What to wear at an alumni meeting?

The alumni meeting is an important celebration for many former students. After all, this is a great occasion to meet with your classmates and teachers, to remember the old days. Women who always want to be in a trend are trying to choose the right image for such an event. What to wear at an alumni meeting?

What you need to know when choosing clothes?

First of all, when choosing clothes, you need to focus on the venue of the event . If the evening takes place in a restaurant or cafe, you should choose the classic option, for example, a pantsuit or cocktail dress. You also need to consider how many years have passed since the release.

If the event will be held in an informal setting (in the country, at home, at school), then you should look at jeans, a blouse or a T-shirt. Clothing should be comfortable, but at the same time stylish.

We revise the wardrobe

After you managed to determine the venue, you can proceed with the selection of the image. First you need to review the wardrobe and decide on the following points:

  • Color. The shade should correspond to the season : in the warm season, clothes are pastel, warm and bright colors, in the cold season calm, neutral, dark and light shades.

  • Venue : if it is a school, an open neckline and miniskirts are not allowed, and in the restaurant, everyday style is not suitable.
  • Comfort - to look spectacular and beautiful, a woman must feel confident and comfortable. Therefore, shoes and clothes should be comfortable and the right size.

On a note! If you decide to meet classmates in an informal setting (for example, a bar, cafe or summer house), put on jeans or a skirt, sweater, shirt dress. Slip-ons, ballet shoes, sandals are perfect for feet.

For young people

Today, at a meeting of graduates, the girl can safely put on a beautiful trouser suit, high-heeled pumps. Such a combination will look spectacular and extravagant, and most importantly you will be comfortable in it. A light chiffon blouse or satin T-shirt on thin straps will perfectly complement the look. A pantsuit is suitable for both formal and informal settings.

A combination of skirt + blouse will be a win-win option at any age . Such a stylish bow will appeal to owners of magnificent and ordinary forms. For a graduate meeting, a classic knee-length pencil skirt or a loose sun skirt will suit.

Remember! Short skirts and dresses are not suitable for such an event; choose a midi length or below the knee.

For the skirt, you can choose a loose chiffon, satin or viscose blouse with a short sleeve . If it is a cold season, choose a long sleeve or put on a jacket and sweater on top. Legs should be worn with classic shoes or heeled sandals. A small clutch and a wristwatch will complement the image.

For an informal atmosphere, a simple, ordinary outfit is suitable: fitted jeans and a blazer or a beautiful jumper . Such a combination looks quite simple and beautiful.

If summer or spring is outside, a light shirt, T-shirt, and T-shirt will be suitable instead of a sweater.

To create an elegant feminine look for a graduate meeting, choose a beautiful cocktail dress. It should be of medium length . It is better if the product is simple, without a bright print, a frank cut or a large cut. The image will be complemented by a handbag, pendant and bracelet . If you decide to stab your hair, then medium-length earrings will come in handy.

Important! According to famous fashion designers, for an unrivaled look you need to choose a dress (suit) midi length . This length will hide all the flaws of the figure, and emphasize the slender legs of the owner. In addition, this dress will fit perfectly into any existing dress code.

What to wear at an alumni meeting in 20 years?

Going to a graduate meeting, a woman wants to look her best. After all, the image leaves the first impression. The best option for meeting classmates after 20 years is to combine a pencil skirt and a blouse / shirt.

From shoes, you should choose high-heeled shoes. If you don’t wear one, select options on a small heel or platform. It looks elegant and feminine. Lovers of more austere images will suit a trouser suit in a saturated shade . A lightweight jumpsuit would also be good.

After 30 years

30 years after graduation, many have something to boast about. Someone has achieved great success in their careers, someone has got grandchildren. To show your best side, be attentive to what you are going to wear.

Important! Short skirts or dresses are already inappropriate at this age.

A great option would be a fitted dress to the knees with a light print, on top of which you can wear a light cardigan. A universal solution - plain clothes: a medium-length skirt with an elegant blouse or dress.

It is not necessary to wear high-heeled shoes. It will be enough sandals or shoes with a small wide heel.

The Alumni Meeting is a special event for former classmates and teachers. Nobody wants to hit the face in the mud.

Therefore, to look confident and make a good impression, think over every detail of the image. The outfit should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Then you will be in the spotlight!