What is warmer than uggs or felt boots

In some regions, the air temperature drops to 30/40 degrees in winter: this means that due attention should be paid to shoes. Wrong choices threaten unpleasant sensations and health consequences. The market offers a wide variety of winter shoes: from light battles of faux fur to warm high boots. In this article we will try to figure out: which is warmer: uggs or felt boots.

Description of boots

Valenoks - warm winter shoes made of felt (sheepskin wool). It is used during periods when there is hard snow on the street. For a humid climate, it is not suitable: due to the nature of the material, it will get wet. There are 2 varieties: hard (more popular) and soft (worn under other shoes). Traditionally they do not have soles, but sometimes they are strengthened with rubber or leather: this extends their service life and increases their versatility.

A method of creating felt is to adhere to each other the upper part of the wool fibers. To do this, use hot water and steam. So their dense structure is achieved, which does not allow the cold to wilt through the material. The process of creating felt boots is very time-consuming and requires special skills. Now the production is automated, but not completely: some steps have to be performed manually. The product is sent several times to the oven, quality is checked.

Therefore, sometimes the price for one pair can be high. Valenoks are made of real sheep's wool. It is of two types: summer and winter, the characteristics of the product depend on this. Another feature of the boots is that they are made according to an individual cast of the foot, so there is no doubt that they will fit in size or not. But there is also mass production with a standard dimensional grid.

Traditional colors for boots: black, brown, white and gray. But recently, products of various shades have been created: red, blue, violet. At the request of the customer, hand-painting, patterns, drawings are added. Appearance is often decorated using appliqués, embroidery, rhinestones, feathers. Experiment with the surface of the material: it is polished, polished, varnished. Therefore, if you want to buy a pair of warm shoes, you should not worry about the design: it is possible to create a product for every taste.

Initially, boots are the traditional shoes of the nomads of Eurasia. They came to Russia during the Golden Horde, but became popular only in the first half of the XIX century. Before that, they were considered an attribute of wealthy, noble people: production was too expensive. Now they are associated with rural life. But their characteristics are more important than the image: first of all, they are able to warm in any frost.

Uggs. Description

Uggs (from the English. Ugg boots) - warm women's shoes. Inside, the product is made of sheep’s wool, outside is made of smooth material (suede and its substitutes), the sole is synthetic. Their exact time and place of occurrence is not unambiguously established: Australia or New Zealand is considered the homeland. Initially, it was worn by local farmers, then it was popularized in wider circles. The name is the name for all shoes of this kind and at the same time a registered trademark. Ugg boots are comfortable and versatile. If they are made from natural materials, they are able to warm no worse than boots.

Due to the processing of the sheepskin, they maintain an acceptable temperature inside, providing warmth and comfort. Unlike the previous version, ugg boots are equipped with a sole and are more resistant to wet snow. Their design is also diverse. Traditional colors: brown, coffee, black, sand. But there are more interesting options: fuchsia, pink, lemon. It is allowed to use patterns, additional details (hooks, buttons, sheepskin outside), variation in height.

Which is warmer

The question cannot be answered unequivocally. The answer depends on the quality of the materials, the responsibility of the manufacturer, the way of wearing. Natural high-quality wool will warm in any frost. Therefore, when choosing shoes, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the sheepskin: its origin, density. Only under this condition can winter be achieved without frozen feet.

REFERENCE. Natural materials are much more expensive than artificial ones.