What trousers are not hot in summer

Summer is a hot season. But this does not mean that the entire season is required to wear only skirts, dresses, sundresses and shorts. Not all women are going to these things. And the situations are different. Therefore, trousers are quite appropriate in the wardrobe for summer time . The main thing is to choose the right material from which they are sewn. And also not to be mistaken with color and style.

Let's consider in more detail how to achieve this.

Fabrics that are not hot in summer

First of all, when buying trousers, you need to pay close attention to the material. The following types of fabrics are most appropriate for a summer wardrobe.


This fabric is the undisputed favorite. It is natural, absorbs moisture well and dries quickly . In addition, it is quite soft and does not cause skin irritation.

The only drawback of this material is that it wrinkles quickly and can shrink after washing.

Attention! If the cotton product has a bright color, be careful when washing, as it can fade with inaccurate washing.

It is recommended to do the first wash by turning the trousers on the wrong side. Hot water is not needed, the optimum temperature is 40 °.


An expensive option that is suitable for a festive outfit. This fabric has a cooling effect. In addition, it is incredibly gentle and pleasant to the touch.

But it will be less pleasant that such a thing will have to be carefully looked after, carefully used and washed at low temperatures .


Combines the positive qualities of cotton and silk . It is not as expensive as silk, it is tactilely pleasant, natural and has a cooling effect.

Unlike cotton, linen is not prone to fading from exposure to sunlight .

However, it wrinkles quickly and is not flexible enough . A special approach is required when ironing: it is better to do this at high temperature and using the steaming function.


Cotton fabric, which, thanks to a special manufacturing technology, is more durable and durable. At the same time, the appearance of satin is not inferior to silk.

Reference! For summer things, it is better not to use synthetics, as it can cause skin irritation.

How color is associated with coolness

In order to understand the relationship between the color of the outfit and its heating, one should recall the course of the school curriculum in physics. After all, we all taught that a dark object heats up faster and more intensively than a lighter one . The same rule applies to clothes. Based on this, it is possible to distribute colors depending on air temperature.

For scorching heat

In addition to white, beige, sand, milk, yellow, light blue will help him survive. Pastel colors are not very hot.

Reference! An exception to the rule can be called a turquoise color, since in a person it is subconsciously associated with water surface and coolness.

On a cloudy day

If the temperature is moderate or the heat is already falling, then you can use bright colors: red, green, orange, etc.

For evening

Tones such as black, purple, brown are best used for an evening out, when the sun disappears behind the horizon and stops firing.

Models and styles for hot weather

Now consider the options for trousers that are suitable for a summer wardrobe.

Free: pajama pants, pipes, culottes

Such models of lightweight material are most relevant . They do not constrain movements, provide air circulation and can be complete with a stylish top or be an independent unit.

Shortened: breeches, capri pants

These trousers come in different lengths that range from about the knee to the middle of the lower leg.

Skinny models

Made of thin denim, cotton or linen, these pants are ideal for office dress code . Especially if combined with a pastel shade.

With cuts

Two-layer models with cuts look good. They allow the body to cool naturally .

For young

When choosing the appropriate variation should also be based on the age group. So, for young girls, in addition to traditional styles, it is appropriate to use original, risky models: Afghani, with artificial holes, bright prints, etc.

Mature women

For women aged it is better to adhere to the traditional style. The main details in such models will be simplicity, rigor, soft colors .

When choosing, do not forget about the combination with your external data and other elements of the order.