What is a travel bag?

Another thing won back by the weaker sex from the stronger is the valise. Previously, these were travel bags with which only men traveled. Now the bag is a women's accessory at the peak of popularity. This is a thing with a rich history that came to us from North America in the 19th century.

What is a travel bag?

It was a bag for moving by rail or horseback stagecoach. It was not big, only things for short trips could fit in it. This novelty appeared for men, because a women's wardrobe with long multilayer dresses of the 19th century could not be content with small forms.

Meaning of the word

Wikipedia interprets the word travel bag as a derivative of the French expression, which means “travel bag”. In fact, the name conveys the essence of the subject. They traveled with him, packing things there, as if in a bag. Because sometimes there were two branches, and more often there were none at all. The bag had a space that was not separable.

Bag Design Description

Initially, a bag designed for traveling for a short time was a small travel case. It was necessary to put in it a certain amount of things and objects necessary on the road and travel. For this, the design was limited to 1-2 departments, in which it was impossible to place things as conveniently as modern people can afford.

History reference

In the middle of the XIX century in America began to actively lay railway lines between major cities. Tickets for this type of transport were available not only to rich people. Wealthy people traveled, middle-class businessmen and less affluent citizens.

Mankind became more mobile, and luggage remained in bulky wooden chests, metal bound at the corners. And then someone came up with the idea to replace a heavy chest, albeit small in size, with a more convenient bag made from an old, worn carpet.

The idea was picked up, the fashion for traveling bags came. They did not possess the strength of the tree, therefore they were not durable, but they won in weight and comfort when moving. Porters were not required to carry them; people could move them on their own. Soon models appeared where carpet fabric was replaced with leather. It was expensive material, not everyone could afford it.

What is a modern bag?

Modern models have several convenient compartments, different in capacity, small pockets for every little thing . There are designs that provide special compartments for transporting a laptop or tablet, as well as folders with documents or securities. Dimensions range from large travel bags to the usual sizes of bags of different textures and colors.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are no universal accessories that are ideal for any woman and in all situations. A bag is no exception. There are many positive and negative points to its use.

Undoubted advantages:

  • lack of age or social restrictions for the purchase of a bag of this style;
  • the indispensability and functionality of the model as an assistant for a business person;
  • all-season accessory (except for light and fur models);
  • practicality and spaciousness;
  • A huge selection of bags suitable for any style of clothing.

Each barrel of honey has a fly in the ointment. For bags, some of the minuses are considered as such:

  • very carefully choose models that have a rectangular and square shape. They are not combined with all clothing;
  • when traveling long distances or long in time, you should take another bag or suitcase that allows you to take a large number of things;
  • many models are heavy. Especially made of genuine leather, which are also expensive.

How to choose a fashion bag?

When buying, be sure to consider the features of the model. One bag from another may differ in some significant ways:

  1. weight - even if it is not loaded it seems heavy, you should refrain from such an acquisition;
  2. accessories - high-quality parts are made of stainless steel, are fixed on the model very firmly and reliably held;
  3. handles - sometimes they are attached to the rings. If such rings are of considerable size, it will be inconvenient to carry the bag, the handles will slide around the circles to the sides ;
  4. comfort level - try walking around with a bag, putting some things in it, squeezing into a narrow passage with it;
  5. material - leather is the most practical, but also the most expensive version of the bag. An alternative is leather substitutes and textile materials, but the most trendy one is a fur bag ;
  6. form - here focus on personal preferences: the correct form with rigid walls or an angular soft model;
  7. spaciousness - bags with a hard texture do not stretch, and therefore can accommodate a limited number of things, and with walls made of softer leather they take in an additional amount of what is needed;
  8. color - it also depends only on the customer. Universal colors for a travel bag - all shades of black and brown, but gray and unusual bright colors have also won a niche for themselves. Think about what clothes you need to combine a bag with and match to match or contrast with the overall palette.

Important! Buying a large model is not recommended for overweight women, whom she will increase even more. Lush beauties should choose medium-sized models.

Interesting Facts

In the history of the United States, the term "bags" has been preserved. So-called revolving people who, after the victory in the civil war of the North over the South, bought up in the ravaged southern states of depreciated land, real estate, production. These gentlemen came light. Only with a bag. Therefore, the name of the bag was used to designate a greedy man, profiting from someone else's grief, money-grubber .

Some time after the invention of the leather case, the convenience of use was appreciated and adopted by doctors and lawyers. It was convenient to place medical preparations and devices in a bag of such a model, and it also contained a fair amount of legal documents. Merchants used these bags to transport important documents. Leather, pen, initials emphasized the status of the owner.

At the beginning of the 20th century, women took over the bag. They became more independent, and for travel they needed roomy, but still relatively lightweight bags. They began to embed locks, the keys of which were placed on the neck chain. New styles with a long handle came into fashion. Convenient to move, they did not constrain movements and left their hands free.

Important! For social events, women purchased smaller copies of bag, decorated with embroidery, beads, silver, semiprecious stones. They were elegant, but roomy.

Nowadays, a bag has returned to fashion as a status wardrobe item. For a business man, he is as prestigious as an exclusive watch or expensive handmade shoes. For a woman, he is still the same roomy and comfortable, but at the same time an incredibly elegant and original accessory.