What to wear with a backpack?

The female backpack is again a trendy thing. Rather, he did not go out of fashion in the last few years, but now a huge number of models have appeared - from large, voluminous, to elegant, miniature.

They can be made of different materials, have a laconic or complicated cut, rhinestones, fringe, sequins, velvet, velor, fur are used for decoration. Among such a variety, one can involuntarily be confused - what and what to wear, and what rules to observe. Read about it later.

Rules for creating an image with a backpack

The main rule - the backpack is combined with absolutely all the things of the wardrobe . However, in the selection there are some nuances:

  • elegant shoes fit only the same elegant bags;
  • voluminous models perfectly complement casual and sportswear and shoes;
  • plain bow is perfectly diluted with a printed shoulder bag;
  • colorful clothes require a backpack of a calm color;
  • the color of the metal with the zipper of the bag dictates the selection of golden or silver accessories for the neck and ears.

Important! Clothing in a classic, romantic, youth style implies additions to classic models of accessories. Casual or sporty style frames have no limits.

Examples of what to wear a women's backpack

A shoulder bag goes well with many things:

  • in summer - with a dress, skirt, blouse, jeans, shorts, top, vest;
  • autumn-spring - with a warm cardigan, sweater, cloak, jacket, coat;
  • in winter - with a parka, down jacket, short fur coat, short sheepskin coat.


Traditionally, many models are created from leather or its substitutes. This is understandable - the skin is practical, holds its shape well and looks great. However, such products are expensive, but leatherette is half cheaper and is chosen by those girls who do not want to spend extra money on rapidly changing fashion accessories .

You can meet friends in a black cropped sweater, the same color as sandals, a blue printed pleated skirt, and choose a black leather backpack as a handbag.

An excellent urban ensemble consists of black clothes and accessories: a leather skirt, an asymmetric silk top, sunglasses, brogues and a voluminous shoulder accessory with zippers.


A lot of female models are made of various kinds of textiles. Among them there are plain and printed. Recently, things made of velvet, velor, fabric with sequins have become very fashionable.

Important! Models of fur backpacks or with details from fur are used only to create autumn-winter bows. Any outerwear is suitable here.

A bow made of black skinny trousers, a brown chiffon leopard blouse, a black hat with brim, brown suede chelsea, with a white denim backpack and brown trim looks very fresh.

The monotony of an outfit of blue jeans and a yellow sweater is successfully diluted with a raspberry textile backpack with stripes and geometric ornaments.

A blue backpack will balance the shocking look of a white Asian dress with high slits, decorated with a blue large print, a red belt and watch strap, and white sneakers.


The unbroken, deep color of the women's backpack obliges you to choose clothes that have a similar shade . Recently, you can find an accessory of this color on the streets not only on schoolgirls and students, but also on ladies of a more mature age who are not afraid of experiments.

An interesting bow can be made up of a dark red leather miniskirt, a gray plain t-shirt, a classic ripe cherry jacket, black laced high-heeled boots and a small burgundy velor backpack.

You can go on a date in burgundy trousers, a dark cherry leather jacket, a pink sweater with sequins, a white shirt. A burgundy shoulder bag with leather tassels will complement the look.


Unexpectedly fashionable color of the backpack after the traditional black and white. Combinations with this calm color can come up with a lot, from total beige to stylized safari. Colored, colorful combinations with a light accessory are also in trend.

For study and work, take a beige backpack with a patch pocket, complementing it with an image of a gray mottled sweater and black loose trousers.

A light shoulder bag with a white set of jeans and a long T-shirt, beige high-heeled sandals and a pink melange cardigan looks no less advantageous.


A metallic tint looks fresh and boring. Such accessories are chosen by young and courageous girls who want to bring notes of celebration and joy into their everyday style.

A girl looks stylish in white skinny jeans, a gray mottled sweater, silver sandals and a backpack of the same color.

An excellent addition would be a silver-colored shoulder accessory to a mint-colored trouser suit with a loose blouse and culottes and silver derby.


This color for the backpack is insolence, challenge, shocking. Of course, choose his bold, decisive nature. Although fitting it into the image is not at all difficult. The same red backpack looks great with completely different clothes :

  • blue jeans, a white T-shirt, a gray soft coat of a straight cut and white boots;
  • a checkered long cloak, black leather grandmother slippers and blue jeans;
  • a light shirt with a blue peplum, a striped T-shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers.

Romantic look with a backpack

The bag behind the shoulder from a frankly sports model has transformed to a small elegant accessory with tassels, little frills, chains, flowers. Such a backpack adorns the tender, dreamy nature and helps her create an image that reflects her inner world.

A girl in a lavender-colored pantsuit, smoky glasses, a black leather bandage and a black backpack with long leather tassels just looks amazing.

Tenderness and romance permeated the image of a lace skirt, soft sneakers, and a light plain sweater. Aged in white bow is diluted with a black fabric backpack with floral print.

Business set with a backpack

If the office does not have a strict dress code, then a backpack-portfolio will do just fine. Its volume should not be large, but several folders with documents, a laptop or tablet, phone, wallet and diary should fit easily . Interesting bows in a business style are created with laconic cut accessories of oval, rectangular, square shape.

Go to negotiations in dark gray trousers with tucks, a white turtleneck, a gray jacquard jacket, a hat with brim the color of a suit and the same leather backpack.

To go to work, choose black culottes with a white cage, black boats, a white silk blouse with a short sleeve. And place the documents in a black leather bag with shoulder straps.