What is trending today, although it was considered terrible yesterday?

Designers decided to turn to the 90s and zero. Fashion industry gurus are sure that at the turn of the century many interesting combinations and solutions were discovered that deserve a second chance. Moreover, many of these trends were considered unacceptable and bad manners just yesterday, but today the situation has turned 360 degrees.

Trends that yesterday were non grata, and today in fashion

Consider the most interesting, "decided" to win the hearts of fashionistas for a long time.

Socks + shoes or sandals

A few years ago, we vehemently protested against men's fashion, promoting the use of open shoes with socks. But now the time has passed, and now the female half of the population is actively wearing shoes and sandals "for hosiery."

Sports shoes + skirt or dress

For a long time, we believed that only a sports dress can be supplemented with sneakers or sneakers. But times and landmarks have changed, and now sports shoes can often be seen in the same “boat” with light or lush feminine outfits. Something similar was observed 20 years ago .

Birkenstaff Flaps

Rough, rustic, and besides, with a thick sole - well, how could such flip flops enter the fashionista’s wardrobe just a year ago? It is unlikely that they disappeared from there in the mid-90s. But in the upcoming summer season, this shoe, which in fact is a processing of the fabrications of orthopedists, can be seen on the legs of the first beauties.

Important! Not sure what to wear birken stocks with? Wear them with boyfriends, shorts, leggings, cropped trousers and pajamas, as well as dresses with a straight silhouette.

Jodhpurs and Flared

For about 10 years, skinny, slim and juggins ruled the ball. But fashion is not used to standing still, and today models and stars quite often appear in public in flared trousers and jeans. The same can be said of breeches. So far, only a modest artificial volume in the hips is relevant, but who knows what will happen in a year? It is perfectly acceptable to return the trousers, which were so low that they almost 2 times shortened their legs and lengthened the torso.

Volumetric Leggings

Hello from the middle and end of the zero. It was then that voluminous shoes and incredibly thick leg warmers were in fashion. This design looks spectacular only on slender legs and when playing with contrasts: put on massive shoes or leggings - take a look at a simple straight mini-skirt .

Wide belt on the hips

The accessory was worn this way in the middle of the zeros. They wore it over long sweaters and dresses, woolen and knitted. Plain outfits from such a “neighborhood” began to look more interesting, and the lower tummy hid behind a wide buckle, but this did not save the girl from visual shortening of her legs .

Even worse was the case with problematic figures. The emphasized upper tummy, elongated rectangular figures and the taut hanging sides hanging from above - this is what the wide belt on the hips was remembered for. Today, oddly enough, the trend has returned to fashion and is incredibly relevant.

Round glasses

Lennons or tisheydy always concealed a rebellious accent. Perhaps that is why they have repeatedly become an attribute of certain subcultures. Today, glasses with absolutely round lenses surrounded by a thin metal frame have become the property of hipsters. However, this does not mean that an ordinary girl cannot afford Lennons. Feel free to buy a pair, but just remember to consider your type of face before buying . The frame is moody.

Torn hem on the skirt

A patchwork hem that breaks when moving is popular in the 2000s. Usually it could be seen complete with a miniskirt . The result was maximum openness, which in some places turned into modest attempts to cover the legs with separate elongated cuts. The attempts were indeed modest, and all because these elongated flaps scattered during walking and exposed the body even more than short ones.

In general, the wardrobe item looked very erotic, but the effect of it for some girls was not enough. Therefore, they complemented the torn hem skirt with a very short or simply asymmetric top. It turned out the most open summer image.

Important! A torn hem can be present not only on a miniskirt, but also on a midi. However, such a thing looks much worse. If physique allows, wear a shortened version.

Athletic Shoes

“Shoes” on the platform - greetings from the 90s, on the heel - a reference to zero. In the first case, the platform was almost uniform in height along the entire length of the sneakers. In the second, the heel was high enough and could go in one alliance with boots (for example, timberlands) or sneakers.

Today, both trends are relevant - shoes with a primordially flat sole can go hand in hand with both a platform and a heel . As an example of specific models equipped with a slide and heel, we can cite:

  • loafers;
  • loafers;
  • sneakers;
  • Sneakers
  • sneakers.

Jeans in boots

It is worthwhile to immediately clarify that in the nineties and two thousandth skinnings and similar pants in the market there were no pants. But all the women of fashion were shod in narrow "slipping" boots. If you add up 2 of these facts, then you’ll understand how hard it was for the girls in those days. They had to tuck wide leg in boots, the shafts of which were not originally designed to accommodate additional centimeters . Buttoning a zipper, they got discomfort in their legs and an image in which folds spread from the shoes up - the fishermen look similar.

Surprisingly, with the narrowed toes of the shoes and the departure from the tabernacle, the fashion also returned to the trend under consideration. Only one thing is good: while designers are not forced to wear boots with a very narrow top, and in regular jeans it is not so difficult to fill in jeans.

Colorful bow

Forget about the conservative rules for the color combination of wardrobe items that we have followed in recent years. Today, as in the crazy 90s, the ball is ruled by a riot of colors and a kind of sloppiness. Feel free to wear a colored bottom with a top in a different shade and complete the picture with shoes of another juicy color .

Important! Disagreement and increased expressiveness also affected prints. The latter became brighter and more shocking.

Back zip jeans

The high waist and zipper in the back blend well with each other. With the arrival of the first trend, the return of the second was to be expected, and this happened: jeans with a fastener on the back are again at the peak of popularity. At the same time, many foreign fashion publications met them almost with horror. The most decent selected epithet for such trousers: doubtful .

The trend did not see a welcoming meeting, and all because this wardrobe item cannot be called modest, practical and convenient. It provokes, it is difficult to fasten it, and the risk of pinching the buttocks does not add points to it . In addition, in fact, it turns out that lightning with this arrangement does not withstand pressure and wears out much earlier. Its sudden breakdown in a public place, by the way, is fraught with much greater difficulties than the malfunction of a usually located castle.