What underpants are better for men

Most men do not even think about how the right choice of shorts can provide health and personal hygiene. Usually they do not bother with a serious choice of this intimate toilet item, acquiring the simplest and most popular models. Often men entrust the purchase of things to their wives or beloved women. However, you need to know a few basic rules on how to choose high-quality underwear that will provide comfort and the necessary personal hygiene.

Which men's underpants are better

Choosing the right underwear is necessary for mothers of future men in childhood. It is very important to understand that the genitourinary system is formed at a very young age, therefore, underpants for the boy need to be selected not only comfortable, they should not be anywhere else, the scrotum is freely located and is not clamped by uncomfortable sutures. An ideal option is a thing in which there is a special insert in front of the product.

Important! The right choice of shorts for the boy makes it possible to freely and in accordance with the principles laid down by nature, develop the genitals and urinary system of the baby.

The opinion of doctors

Representatives of the strong half of humanity are arranged in such a way that their genitals need comfortable conditions. They should not be squeezed, overheating or overcooling is not allowed, and a constant flow of air is also required. In addition, a man in underwear should be warm and comfortable.

Naturally, each representative of the strong half is free to choose products that are more comfortable for him. But when buying, it should be noted such important indicators as hygiene, comfort and situational things.

When buying, you need to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • hygienic (quality of fabric, style, density of tailoring);
  • anatomicality (proper arrangement of the genitals when wearing underpants, lack of charm or overheating, the possibility of natural ventilation, prevention of grinding);
  • purpose (for sleeping, playing sports and everyday wear, various models of products from various materials are purchased);
  • the age of the man (the style of the product depends on this, fit on the hips, color and type of material).

To choose a high-quality and comfortable product, you need to pay attention to many indicators. For this, a man should even decide on situations before going to the store where he will wear underpants and clothes that will be combined with an intimate wardrobe item.

The opinion of men

Men themselves rarely think about the direct connection of their male health and the quality of underwear. The most popular coward styles for men are:

  • family;
  • Boxers
  • slips;
  • swimming trunks.

Many are sure that the most convenient and “useful” fasn is family. Part of the judgment is true, but not always. In jeans, even such a model can be very uncomfortable straying. The aesthetic appearance is lost, and comfort is in doubt.

Important! To ensure complete comfort during everyday wear, it is better to choose models with a special “pocket” stitched. So the genitals of a man will be free from squeezing and diaper rash.

What really

Proper underwear should not crush. Therefore, from the point of view of doctors, family pants and boxers with a special insert in front for a comfortable location of the genitals are perfect for daily wear.

Slips are great for the gym. They will reliably protect the genitourinary system from injuries and allow you to comfortably conduct a workout. It is worth choosing products made from natural materials to avoid severe overheating.

According to doctors, swimming trunks and shorts so popular in our time are appropriate exclusively on the beach. Wearing them everyday can lead to problems with men's health. When buying an intimate part of a wardrobe, a man should pay special attention to the cut and quality of the fabric from which the product is sewn. These are the two most important indicators that can ensure comfortable wearing of linen.