What watch should a woman choose over 50: material, mechanism, style

Nowadays, not only girls, but also serious women who are held want to be stylish and attractive. Do I have to wear a watch and what is the “highlight” of this fashion accessory? We’ll talk about this today.

Watches and modernity

Many women love watches, regardless of profession or social class. Today, watches are an indicator of taste and status. Dear models can afford the owners of high status. Some have in their arsenal entire collections of watches for all occasions and for each outfit.

Top brands for women over 50

When choosing a gift, start from the personal preferences of the lady, her temperament and lifestyle. An elegant woman will undoubtedly like the classic, and a lover of an active lifestyle will prefer multifunctional, waterproof.

Among the world's luxury brands, the most popular are Breget, Blanpa, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Swarovski, Omega, Mont Blanc, Seiko.

The products of these companies are notable for their high price and excellent quality, a variety of design solutions and mechanisms.

“Cheap and cheerful” can be said about the Sunlight and Okami watches.

The main thing is to choose the right model.

Types of watches

Four varieties of watches for women are known.


Concise and strict. The task is an accurate countdown. Their design is noble, no frills:

  • the dial is white, black or blue;
  • contrasting arrows;
  • mechanical plant;
  • the case is small or medium;
  • color of the bracelet to match the case.


Not afraid of disasters. Outwardly they are simple, but they can also have diamond inlay. More suitable for youth and athletes.

Their components:

  • shockproof and waterproof plastic case;
  • bracelet with a reliable clasp;
  • large dial;
  • electronic gear;
  • equipped with a backlight, step counter, depth gauge, etc.


This is a variety of styles and great shapes. It all depends on the preferences of the creator. Sometimes it’s even hard to guess what a watch it is. Sometimes they look like works of art .

Design solutions:

  • variety of colors;
  • amazing shape of arrows or their absence;
  • elaborate cases and bracelets;
  • all kinds of flowers, small bright birds;
  • mechanics or quartz.


Prestige, high cost, spectacular design, impeccable style . They are published in order to “smash on the spot” the participants in a business meeting or party.

Which women's watches are better?

The main selection criteria are convenience and harmony. But it is equally important to choose a watch in accordance with the profession and social status:

  • financiers, doctors, lawyers - reliable and balanced classics;
  • designers, advertising and show business workers - extraordinary creative models;
  • business women are impeccable and expensive.

Important! The higher the status in the profession, the more conservative and expensive should be a watch model.

We should not forget about age features. If young and stylish girls need a universal model for any clothes, then fine, wise life experience ladies will do fine with a good watch in a gold or silver case. Inveterate athletes and travelers - watches with a large dial and heart rate meter.

Modern fashion advises to adopt a femininity and miniature, appropriate in any situation. The small watch is perfect for everyone, making a mature woman unique.

Watch sizes and dial shapes

Even an expensive thing does not always fit well on hand. And all because of inappropriate design. When choosing a model, consider the individual characteristics of your appearance.

Narrow straps and an oval watch case are suitable for a fragile woman, while a full one with a wide wrist is better to buy massive ones with a round or square dial.

Choose color

For your everyday look, you should stock up on a few inexpensive watches to match your favorite things.

Experts recommend that you always have at hand a discreet classic with a dark design, either in gold or silver frame . The dial is round or oval, let’s a discreet figure.

Active athletes, depending on the image, can safely put on a “square” with a bright body.

The winter season is harmoniously correlated with muted shades, and the summer season, on the contrary, is more juicy.

Watches with oriental or floral motifs are suitable for the exhibition and the theater .

At luxurious social events, it is appropriate to use unique gizmos of gold trimmed with precious stones.

Which is better: mechanical or quartz watches?

Mechanics for neat women. It requires constant attention. Such a clock must be “wound up” regularly, otherwise the hand will stop moving.

A significant drawback is the sensitivity to contamination and moisture.

The vast majority of modern watches are electronic, battery powered . They do not need to be “tightened up” regularly. This is a plus. But their service life is much less than mechanical, moreover, the battery always “runs out” at the wrong time.

The choice is yours!

On a note! Quartz watches with an electronic display instead of a dial are considered men's. Women are not recommended to wear them.

What material is better for a woman 50+?

For stylish ladies, expensive jewelry made of gold and platinum is suitable.

Nowadays, simple plastic, brass, and the usual "stainless steel" are very popular among fashionistas . But cheap models quickly deteriorate, lose their appearance, and even provoke an allergy.

Fashion trends:

  • ceramic case - strength, resistance to external damage, hypoallergenicity;

Important! For miniature ladies, they are somewhat heavy.

  • wooden framing - stylish naturalness, they look expensive and suit everyone;
  • varnishing - impractical, quickly losing its quality, for infrequent use;
  • noble metals, precious stones, hand-painted enamel - luxury, status, perfect taste, but not everyone can afford it and are capricious in leaving.

Choosing a women's watch is not easy. Forget about age! Be elegant and stylish, keeping up with modern fashion. It is ideal to have a collection of inexpensive, but high-quality watches that match a specific look. A correctly selected model is an indicator of the taste and status of its owner.