots or high boots. But if a miniskirt is worn under a cloak, it is worn only when unzipped!


Casual style means non-marking colors, convenience and a variety of styles. She takes a black color to complement jeans, loose trousers with moccasins and accentuates the collar of a sweater.

A sweater can be contrasting or in harmony with a beret - in the latter case, a bright brooch or a scarf that stands out on black material will be a good solution (“takes an artist” - almost an independent style!).

For clothes of soothing colors, it is better to choose a model without shine and ornament, the expressiveness of which is manifested in form.

Street-casual is a godsend for a creative person : almost everything is allowed. For example, a “little black dress” with red tights and a huge velvet beret - black with a burgundy tint (the so-called color of bovine blood). Studs will not fit into this image, but sneakers that any fan of stylish comfort have in their wardrobe will come to the rescue.


In the 1950s, they wore small berets. Dresses were colored, with large ornaments, fitted and visually expanded the hips with a fluffy midi skirt. Neat heels gave elegance to the look.

Now the retrosilhouette is again popular. Instead of boats, for convenience, you can wear ballet shoes, and emphasize the waist with a wide black belt - it will echo the headgear.

Evening outfit

A miniature beret pill with a veil was at the peak of popularity at the beginning of the last century, but now, having appeared at such an event, you can make a splash.

A long tight-fitting dress and black gloves made of material similar in structure will suit him. Mandatory high heel and expressive eyes - for example, makeup smoky eyes under a dark veil looks bewitching.

However, we are all free to choose. Why not put on a pill for ripped jeans and a sequin tank top? On a young girl, such an eclectic composition would look appropriate. There are no regulations and exact recipes: the main thing is to feel free and organic.